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thinking out loud... feedback please?

I have a few things running through my mind and would like others' feedback...

current situation:
8 males (4 of which bite their tails).

20 Gallon tank in process of fish cycling, 4 males:
Bumble (VT)
bites because his buddy on the other side of his divider was moved.
Wally (HM)
bites.... because of who knows??? Currently his is in the hospital kritter keeper. I thought originally because of cycling process in the 20 gallon, but I change his water every other day in his 1.5 gallon and he just started SERIOUSLY biting. It may be because he can see my new guy, Toro across the room.
Gipper (CT) no problems, just battling a minor case of fin rot/ammonia burn due to cycling process.
Piglet (DBT) occasional ammonia burn due to cycling process, change the water, and he is fine.

6.6 Gallon in process of fishless cycling, 2 males:
Dane and Bubbles (HMs) I'm pretty sure they bite because of changes in their tank and water conditions. They are currently in a kritter keeper while their tank cycles.

2.5 gallon uncycled, 1 male:
Cielo (CT), battling fin rot/ammonia burn that happened when I was gone for 5 days.

1 gallon Kritter Keeper:
Toro, new Dragon HM. Quarantine, no problems yet.

I don't really like the size of the 20 gallon (tall). It is larger than I imagined it and my boys don't seem to use all the space (they tend to stay at the top). And due to the tail biters, I may not be able to keep all in the same tank.

My thoughts:

Downsize to 10 gallon divided 4 ways. Put Bumble (whose tail is growing back and likes to see other guys), Gipper, Piglet, and Cielo in there. Put Java moss on the dividers and hope that it grows in the give more privacy.

Put Wally in teh 2.5 once it is cycled.

Put Dane, Bubbles, and Toro in the 6.6 and put java moss on the dividers as well. Make this tank bare-bottom so as much water can be held as possible.

What do you guys think about this????
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It sounds possible. Bettas are top dwelling fish which is why I generally only like to divide a 20 tall maybe 3 times... a 20 is much better suited for a sorority IMO.

If you do bare bottom in the 6.6 your going to need to be extra sure that your filter has enough surface area to hold all the necessary bacteria.

Besides that it sounds like a good plan.

Also.. watch out for putting java moss in the divider. I was going to do this but I realized that that would really hurt the flow of the water around the tank and also affect the cycle. So unless you have a filter in each section I would make sure enough of the divider is open so water can flow through.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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I agree with 1fish2fish. Sounds possible....but a little too cramped IMO.

Any way you could search on craigslist or something for a 20 long instead of downsizing to a 10(my 10 divided into 3 sections seems a bit cramped....can't imagine 4....)? Then you wouldn't have to cram 3 into a little 6 gallon.....and you could probably sell the 20 tall for a little extra money if you wanted/needed.
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hmmm I would like a 20 long... What about a 10 gallon divided 3 ways and a 5 gallon? That would be cheaper since I already have a hood for the 10 gallon and could just buy the 5 gallon kit from walmart... or the 10 gallon kit. I just want them to be more portable (even tho they aren't "portable") in case I decide to rearrange my room...

edit: forgot to mention that CL doesn't have many fish tanks in my state... mostly 50 gal ++ :(

Last edited by kuklachica; 03-16-2010 at 03:10 PM. Reason: in my state... mostly 50 gal ++ :(
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Yeah, I love my 20 long <3
Lets that would be a 10 divided 3 ways, 5 and 6 divided in half, and a 2.5 gallon?(listing it out for myself, because I started to get confused xD)
That sounds like a better plan IMO though :)

D: I need a 50 gallon for my breeding, maybe we can switch? Theres tons of different-sized tanks here in WA :P
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Haha, sounds good to me :) It sure sounds like a lot of tanks when you list it out! argh, that's just what I didn't want. And the hubby doesn't want to house "cluttered" with tanks! Maybe two 10's next to each other would look more "uniform" than a 10 and a 5... I'm going to have to draw a diagram for myself!

If only betta boys could live peacefully together!! That's what i keep telling my hubby... 8 fish isn't a lot - if only they could live together like other fish!
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Oooooh, idea! 2 10s, each split into three sections, and then you could give one the whole 6 gallon.....and divide it later if you ever see one more that you just HAVE to have! xD Haha, that is so what I'd do ;)

As for making them look more appealing, 2 10 gallons right next to one another would look nice I think, maybe they could go on one long stand together on display in the family room.
Maybe the 6 could go in the kitchen, or on top of your dresser.
And the 2.5 would be perfect for a computer desk tank!

Just some thoughts, if your open to moving them around(I know I'm too much of a lazy bum to move and arrange my tanks ).

Haha, oh the dream tank of every betta owner! A tank full of beautiful long-finned male Betta Splendens! Ahh, if only they weren't such aggressive little buggers....but maybe thats part of their charm, they just wouldn't be the same without their 'attitudes' xD lol
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