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Severe Weather Season

I know we have a lot of members who live in zones that are prone to tornadoes. I have a plan of action for my guinea pigs/dogs (I'm still trying to figure out how to get the horses in the basement ), but not one for my fish... My guinea pigs/ dogs are easy. I throw them in pet carriers and fly down to the basement as fast as possible, line them all up, and then cover us all with a blanket. Do any of you have a tornado plan for your fish?

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I live in Australia and I have many many pets (horses, 200+ birds, a rat and mice, cat, currently 13 bettas but soon it will be 20.

The weather here is getting much more severe with floods and fires being a regular occurrence Australia wide, where I live we have had truly devastating floods that have left the area looking something like a war zone. I am one of the lucky ones that lives in a higher up area meaning that the floods did not reach the house however the last floods came very close to the horses stables and bird aviaries.

With the natural disasters here predicted to become not only a more regular occurrence but also much more severe I cannot help but feel anxious. I have no idea where we could move the horses to nor the 200+ birds and it greatly worries me. Although cyclones are not uncommon here Australia rarely ever suffers from tornadoes however they are becoming more common in this area.

I have absolutely no idea where we or any of our animals would go in such a situation as we do not typically have basements in Australia, the more I think about it the more it scares me.

If I was in your situation then I would have small temporary tanks set up in the basement for my fish so you could just scoop them up in jars/cups or whatever and take them down to the basement and put them straight in the tanks. That's what I would do anyway. The horses might be a bit more difficult........ how big is your basement, I'm thinking temporary stalls made from mobile yard panels?
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If I had to, I would cup my two bettas in solo cups and take them to the basement with the rest of us. I hadn't really thought of that. Maybe I will get the 1 gallon minibow going in the basement with a divider in case of severe weather. Not ideal space wise but it would serve it's purpose in an emergency.

I do have a natural gas generator that powers most of the house in case of a power outage and I did make sure the fish tanks were on the circuits powered by the generator so they wouldn't lose their heat in a power outage.
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Here's an idea... depending on how many bettas you have... gather up your smaller tanks and keep them in the basement (covered so no insects or dust get in) along with bottled spring water, water conditioner, and fish food. Keep a bagged blanket next to the supplies (if you have an unfinished basement like me, as it it will keep dust off of the blanket)

In case of an emergency, cup them quickly and bring them down with you. Then you can pour the bottled spring water and conditioner in the small tanks and throw the blanket over the tanks/bowls/containers so it can protect them a bit.

Note one thing though... if it's a tornado, RUN. Do NOT stop to get your fish. I'm sorry to sound cold with this, but I have been in a tornado. While I had plenty of warnings to get ready and get my animals to the basement throughout the day, my cousin lives in tornado alley in kansas. And sometimes all you have is the noise of the sirens and 20 seconds to hightail your butt to safety. I love my bettas, but they are not worth risking my life over. The last time a tornado almost hit us last year, we didn't have much warning, and I couldn't find one of our cats, so I had to leave her upstairs. We didn't get hit in the end though.


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I was totally thinking of this yesterday. We had a power outage briefly yesterday, and I was wondering what I would do to heat my tanks if the power went out for an extended period of time. This gave rise to the horrifying question of what I would do in an "actual" disaster. At this point, I would have to just use what I have (as long as I was able to do this without jeopardizing my own safety. What my current plan is is to ziplock bag heatpacks and put them in a very large cooler, where unfortunately my entire sorority+guppy would just get chucked into. I would probably have to bag all of my males and float them in the cooler with the others. This way they would stay warm and I would actually be able to transport them with my can and dog if need be. It's not that great of a plan, but it's what I can come up with right now. I just hope that nothing ever happens where I would need to do something like that; I would be devastated if I lost my pets like that.

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Funny enough... just as I was typing it started thundering......

Then the power went out for a minute. It makes me wonder if power surges through the heater can hurt the bettas?

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I live in the southeast and where I live we don't get tornadoes often unless we get a really bad storm(But there has been none recently). My major trouble about the weather for my fish is a fire or a bad storm that knocks out my power I guess...
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Based on the responses on here... I am going to get a couple small critter keepers, and use them to transport the fish from my room to my basement. That means it's going to take me a little longer, so I think I'll do a dry run to see how long it's going to take to wrestle everyone into their "kennels/keepers".

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Originally Posted by JadeAngel View Post
Funny enough... just as I was typing it started thundering......

Then the power went out for a minute. It makes me wonder if power surges through the heater can hurt the bettas?
I'm not sure if they would or not, but if you're concerned you could run your heaters through a surge protector. Most (if not all) new power strips have them, and it'd keep a power surge from harming your fish/equipment/etc.

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