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Talking Betta stories.. How'd you meet your fishy?

Hey guys.

I was just thinking, why don't we write a short story about how we met our Bettas? It can be either from the fish's point of view or your own. (or both)

You can write as many as you want.

I'm still working on mine and will post it later, but feel free to post yours now!!

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Here's mine, it's Tesla's story :D

I sat at the bottom of my cup, miserable. I’d already gotten tired of my caudal fin weighing me down in this disgusting water, so I’d bitten it off. I was freezing, and as I looked across the aisle at the others, I knew they felt the same. A blue HM had already given up his struggle, and was lying at the surface of the water, not quite dead, not quite alive. As the humans walked past, I felt their thoughts weigh down on me like a rock. All of their trouble and unhappiness, their negative thoughts, it was terrible. I was starting to wish that Bettas hadn’t been given the ability to sense human emotions. I swam up to the surface for air, and as I did, a small cloud of my own waste rose up around me. You’d think we’d at least get a water change once in a while, but no. We weren’t even fed daily. I hadn’t eaten in five days. Suddenly, I felt a change in the emotional atmosphere of the store. Another human walked in, but her thoughts were different. They weren’t like the others, cold and full of negativity. She walked over to the Betta aisle, and examined the others. She frowned, as if she realized the deplorable conditions we were kept in. She walked across the aisle, and stopped in front of my prison. Her eyes widened, as if they weren’t big enough already. She stood there in front of me for several minutes before pulling a flat, rectangular box out of her pocket. I figured it must be some form of communication, because I’d seen some of the employees speaking into them. That’s not what she did though, she just held it up in front of my cup, and it made an artificial sort of clicking noise. She put it back into her pocket and after that, just stood beside me. An employee came up to her and they spoke for a time, but she stayed by my cup always, as if guarding me. After the employee left, she walked across the store to look at something, but returned shortly. I was glad for this because I wanted her to stay close. Her thoughts comforted me. She stayed by me for about an hour, when another human who vaguely resembled her walked in and beckoned. The girl looked reluctantly back at me, and after a moment, she left. Wait, don’t leave, I thought. But my hopes were crushed. The girl was gone, and nobody would want a brown Betta with less than half a caudal fin. I sat miserably in my cup for two more horrid days, being overlooked by humans. My cup was relocated, but as usual, I watched some of the more flashy Bettas being taken home along with horribly small tanks or bowls scarcely bigger than my own cup. All of the sudden, I felt her presence. The girl was back, and she was carrying one of those “Kritter keepers” meant for reptiles. It was decently sized, three or four times as big as the average Betta tank. She looked around desperately. I realized that she didn’t know that I had been moved across the aisle. I swam around my cup frantically, and at last she saw me. She carefully picked up my cup, unlike the employees, who tend to shake us around a bit. She walked over to the register and paid for the tank and I. It was raining outside, and a few drops got into my cup, but I didn’t care. I was going home with her. Upon arriving home, I was tenderly set on a low counter while she set up my tank. It seems she already had a heater, and for that I was grateful. She floated my cup in the tank of another Betta, who flared at me. I flared back. Soon, the girl came along and dropped something brown into my cup. It took me a moment to discover that it was food. It was delicious, and unlike those wretched, stale bloodworms that they feed us at the store, it wasn’t greasy. As I stared across the room, I counted four more Bettas in separate tanks. By this time I was warmed up comfortably. It was a new feeling for me. The girl came to feed me again, and this time, she called me Tesla. I realized that she had given me a name. I was overjoyed, for at last I had an identity. It has been two days since I came home with this girl and, honestly, they’ve been the best two days of my life.
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My girlfriend and I had just 2 bettas at the time and we were out and about at our local mall, we were looking for betta food and a background for a 3 gal half moon tank. We went to the pet store in the mall and were looking at what we came for and decided to look at the bettas, surprisingly they actually had some really nice bettas, 2 really nice white halfmoons, very beautiful fish. Then we noticed one of the bettas, the water in his cup was nasty it was like a watered down tea color, I picked it up and looked at him he was a beautiful red/blue crowntail, but his fins were rotting away, we called an employee over and showed them and they said he had fin rot that his water must have gotten too cold, this shows you how little pet store employees know. We kept looking at the other fish but this little red and blue guy was very active kept trying to get and keep our attention. I asked what they were going to do with him, they said they would "treat" him, this pretty much said to me he was going to get flushed after all how dare he get finrot.I looked at my girlfriend and looked at the poor little fish who seemed happy despite the pain he must have been in from the high level of ammonia that must have been in his cup, burning his eye, his skin, his gills. my girlfriend and I looked at each other and we decided we were not going to leave this store without this strong little fish. they sold him to us at a discount and they kept asking if we were sure we wanted to buy him, I would just look into his cup and see the bits of his fins floating in the bottom of the cup and see how excited he seemed to be to finally be bought. We got him home and set up in a QT tank with clean warm water and looked up on the net on how to treat finrot and found this site, we had to run back out and buy some aq salt and started treating this poor little guy, he was skiddish for some time and would flip out at loud noises and go into panics and so on he was rather twitchy.......which is now his name "twitchy" the one thing twitchy has taught me is to not give up and that we could rescue a fish that's in bad shape and nurse him back to are some pics of twitchy a kind of then and now..He is really calm now my girlfriend can stick her finger in the tank and he will rub up against it, and he always greets me when I am near his tank.
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This is the story of Maggie. It's a bit confusing, but enjoy!

