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This is slightly unrelated but it kind of applies:

"You can either be judged because you created something or ignored because you left your greatness inside of you.” -James Clear
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As you pointed out, this is a fish forum. But I still think it's important that you are very aware of what can happen if she provokes your dog, and the dog bites her.

This is from the About.com website: What Should I Do If My Dog Bites Someone?

Dog Bites and the Law

Dog bite laws can vary greatly depending on local jurisdiction. It is important that you research the laws in your area so you will know what to expect. The following conditions typically apply in dog bite cases:
  • You will need to show proof of your dog's rabies vaccination history.
  • A quarantine period may be required. This will most likely be longer if the rabies vaccine is not current.
  • Depending on the situation and your dog's history, it is possible for your dog to be designated a "dangerous dog." You may have to comply with specific laws regarding the handling of your dog.
  • Laws may require that your dog is euthanized if your dog is considered "dangerous," if the injury was very serious, or if a fatality occurred. In addition, you could be held legally responsible and face criminal charges.
Your Role After the Dog Bite

The dog bite victim may choose to press charges and/or file a civil suit against you. In these cases, you should immediately hire an attorney.

While you may or may not be legally ordered to cover the victim's medical expenses, it is a good idea to offer up front to pay. This shows the victim that you are accepting responsibility for your dog. It may even help you avoid a messy lawsuit. Above all, it is the ethical thing to do, even if you have an explanation for the dog bite. In reality, proving your dog was provoked or somehow justified will be difficult unless it can be proven that the victim was committing a crime. This may be an argument that is not worth having.

It is your responsibility to prevent this type of thing from happening in the future. Take measures to prevent the dog from biting again - contact a professional trainer and possibly a veterinary behaviorist.

In most cases, a dog bite can be easily prevented by taking the proper safety measures.

Source: What Should I Do If My Dog Bites Someone?
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Aw man that whole situation sucks... I bet she guilts you out of your chocolate cake too...
Really do see if your rents can help out with putting up some boundaries. Not a parent, but a dog owner, and I would kebab anyone who pestered my dog that much. Even without the legal implications.

Just keep in mind, like others have so wisely said, your time, company and love are valuable. You don't owe this petulant child any of them. As sad as it is, just knowing someone for a long time doesn't mean you're compatible as friends. It's hard to 'break up' with people, but you should just weigh the pros and cons... and I'm sure your rents are already anxious to get the brat out of their house!!! They can lay down the law on her a lot better than you can.
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Thanks guys!
From now on she isn't allowed around the dog and the dog will probably stay outside when she is over.! (If she happens to come over again)

Sabina, that was quite funny!!!! Lol!
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and smack her for me if she hits your fishtank again :P

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Mahatma Gandhi — 'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.'
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With pleasure! Lol!
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Yep I'm with everybody else, you don't need toxic people in your life. In the end, you give and give, and they take and take, and its just not worth it. You sound like a lovely and responsible person, and she should be grateful for your friendship, yet it sounds like she has very little respect for you or your things. Get her out of your life.

(It also doesn't need to be some big declaration or anything, just start spending less and less time with her, making excuses not to hang out, not inviting her over etc)
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The worst has happened....... She bought a new Betta!!!!
It's a beautiful ruby red veil tail with some blue scales and streaks of blue on its tail when it shines in the light.
She put it in a 1.5 gallon unfiltered unheated hexagon tank beside a window.
I warned her that it might cause algae problems and she tried to tell me that if algae grew, that meant the fish would eat it and she wouldn't have to feed it as much! I tried to tell her that betas are carnivores and don't like plants, but she just got mad and totally ignored me. I hate when people do that
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My sister got a fish like that. But oh my God! Can you knock her out with a frying pan and steal it for me? xD. No betta deserves anyone like her, if I knew her I'd do all I can to knock some sense in her brain and save the poor animal.

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First of all, your "friend" is a moron. Plain and simple.

Second, she acts like a selfish, egocentric sociopath with no regard for the comfort or safety of either creatures rather they be furry, finned, or smooth skinned. She's the kind of person that grows up to abuse and neglect her kids which she had exclusively for the government benefits.

Third, this is 100% her nature. You will NOT change her mind. She has never listened to you and never will. She could very likely end up hurting YOUR pets or forcing them to protect themselves regardless of the safeguards you put in place. She will keep getting mad at you over things you had nothing to do with (like the lack of hot pink bettas). She will continue to be a drama queen who believes she is never in the wrong. She will always dismiss what others say if what they say is not to her liking or is different than her own opinion. She will be disrespectful.

And finally, to quote your "friend", there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Why consider someone a friend when they consistently treat you, your pets, and your belongings with disrespect or when they belittle your opinions, beliefs, and passions? I agree with those before me who have said you should talk to your parents about the situation before dissolving the friendship so they will know why and can support you, do damage control, or just stay out of it while you handle everything privately.

I also want you to know there are people out there who will be your true friends. You may not find them soon, but one day they will just stumble into your life and then you will know what true friendship is.

My first true best friend later became my fiancée. We met when I was 22, started dating in early 2009, and got engaged this year. I didn't meet my two closest female friends until three years ago. They all accept me exactly the way I am, flaws and all, and it is the best feeling in the world. I wouldn't change a thing about them.

My dad didn't meet his first real best friend until he was in his mid fifties! They now act like brothers and if you didn't know better, you would sware they were by the way they act. They always look forward to their fishing trips. They go several times a year and have a blast. They always bring home an ungodly number of falays and we eat fresh fish for days!
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