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Smile Sorority!

So I finally got all the girls in there! It's a 33 gallon Flatback Hexagon planted moderately, once I get a job and more money there will be plenty more plants once I get the DIY CO2 running. But for now the girls seem very happy with how everything is set up!

I was very pleased with my LFS (Seahorse Pet Shop) because he gives me deals of pretty much everything when I go in, I visit pretty much every week, sometimes twice lol. But he gave me a HUGE water sprite mother plant! And when I say huge I mean it's nearly a foot and a half long! And I only bought it for 8 dollars!!!! I know I could find water sprite online, but for a mother plant this big! 8 dollars is a steal! That plant could have easily gone for 14 dollars!! Anyway yeah, it's a good place.

So first I floated my four girls: Pineapple, Aurora, Phoenix and Cherry in cups in the 33 so Mystique could see them. I had moved and added stuff around before adding them in with the cups. Mystique flared at them as per what I expected, only Phoenix and Cherry flared back though.

I left them in the cups while my little brother and I went down town to the LFS to pick up two more girls and exchange the Walmart Male that I had picked up which I thought was a female. (Lol the guy was like, don't you want to breed them?! And I was like, I would have loved to if I had more tanks! he just laughed) So came home and floated the two new ones in the bag in the tank.

Finally I cupped Mystique and let the other six out to roam the tank, all six had come in at the same time from the LFS so I wasn't so worried about establishing pecking orders from them, I was just worried that Mystique would hurt them since she was bigger and had been in the tank longer than them.

So in the cup she went, I turned my back and looked back to see Mystique out swimming with them! The cup had tipped enough that she wiggled her way out! But she was just flaring a little here and there but mostly just hanging out with them. I was seriously shocked that she wasn't body slamming or biting, I know this can still change but I thought she was going to immediately hurt them when she saw them.

It's been about 3 hours and so far so good! Here's a small video of my tank and the girls after they were all in: You can see Mystique had cornered Phoenix a little but then kind of didn't care after a few flares. At 0.41 Pineapple comes up and then it goes to Stardust (Auroras twin) and then I stalk Little Blue. Cherry takes the camera over and Mystique rushes down to join in and then Phoenix (Little blue can still be seen in the back) and then Pineapple joins back in.

Sorry for the glare and the fuzzy quality of the video >.< And lastly here are some pictures for you!

Mystique glaring at Phoenix and Aurora is just like "what's going on guys?"

Here's Little Blue although she looks more blue in real life. At the moment she's steel colored with a bit of a red wash.

Cherry and Phoenix

Pineapple and Mystique

The Twins! Aurora in front and Stardust behind. And no Aurora isn't missing an eye, it's just part of the glare unfortunately.

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I have had a sorority in my 20 gallon high in the past, and they would occasionally chase each other half-heartedly. When I set up my 55 gallon and put them in there, I have never had any fights at all. I think tank size has a tremendous effect on how a sorority works. At least for me it did. That, and lots of hiding places and plants. I have four caves and anubias and java ferns, in addition to fake floating plants and fake "grass" for fry to hide.

So you have seven in a 33 gallon? It may work. Depends on the individual temperaments of the girls. I've only ever had to take back ONE betta for being overly aggressive. She was chasing EVERYONE! But of all the others I've had, I just float them and acclimize slowly by putting a tablespoon or so of tank water into the container every 10-15 minutes until an hour has passed, then I drain off the excess water and let the new girl/girls in. I always feed my other fish at the same time so they don't really notice that I'm letting the new ones free. Even if I don't feed though, I've never had a problem. Maybe a little flare here and there, or some squaring up, but I've only had one fight, and right now I have 9 female betta in there along with balloon mollies, platies, a Bolivian Ram, cories and a Kribensis. All live peacefully and every one of them seems happy.

Space is the key, at least in my experience. If they have room to get away from each other, and places to hide, there won't be any bullying unless you have fish that aren't compatible together. Don't despair if you DO end up with a bully. Just take it back and try another one. You'd be surprised--sometimes the tiniest babies can be the most aggressive!

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Oh yes, I've done plenty of research on sorority's before even thinking about it haha but thank you!

All of them except Mystique were sisters of the same brood and I'm fairly sure they had never been separated so this aids in the whole non-violence with them. I was only really worried about Mystique chasing them too much since she was the only one who wasn't related and had bought from PetCo.

All of them seem to be very chill so far, the four (Pineapple, Aurora, Cherry and Phoenix) I had them for a week to watch their temperments and all were to my liking. The only thing that I didn't check on was the two girls I brought home today but since they were of the same litter I wasn't so worried about them.

And I am prepared to take Mystique out if I have to, well at least put her in the breeder net for a while since that seems to be the most effective way so far. But so far so good!

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33 gallons , betta , sorority

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