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My biggest mistake in fishkeeping.

So in the past couple of days, one of the biggest mistakes I've made in my 12ish years of fishkeeping happened!

I for some reason, couldnt read my thermometer correctly (probably from all the medication I've been on for this bronchitis) a couple nights ago. I thought* that it was reading 71 instead of the normal 81 that I keep it I moved my heater's dial to the highest setting, which is 87. I figured, oh hey, it's a 100w heater for a 28g tank, it might just be wearing out and I have to turn it higher or something...
Anyways... I looked at it this morning, and it was reading, what I thought was 82ish. I wanted to make sure I was reading it correctly because the line was way past the green. It took 3 times of looking at the thermometer and counting the lines from 40 up. Then I realized that my temperature was actually at 92. Holy crap!!

It had literally been 2 days of my tank being at 91 degrees before I realized. I had been wondering why all my girls were acting kind of sluggish, but I didn't think too much about it. A couple days ago during my w/c a lot of my stem plants came up and I've been sick so I didn't feel like re-planting them, and the girls had been laying on them so I just figured that they had found a new nice place to rest....Nope! Completely incorrect.

I feel like a terrible person for almost boiling my fish! I am so thankful that I didnt lose anyone, not my bettas, not my endlers, not my cories, or my new bristlenose plecos....but still, I feel terrible for making them endure that.

Luckily I realized it and was able to correct it. Right now their temp is at 83, and I'm working on lowering it to 78-79 to make everyone a little cooler for a little while... I'll turn it back up to 80 in a week or two after they've had time to recover from the heat they've had to deal with.

Overall, I guess it's not much worse than an Ich treatment, they turn the temperature up to 86* for that, right? But it was still unnecessary(sp?) since they didn't have any noticeable ich (although I'm sure if they did, it's cured now!)

Sorry for such a long post, just had to post what a huge mistake I made today.

If anyone else want's to share their biggest mistake in fishkeeping, please do! I'm sure it would be good for people to hear that everyone has made a big mistake or two in their fishkeeping journey and that we shouldn't judge people by them if they are willing to learn from them. :)

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My biggest mistake was not heating up water before dumping it in my fry tank and shocking / killing three fry D: I felt soo bad!!
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Glad your fish are fine. Surprised the cories survived! My thermometer once broke on a qt tank and my girl spent two weeks at about 90 degrees. She ended up with sbd until I finally figured the problem out. She is fine now and I guarantee you it took care of any parasites!
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Last summer, we didn't have air conditioning, and my betta tanks were pretty much constant at 98 and up! I had to keep switching out frozen bottles to cool my tanks!!

I'm glad that everyone's ok though! Whew!

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Well I have three big mistakes that I still regret immensely. One is that I believe I threw a two year old female into the bin when I cleaned out all the leaf litter from the tank she was in. She has a very distinctive topline (they all basically look the same) and ever since the move I can't find her. It makes me feel sick thinking about it. She survived everything and then I just go and throw her out.

The second is when I should have cling wrapped one of my fry tanks and didn't because I thought they were too young to jump out. Instead I left a glass lid on, and one night I must have bumped the corner off so that when I came home a couple hours later it was to three dead fry. I only had six or so and then I lost the other two to jumping as well (you would think I would learn my lesson) after I moved their tank and got lazy with the cling wrap.

Now I just have one grown adult, and since I lost the parents not long after the fry were born it is going to take me eons to find a replacement pair to try again.

I also regret euthanising my breeding colony of brownorum after they never seemed to recover from velvet. I really think I should have stuck with trying to treat them longer than I did.

I have made lots of mistakes but those are the three I regret the most.

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The only mistakes I've made so far have been with my girl... When I first brought her home, she was in a baggy rather than a cup. I accidentally dropped her on the floor, still in the baggy, thank God. She's fine, obviously. Then, two water changes in a row (before I got the 10 gallon), I forgot to put in the water conditioner in her tank.

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Aww don't feel too bad...We all make mistakes, and at least you noticed it within a few days :)

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That's not too bad!!

I mean, when I had Winnie in QT when she was a baby I had a non-adjustable heater... I always on and off it. And when I was about to go to school, I turned it on expecting it not to go that high.. When I came back it was 102F!! I immediately turned it off, but Winnie was a-okay! lol

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One day, my son had netted out one of my girls and dropped her on the matching carpet. Took forever to find her, thankfully she was fine!

(Now he leaves my tanks alone, at last!)

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My first betta. His name was Rocky, a beautiful halfmoon, all gray with hints of red in his fins. I knew nothing about bettas, and he died because of my ignorance....that was back in January. After Rocky, I swore I'd educate myself, and dedicate my energy into giving any bettas I can afford long, healthy, happy lives. I do it because I want to honor Rocky.

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