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i dont cry i dunno why i only cried when jojo died but i got over it in like 5 min =)

my 7 bettas
~Dazzle july 8
~Diva july 13
~Jellyfish july 28
~Bubbles july 30
~Spike sept 29
~Peaches oct 7
~snoball dec 7
~3 other fish and 2 ghost shrimp
(getting more soon!)

50% water changes every week (30% for 5 gal) feed two pelets a day
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I couldn't become a vegetarian or vegan. I do have respect for the animals who provide me with food. I don't just eat some meat and think nothing about it. One time I almost cried because I though about how the animal I was eating was at one time a living breathing thing. I do have my vegetarian moments though. I was eating vegetarian bacon every morning before I ran out the other day. Best stuff ever if I do say so myself.

I feel like as long as you respect what you eat, you are already doing a little bit better than the people who take stuff like food as granted.

I cry when one of the fish I was attached to die. When I have a neon tetra die, I just think to myself what a good fishy it was. Since I have had so many neon tetras, I can't really get too sad over one.

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Originally Posted by nochoramet View Post
Well I eat meat and I feel for animals. I just like to eat meat. It's good. God put animals on Earth for people to eat, or he wouldn't had made us omnivores. I still feel for animals... I'm not a beast.

And yes, I get annoyed when people say "it's just a fish" Because my fish are my babies. I cried when mine died, but it wasn't more than 10 minutes.
Exactly. :) I totally agree. Not to mention meat is extremely healthy for you. FULL of good stuff.

I have nothing against Vegans and vegetarians though, I could just never be one.

I don't eat meat from factory farms though. I find it disgusting and I don't support that.

"Whoever said fish were low maintenance obviously never owned fish"
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I don't think I can live without beef, personally. I think i could be a vegetarian though if I really wanted to, since I don't eat pork and I don't like seafood....but I would reeeeally miss my beef. Lamb too. Lol.

I think that's a wrong generalization. Of course I feel for the animals, but on the other hand, I'm a human and meat is part of my diet. Animals get killed and eaten every day by other species too.

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Animals do get killed and eaten every day but they live in the wild and it is natural while 98% of human food comes from factory farms where animals are placed into tiny crates their whole lives given steriods so there will be more milk or eggs, then slaughtered.... its not really the same....


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I never did say it was the same, did I? But animals will all die eventually. Imo it would be more cruel to kill and animal or have it die and throw the body away. Might as well put it to use.

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:/ I'm certainly not one who likes to support animal cruelty like that, but we have to be stingy with our money, so I'm sure I'm not eating non-factory meat.
[I think it's funny how off-subject this is! lol]
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Originally Posted by veganchick View Post
I know! I get that alot with dogs, birds, lizards, cats, ferrits, rabits, and all other homeless animals I work with too. People just don't think of them as live beings. That is the reason people can eat meat. They like to think that the food they are eating didn't feel pain or suffering. Thet it was just there.
I don't think people are capable of eating meat because they don't think of animals as living beings. But I'm just a good ole country girl and I've grown us watching livestock being raised and slaughtered. All animals we had were always treated with respect and well taken care of. Not trying to be rude but that is sort of a close minded comment. We all feel differently about things but that doesn't make anyone right or wrong.

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I eat meat and I never really think about the fact that it was once a living being.
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I think that there is nothing wrong with eating meat. My thing is, (I'm a Christian so I hope no one jumps on me) God put these animals on Earth for humans to eat. That is their purpose. No, I don't support the cruelty that animals go though to get on my plate, but it's there, I'm going to eat it. It doesn't bother me whatsoever. I couldn't eat fish though, for the reason it's icky...haha. I'm not going to shun meat because it was once a living, breathing animal. Dog food is made of meat, are you going to starve your doggies? Or kitties? Bettas even eat meat (if you consider flies and such living things), that doesn't mean we should starve them because God made them carnivores. There is a balance on Earth that needs to be kept, the predator/prey relationship, and therefore, I shall eat my meat.

Sorry for the rant haha I'm in an argumentative mood today.

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