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Post Betta Stories: How you got them

All those heart warming, petrifying, and slightly silly stories about that fishy made it to his/her lugsuary home
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My fish wasn't exactly a horror story. My brother came home with a hamster and I was hurt that I was never allowed to get one. My brother is a year younger then me and I am 17. I was allowed to get one but the problem is that I would be going to college in a year, I can't bring the hamster with me and I wouldn't leave it for my parents to take care of, it would get all the food and cleaning but they wouldn't interact with it. I remembered the betta fish at Petsmart and thought that would at least be something. There was so many betta fish! An employee noticed me looking over them and showed me some in the back. I know I hear horror stories about Petsmart but my area must be good, they interact with all the animals they have so rodents will be friendly and such.Yeah the betta fish were in the horrible plastic cups still The betta fish in the back were pulled out to be nursed back to health. And there was chuck, he was harassed by kids who shook the cup and suffered from stress, he was really small and it was love ever since :)
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Love when stories turn out good like that.
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I thought I got my fish the normal way, but after reading so many horror stories and tales of rescuing sick bettas on the forum, I realised it was probably quite unusual.

Anyway, I bought Pablo from a local aquatics store. He was well-cared for, healthy, and had plenty of room to swim around. The staff at the store were knowledgeable and gave good advice. He adapted quickly to his new home and ate like a pig from day 1.

I know . . . shocking, isn't it? (Also most likely boring).
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Wow, that is really a first. Never heard of a story like that. It is one of a kind.
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Odysseus came from Walmart; I was planning on getting a fish but not that day, but it was love at first sight and I rushed like a crazy person to get all the things he would need and then came back and took the scrawny little guy home.

Penelope I got a few weeks later, I saw her several times when I went to Petsmart to pick something up for Odysseus and despite trying to forget her little face I just couldn't get her out of my mind. I finally managed to convince my parents and went back and brought her home. :) I was told by an employee that because she was a girl, and a cellophane, he believed she would have been there until she died. Based on what I see whenever I go to this store, I believe it, and I'm so glad she's with me. She is such a personality and joy to have around.

Rigsby was the fish of the people in the room next to mine in my dorm. They kept him in a tiny vase, never changed the water, and did things like put lettuce in the water, somehow thinking that it would be good for him. When I found out, I offered to nurse him back to health, took him to our room, and then eventually, to my great relief, he was given to me.

Phoenix is the newest, and I feel the saddest for how he came to me. I first saw him when I was at Petsmart the day I got Odysseus, which was about seven or eight months ago now. Every time I went back I would see him again, slowly getting thinner and more faded each time. I was absolutely devastated that I couldn't bring him home and it haunted me for months, but finally recently I was given the opportunity and brought him home, to my great relief. He was so skinny he was transparent, had almost no color, and was (still is) less than half of the size he should be. He was at the store for at least eight months, maybe longer, but somehow he managed to hold out all that time. He's doing much better now and has become extremely spunky!
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I got Merlin from Wal-Mart, having been more set on getting a plant than a fish, but they didn't have the plant that I wanted, so I checked out the bettas, having had one betta before who only lived a month. I picked out the healthy looking, bright red blur that was the healthiest out of the bunch. This little guy glared at me right from the get-go, but I was in love with him and I'd hoped he'd be healthier than my first betta, Beta. 4 tanks later, I still have this grumpy little guy who helped me through a rough time in my life.

Dragoon came later, and wasn't really planned for. I'd been looking for a black or white betta, and came across this DSPK dark copper colored betta, who was so mellow, not flaring at any of the other bettas, even when I held him up to some other ones. This was the little guy for me who could deal with the ever-flaring and grumpy Merlin. Sure enough, he finds it fun to antagonize Merlin, and he very rarely flares, and as become a valued member of the family.

"Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal." ~Alfred A. Montapert

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mine are not very exciting stories but here they are:

Sardine's Story: type CTMG location: Petco

I was not looking for a Betta that day when I found him, I had two Betta fish of my own back home when I was shopping for dog food. But of course I took a look at the betta section and spotted him in front. I have never seen a Betta like him before. a CTMG (He was the fish that led me to this website and I found out about this colors and the many tail types and how to take care of them properly.) I snatched him and one of the employes saw Sardine in my hands and replied, "I was eyeballing that fish myself. If no one would have taken him I would have taken him home myself. He will be in good hands now." This made me smile and knew that he was even more special.
And there was a reason why I took him home too that day. My other DT Betta gotten stuck in his hidy hole and got badly hurt and passed away. I was devastated but I would not make the same mistake with Sardine and threw away the object that Johny got stuck in.

Anchovy's Story: Type: Blue Plakat EE location: Petco

There was a betta back home that was not doing well that I got at K-mart. He was sick when I got him in a vase with a plant on the top (I didn't know at the time how to properly take care of a Betta) When he died, I went to the petstore to look for another betta. I came across a beautiful boy I have never seen before, a blue Plakat EE with LARGE pectoral fins. I could not resist and bought him. I found out later that I bought this boy for dirt cheep! only $14. and they are normally 20 to 30 bucks at the stores. I am glad I adopted him cause he is such an active betta.

Tuna's Story: Type: DT Marble Location: petco

I was looking for another betta since I had an extra tank laying around. I found this beautiful DT that has a white lump on the side of his body. I thought to myself, "No ones going to buy him with his imperfection. I went to the fish employe and asked her what was on his body. She did not know and took a look at him. This is what appaled me, she took him out of the cup and placed him on the palm of her hand and tried to scrape the lump off of his body with a tweezers. I cringed and seen her put him back in the cup seeing the white lump had pealed off of his body, (still on him) and the lady said, "It looks like it came off. He's fine." I didn't want to argue to say it was still on him and just went to the cashier to adopt him. Now that she might have cause him to get an infection I needed to now take him home and give him nice clean water to heal.

Peach's Story: Type VT Bi-color? location Petsmart

An impulse buy. XD Had an extra tank that had plant trimmings and had everything I needed for another betta. I went over to the bettas looking for a girl. (I always wanted a girl) not thinking any of them would catch my eye, I looked at all of the girls. But there was one in back that had her beautiful blue eyes looking at me. I took her out from the back and got a better look at her. with her fins yellow and her body an off light pink, I fell in love. I don't like pink but it was the blue eyes and the yellow fins that drew me in. I knew my sister would kill me, but I bought her anyway. And for now, she still does not know I have her. XD all four of my bettas are in my room. ;)

simple stories, but they all having meaning to me. <3 I have learned to much from them and I would have never found this website without them.

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i got my first betta bubbles (blue green CT) when i was 9 i had 11 dollars in store credit at my LFS and saw him and picked him up got him a 1.5 gallon tank and some gravel and water conditioner and food ( i still had store credit left after but not much)took him home did A water change once a week 100% and he lived 2 years then he died i think he was old cause the pet store bettas normally are but i loved him im not gonna do the rest of my bettas cause i would be up till like 9am but he got me hooked on bettas and now i breed them and love them and always will

i <3 betta fish

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They were not my first choose, I got Bettas because I couldn't have a large aquarium at work. so I brought two small aquariums. Now they drive most of the traffic thru the office, especially "Tide" the Lab Betta he definitely gets more visitor that I do. Two Bettas and twenty six owners "who would have thunk it"

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