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How do you arrange your tanks?

I always like to make sure there's a guy next to a girl, in order to gives the guys an excuse to stretch their fins, and the girls a chance to show off;
I think it's good visual stimulation. Neil is next to Chappy on a bookshelf, and Declan has recently been relocated to the chest I use as a side table, next to Tsarina. He's been exploring his tank, but once he notices his new neighbor, I'm sure he'll be even happier about his new living arrangements. She's been trying to get his attention for the past 10 minutes
As for Ray Charles, he's blind, so I don't think he ever really notices his neighbors. He's on a little chest of drawers, and is foraging like he always does. So after reading mine, what's the method to YOUR madness?

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I only have one 5 gal so far since my room is so small! It houses my one and only betta, Tales <3 the tank is on top of my dresser, its the perfect height for me and I can watch him swim around without having to bend down or look up. In the future I plan to put him in the living room whenever I move out, but for now he'll be my little roommate. : )
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Well I have 16 tanks currently ranging from 3-46 gallons and so I have two racks currently that hold them all.

My favourites are mostly on the top shelf, and most of my fry and juveniles are on the middle and bottom shelves because grow-outs don't really make for a spectacular display.

In the future I hope to make my racks a little more slick looking than what they currently are. I want to make wooden flaps (sort of like the ones they use on fish store systems) to hide everything but the tanks themselves.

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Mine go wherever they'll fit, have their weight supported and where I have reasonable (sometimes difficult but manageable) access to do maintenance. The guys who can handle large spaces and swimming around/through stuff are in the bigger NPTs on my dresser, my fusspot HM boy is on my desk as his tank is small enough to be supported by the crappy quality of the wood, and the new guy is in the tank on the bookshelf until we get shrimp to go in the tank that was set up for him, so that when he goes in they won't be in territory previously established by him. :)

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My tanks go where ever I can put them. They range from 3G uo to 20G
8 tanks and 16 or so bettas

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I have my 3 tanks side by side in a row.I have Peanut & Button together on a wooden desk and Piglet is on a wooden side table thing next to them,which is almost exactly the same height.Because they are all boys I have dividers between them also.

~ I my mini boys ~
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When I first got Galileo, he was on the kitchen table. This way he was with us while we ate our meals and I could easily sit next to his tank and watch him. When I got Esmeralda her tank was placed on a stand next to the La-z-boy against the wall opposite of the kitchen table. Then Galileo was placed next to her. They love seeing each other. It keeps them active and I really think they have a special relationship lol. Now that I have Lord Sesshomaru, he is in Galileo's old spot on the kitchen table. I may end up moving him to a stand on the other side of Esmeralda's tank so that he can have some interaction as well but we'll see. I like him on the table for now. My 3 year old son loves Galileo so I consider him his fish. My 3 year old daughter love Esmeralda so I consider her her fish. Lord Sesshomaru is allll mine :)
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Those all sound awesome! Lol, I have no fish to share, they are all mine :D
I'm actually trying to sell a couch so that I can buy a desk (which will no doubt be used as a support for more betta homes than for writing. )

My dearest fishy friends: Chappy, Scatha, Jocasta, Tsarina, Halcyon, and Mr. Golden Super Happy Fun Time (Mr. Gold)!
An excellent fan made version of the surf theme from Pokemon Diamond, Platnium, and Pearl:
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First off, all my guys live in divided 20g's, because they love having a neighbor to interact with.

Geoffrey and Chaucer live on my bathroom counter (long counter with two sinks, the 20g long sits between them). It makes for a bit of a hassle for space, but it's worth it to have Geoff hang out and watch me brush my teeth and wash my face. He's fascinated by personal hygiene...;) Chaucer dances, and would eat until he exploded if allowed. ;)

Toulouse and Somerset live in the 20 long on the wall across from the bathroom counter. Their tank is on a narrow table I put there for them.

Buckley and Copper share their 20 long in the bathroom proper. (It's one of those bathrooms with the hallway and the sinks, then a small separate room with the toilet and the bathtub/shower.) Their tanks is in front of the small bathroom window, and I'm hoping we have some birds come back and nest in the corner again this year.

These guys all live in the bathroom for ease of tank cleaning. Now that they're all cycled, I will probably start moving them, but right now they're just where they started. Plus, the bathroom gives plenty of light for the plants, stays nice and warm, and I'm in there at least twice a day to visit when I get ready for work in the morning and then at night when I shower.

Next up is around the corner in the bonus room. This is my "catch-all room" full of odds and ends of furniture, whatever craft project I'm currently working on, and all my sewing supplies. Needless to say, I spend a *lot* of time in here, so I get to visit the boys often.
On a table against the wall is a 20 long housing Emmett and Duncan, and caddycorner (so he can still see/is abutting his neighbors) is Roslyn, who lives in his own 10 g.
They live here because there's a table to support their tanks...and it's still pretty close to the bathroom for water changes. :)
A few feet down the wall are the girls. They are all still in QT and so are well separated from everyone else. Currently there are two QT's going on, 3 small QT tanks in a larger heated 10g (so everyone has their own tank, but can see and get used to each other without possibly sharing anything); and a second QT set up with three more girls in small QT's in a larger heated Rubbermaid. Both tanks are on chairs so they're not on the floor, and are near to a window. They're pretty much there so that they can be separate from the boys during their QT period, and because there was an outlet there to plug in their heaters and their lamps. ;)
Still working out names. :)

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i mix them up all the time. they're wherever they'll fit, but someone is always beside someone else.

right now, i have Pyro next to Jaecar, Stephano alone.
Lulu, Todd, Manhattan, Scout all on top of my computer desk.
Fritter and Cooper are beside each other again, after forever apart.
Owen is behind Spy on the end table beside where i sit, and Hiccup is alone on the Counter(technically, next to the lizard)
Krinish is alone in my brother's room.
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