I struggled to stay alive. My hope was draining, faster by the second. I couldn't stay in my cold, dirty prison much longer. I tried to make myself noticeable to those humans, but they didn't want me, me with my bitten and ripped fins, my paleness and weakness. Maybe I should just give up now, I thought tiredly. After all, my water was never changed and I couldn't remember the last time I'd been fed. Then I saw something. A girl and a woman came over to my aisle. My heart was pounding. But they talked in their odd language and picked up a heater on the shelf above. I sagged and lay down on the bottom of my cold prison. Would anybody ever even consider calling me theirs? Then, the girl pointed at me and talked to the woman. I could feel the sympathy radiating from them like rays from the sun. But the women shook her head and the two walked away. A few days later, another girl walked in. Without hesitation, she bought me and a small tank. I didn't mind, because it was probably temporary. She brought me to a house where more girls were. I was put in my tank and a strange cover put over my tank. Then they brought me to another house. There was lots of joy and fun in the air. I was confused, but I liked it. Someone answered the door and the two talked. I was set on a table and my cover removed. I was shocked. There was that girl who had looked at me that one day! The girl was obviously shocked too. She talked to the other girl in excited tones. Then she spoke to me and called me Maggie. I was overjoyed! I had a name and a forever home at last. Later, I was given a large tank and a heater and my fins were healed. I now am a dark blue, and my eyes are bright. The girl tries to take pictures of me with a rectangle, but I'm too fast. I love my new life and my roommates, Rubin and Pumpkin Cheesecake, are kind too.

“Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”- Gandalf, The Hobbit
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Aww! What sweet stories! Maybe I'll write one for my fishies.

Angus is my betta's name, not mine. thanks to valen1014 for the pic!
Current bettas: Angus and Phoenix(we changed Fruity's name to Phoenix)
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I have 2 fish, I'll do the one I got first, and then do the other one later.


