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Perfect Couple

I have stumbled upon perhaps one of the most adorable and sweet betta pairs yet. Here we have Andrea and Corduroy, a a male delta tail dragon scaled (and part diamond eyed) fish, and young little female baby I rescued some time ago.
I tried putting the two together in my five gallon bow-front aquarium about three weeks ago, deciding to test the two together as they'd been in tank next to each other for about a month before that. Andrea, the male (Don't ask lol) is diamond eyed on one side, and a scale is growing over his other eye slowly, and he has a lopsided, demented mouth so it's difficult for him to eat. He's a big show off and flares at his food, even at Corduroy, but he's really a big ole' teddy bear.
Corduroy, this little baby I believe is a girl, is unbelievably good humored towards Andrea and actually plays games with him! I noticed after the first day that Andrea would chase Corduroy around, but upon closer inspection, he'd never bite her. It's almost like tag; as soon as Andrea turns away, Corduroy will chase him for a moment before happily swimming off to find food or whatever. She's never bitten him, he's never bitten her, and it's absolutely adorable to watch. They also play hide and seek now and again; this, I've found is almost too cute to watch as one will surprise the other by hiding then popping out beside them, or they'll try to find one another for several minutes as the first one to hide continually moves places.
A few minutes ago, as I was watching them eat, I noticed Andrea having a hard time getting the pellets in his mouth. I almost cried when Corduroy grabbed a piece of food, swam over so that Andrea could see her from his good eye, and spat it out so it started to sink, and Andrea managed to snap at it just right while it sank to the bottom. Finding his food is difficult enough, but getting it from the bottom is even harder, being his mouth is odd. I normally feed bloodworms, but at the moment I'm out, and these two seem to be having no issue with pellets now!
Shortly after that, Andrea was flaring at some food on the bottom and Corduroy swam over, sidling up next to him and pecked at it. When Andrea flared at her, she turned around, poked him with her nose on the cheek, and he just stopped. She didn't bite, just nudged him, and I guess he noticed it was her or something. She proceeded to swim away and grab some other food (which she toted around the tank for a good two minutes before spitting it out above Andrea, much to his pleasure) and continued on.
I have never once had two fish behave like this. It would seem that Corduroy can tell Andrea has a hard time seeing, so she helps him eat and plays with him to keep him company. They've never hurt each other, quite the contrary really, and I wanted to share their peculiar story with you guys. These fish will never cease to amaze me. Andrea, with a face only a mother like myself could love, and Corduroy, the heart wrenchingly loving sweetie who cares for him.
This is why I love bettas.
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They sound adorable :D if you don't mind you should deffinanty post pics :D

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I agree, that's really sweet :)
Good luck with all your bettas

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Just be careful. Chasing can be aggressive even if no nipping is involved. I have wild bettas that are safely able to share a tank and I have never seen any chasing that I would call 'playful' behaviour. It's almost always a show of dominance or aggression by the fish doing the chasing.

It sounds like you are sort of anthropomorphising your fish. While this is something we all do with pets, you have to remember that these are still animals and you can't always apply human emotions to their behaviour.

One of your fish is young. The dynamic between them could very well change as it matures. Sororities of young fish can show a marked increase in aggression and territorial behaviour as the females age simply because they are physically stronger and don't have to rely on submissive behaviour as a way of surviving.

I know it may feel like I am being the voice of negativity, but I recently had a female of mine kill the male that she had lived with and spawned with right out of the blue. You have to remember that these are by nature an aggressive species of fish. So just be careful with keeping these two together as things can go from good to bad very quickly.

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