I had been swimming around in my little cup for a long time, but the water was kept clean and I was never hungry. Somehow, the people there thought I was a boy, so they kept me near all the males, it was a little stressful with all of them trying to get my attention all the time. I was hoping someone would come along and take me to a new home, but I worried that since I people thought I was a male, they wouldn't like me because I was dull in color and no where near as flashy as all the males around me. One day, after getting new water, I was placed on a rolling cart and taken back out to the store. I noticed a woman and a boy walking around the store. I just knew they were there for me. I started swimming excitedly trying to get their attention, but they walked over to the big tanks to look at the gold fish. But the little boy kept looking back at me. Finally, the little boy grabbed the woman's hand and dragged her back over to the cart I was sitting on and the little boy kept pointing at me excitedly. The woman looked skeptical and talked to the pet store people. Finally, she smiled and gently picked up my cup. I was elated and began swimming in circles around my cup! They bought some supplies and a small tank, but no heater. I was a little disheartened because I was hoping they would buy a bigger one, and a heater. But they seemed so nice, and the woman seemed very interested in me, so I was still glad to go home with them. We got into a big car and she put me next to her in the cup holder and we drove for what seemed like forever. Then we got home, and she put me in my little tank. Surprisingly, the water was warmer than what I had been in. I swam around and explored my little home. They took good care of me for a while, but then the woman wasn't around as much and didn't change my water for a while. I got sad and wished I was back at the pet store where at least they changed my water often. Then I started to get sick. The woman got worried and talked to me softly. She started changing my water everyday and gave me medicine to make the itchiness go away. Then one day, when I felt like giving up, I noticed a new, bigger tank next to me. I stared at it for a long time, but I couldn't see another fish in there. I started getting excited, hoping it was for me. The next day, the woman gently put me in the bigger tank. Even though I wasn't feeling well, I was so excited, I wanted to explore everything. Then the water started getting warmer and it felt really good! I still had to rest a lot, but when I wasn't resting, I was exploring. There was so much to see!! Then I started to feel much better, and I noticed something black and small flying near my tank. I followed it and it got very close, so I jumped for it, then found my self falling for an eternity. I hit the floor with a smack and I felt everything go black. I don't know how long I laid there, but my fins and tail were drying and getting stuck to the floor. Eventually, I heard the woman let out a little screech, which woke me up. She scooped me up and I panicked. She almost dropped me again. She poured water on me and it was cold. Then she put me in my tank and I couldn't swim, she pulled me out of the tank with her cold fingers and rinsed me off again. Then she put me back in the tank and I could swim, but it was hard. I went by my heater and stayed there for a long time. Then the woman was gone, and another woman was there trying to feed me. I was sad, I thought I did something wrong, so I didn't eat, and I still felt funny from my fall. Eventually, I got hungry, and ate, but the new woman didn't talk to me like the other one did. She just dropped in my food and walked away. Then, one day, my woman came back!! I was so happy to see her, I bumped into the side of my tank! She's been with me ever since, and the little boy, and a man all talk to me and feed me, and change my water. I'm very happy, even though I have a new neighbor in another tank just like mine!
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Ok, so here's my next fish's story.

Celestial Soda Pop, aka Fizz, who came to me in the mail after I saw he was up for adoption on this site. He arrived during a snow storm, and the mail bag he was in was dumped outside the post office in a snow bank. He was barely alive when I finally got him, and his water was ice cold and due to the frigid water, he developed a swim bladder issue that I was told could be due to a fish version of a cold or flu:

I lived in a small tank with all of my brothers and sisters for a long time. Then, the human started to take us out and put us in our own little bowls. I got scared and bit my tail. Some of us he decided weren't good enough to become breeding fish, so he took pictures of us and put them on a webpage that was all about Betta fish. I got moved around a lot, and it was very stressful for me, I started to bite my tail more because I was scared. Then, after a time, I saw the human put some of my brothers into a bag filled with water. Then he put them in a box and taped it up. I got scared. One day, the human took me out of my bowl and put me in a bag, and then put me in a box. It was dark in there. I felt my box move around a lot, sometimes it was gentle movement, and other times it was rough and I splashed around a lot. Most of the time, I was warm, but then one day, I felt my box drop and lots of things hit my box and made lots of noise. Then it got really, really cold. I thought I was going to freeze to death. Then I felt my box move around some more. I was still really cold. I could hear talking and I felt more moving. Then I heard a strange noise, and suddenly light was shining through my box. I could barely move, I was so cold. I saw a woman and she was looking at me, she showed me to another woman and a man. The first woman looked at me with a very worried look, and she gently tapped the side of my bag. I wanted to show her that I was ok, but I was still so cold. I fluttered my fins the best I could. She still looked worried, but smiled a little at me. Then, she put me back in the box, and we moved around a little more. I was starting to warm up a little, but it was still so hard to move. She set my box down and gently took my bag out of the box. She talked softly to me, gently untied the knots in my bag and put my bag in a big tank. Soon, I began to warm up more and I could move around again a little better. After a long time, and several unsuccessful attempts to escape from the bag, the woman let me out. I was free!!!! But I couldn't swim!! I panicked and bit my tail. My body didn't want to go down to the bottom. I could see a hiding place down there and I desperately wanted to go there, but I couldn't. I tried and tried for a very long time, and finally I gave up. I found a suction cup, attached to a thermometer, near the top to rest on. I stayed there for a while, then tried again to go to the hiding place. Finally, I was able to force my way down there and into the cave. I floated to the top of the hiding place, and stayed there. I was very worried I would be taken out again, and forced into a bag and into the dark cold box again. Every day, the woman would come and talk to me, I would peek out at her from the hiding place. Finally, I got hungry, and I came out. I still couldn't swim well, but I did eat some food she gave me. She put stuff in my water that made me feel a little better, but I still had to fight to get to the bottom of the tank. One day, I could swim again!!! I was so excited, I forgot to be scared. I could stop swimming and not float to the top of the water. That's when I realized that I was in my forever home, and the woman was going to take care of me!! Not long after that though, the woman took me out of my comfortable home, and put me in a bigger home. I didn't like it at first because it was so big, and I was worried about not being able to swim again, so I started biting my tail again. But soon I realized that this new, bigger home was better, and all of my same stuff from my other tank was in there, so I still could hide in my cave, and my plant had more room to grow, so there were even more places for me to hide and lots of space to build nests. I'm happy now, but I still don't really like the man who feeds me sometimes, so I swim to a corner after he feeds me and stare at him. He's nice, but he's not my woman. I like her a lot and I always swim out to greet her when she's around. I also have quit biting my tail.

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Very nice guys! Keep them coming!
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my first betta is lady. she is in a 5 gal. planted tank , with 3 tiger snails..i am working on getting females in one tank for senority. mr. & fiesty are in 10 gal.(divided) planted tank. with 2 zebra snails . looking to get a 20 gal. long.i have a hard time getting fish as they need to talk to me. who said fish keeping was easy ? mr. could go into 5 gal. & girls into 10gal.i would need more girls.
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I hope this doesn't sound too cheesy!! I'm only going to tell Leo's story, since he's been through so much...

Leo's story:
I remember floating in my cup...I was one of the last ones left. There were five of us on the bottom rack; all but one of the cups above us had been removed, either by store people (employees, I think they are called) or visitors (called owners..or mothers/fathers, depending how attatched they become to us). The cup above me held a dead fish and I could see him laying on the bottom of his cup...the only other live betta was in the cup next to me, and he had already bitten his tail down to a stub. It was one of the few things we could do to occupy our minds. My tail was already short, and I admit I couldn't help but to bite sometimes too. Then she came in...I could tell she wasn't too sure, flitting back and forth between aisles, arms full of different things. I saw plants, food (pellets...and bloodworms) and a bottle with a picture of a fish on it. And then, finally, she picked me up, inspecting me. I remember seeing her smile through the hazy water and I knew I was going home. After living on the bottom rack for so long, you eventually learn human she brought me to the register, the employee mentioned "poor thing..he would have been put away tomorrow when the new shipment arrived" (I later learned that "put away" basically meant "thrown out"...). She took me with her, and I suddenly felt more alive. I paced back and forth in my cup, watching as she placed my cup on her desk and began to put together a new home for me. A half-moon shaped tank, filled with blue rocks and a stone that changed colors and released bubbles. When she released me into my new home, it was cold, but much better than the cup I had been sentenced to. The first few days were rough, as she was unsure on a lot of things. She was also gone for most of the day, leaving me alone. It wasn't so bad, but sometimes it was lonely. One day she came back with a black stone- I thought it was going to shoot out bubbles, but I was wrong; this one had a glowing red light on it and it produced warmth, warming my tank. I felt better, even better than when she had first taken me home. I had so much more energy now, finally having enough energy to fully explore my new home. The plants were hard and tore at my fins, and the waterfall made the water move a lot. But I forgave her, because she was trying. I could sense her disappointment when she saw the damage the plants had caused. A few days later she returned with new plants- big green ones that smelled like water and dirt, not like plastic- and these funny things called "shrimp". They smelled sick, but it was nice to have some company. A week went by and the plants and shrimp began to die...but she wasn't there. I got really sick, not only from the dead things in the tank, but from the salt that was in my tank (it was still in big chunks, right from the package)....since then, I've moved to several tanks and had several tank mates, including cory catfish (who had to be rehomed) and another male on the other side of a plastic see-through wall. When the weather became colder (I could tell because the air above the water was colder), I was moved once again, into the half-moon tank I had first lived in. It wasn't long before I began to feel itchy and tired. I tried to scratch on the plants in my tank, but they were made of silk, so they weren't that I began to bite again. But because the biting relieved the itchy feeling in my fins, I began to bit all of them...soon my ventral fins became nothing more than threads, my dorsal fin had a bite taken from it (it wasn't as itchy as the other ones), and my tail fin was ragged and thin. I had already been a biter before the itchiness started, but now it was even worse. I also began to lose mother (I had grown to recognize her face through the tank walls) was worried and began to feed me different kinds of food, hoping I'd gain back the weight. My favorite was the baby shrimp..they smelled so delicious that even when I wasn't hungry, I ate anyway. When it became even colder, my mother moved all of us (me, the other male Toby, and a yellow female) a long way away and we met some other people, a man, a woman and a boy. I moved from my half-moon tank into a tiny one, with only my heater and a thermometer (I told you I was good at recognizing human words!). It was very boring, especially since my mother kept me in a dark room with a towel over my tank...but I still recognized her when she came to feed me and give me medicine that turned the water blue. But the medicine helped the itchiness stop and gave me some relief. More time went by and one day I could sense sadness coming from my mother. She picked up my tank and moved me into a bright room that always smelled like human food. She didn't put the towel back on and gave me a final dose of medicine. She was very sad and she and the woman talked for a long time...I caught the words "getting worse" and "euthanize"...I didn't really know what they meant, but my mother became even more sad as the day went on. I felt like I was the one who had made her sad. But little did she know, even without the medicine, the itchiness had stopped. I felt better. I was recovering! The next day, I greeted her by pacing the wall of the small tank, following her every movement. She seemed to be happier...I never again heard those words. When we got back to our real home, I was moved into the big tank again, this time next to a huge male named Sparky. He didn't like me much, but I wasn't scared. My mother always calls me her fighter, her survivor...sometimes I hear her call me her little boy...and there has been no more sadness.
But now I am sick again and it's very difficult to see out of my right eye. It is very cloudy and swollen, and now my left eye is starting to do the same. My mother is stressed, but not sad, because she is confident she can heal me (I heard her say that the big tank has similar sickness in it). Tonight she put some strong yellow medicine in my tank. Already I can feel my eye becoming a little less swollen and there isn't as much pressure on it as before.
But I'll make it...because I am my mother's fighter, her little boy...and because I love her.


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