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Patriot - I found him at my LFS. He was beautiful and I fell in love instantly. Unfortunately, I didn't have any money or supplies for him at the time, so I couldn't get him. Two weeks later, I went back with money and to my surprise, he was still there. I grabbed him up right away and took him home. c:

Tiny Tina - Another LFS purchase. I planned on getting a girl, but I didn't have any preferences on color or anything. I picked her because she was so tiny and spunky.

Poseidon - Got him from Petsmart. Patriot had passed away right before I moved to my college dorm, so I brought Tina with me. She passed not long after. The stress from moving house and then moving into the dorm was just too much for her. I really wanted a study buddy and someone to care for, so my roommate and I went to Petsmart, got ourselves a 10 gallon to divide, and we each got a betta. I couldn't decide between these two dragonscale bettas. One was pinkish and had a cute face, but then there was happy, healthy Poseidon. I went with him. I carried him around the store for a majority of the time we were there anyway. c:

Amphitrite - I wanted another girl, because after Tina, I got a bit attached to girls and their personalities. Boys are pretty, but the girls are hilarious. I saw this little girl with her bright red fins and her bright blue eyes, and black lipstick and fell in love. Got her from Petsmart. It was a bit of a rocky road at first, after I got her home, but now she's happy and healthy.

~ P o s e i d o n ~
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7 words.

Baby. Betta. In. Terrible. Conditions. Guilt. Trip

Don't blame the dyslexic for bad spelling or grammar.
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The only two that weren't planned were the first, Apollo, an impulse buy for my 4 year old who HAD to have it, and Loki, our 5th who was a rescue with severe ammonia burns, ammonia poisoning, was totally grey, and had extreme stress stripes.
I'd actually been told no more after Osiris (the HM) our 4th betta, but my husband couldn't resist Loki anymore than I could.
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when i went away to college this spring i started getting super lonely right away. Having two big dogs and a cat at home i wanted something other than myself to take care of and hang with. I first got Nero a black CT with neon blue and bright red markings on his fins. He was beautiful. sadly he was sick when i got him and my inexperience made it worse and i only had my little dragon for a week but after that week i was hooked. i was still a newbie though. I got Steve when i told my mom how bummed i was that Nero died. Steve was similar to Nero other than the fact the he was White with red and blue markings on his fins. Still being a newb i stressed him out and didnt clean his .5 gallon "tank" as i should have and he passed after a month. I was devastated and couldn't stand the quiet in my room so i swiftly went to walmart in the hopes that one would catch my eye. the first trip i went i was unsucessful in finding a fish but i got a bigger tank and some other decorations for the new tank. The second trip i was dumb enough to leave my money in my room but when i saw that Vincent was trying to follow me and was watching me i had to get him. On my third trip 2 months ago i brought home my little attention snob Vincent. Vincent is a little veil tale with blue markings on his face and back with brownish red speckles on his face and red tips on his tail. hes a funny looking dude. to keep him company i also got a snail named Claud (VanGough and Monet art themed lol) I want to get another in the future but i have to wait untill i have the money.

Proud mamma of Vincent and Berlioz.
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Highblood was my only planned betta really. I got him with some christmas money, I stored him in a ten gallon with a filter but no heater, the lamp on the tank kept the water pretty warm.

Diesel was a total surprize, i went to a fish store and saw they had bettas and was having a shop keeper help me look at them. My dad came in the store and asked if i wanted him and i was so shocked I said yes. Even though i had none of my fish stuff with me.

Then lil' Seuss was an impulse buy when i went to get a heater a couple of days ago. So he was sorta unplanned even though i knew i wanted another fish.

My boys: Felix, Kaiba, and 5
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Might as well throw in my two scents. I've had veiltails for years but here's the bettas I've had in the last decade that I remember well.

Ted ( May 2001- March 30th 2003)- He was a turquiose veiltail and was planned. My sister tried to discourage me thinking I wouldn't take care of him because I was in 4th grade. Went to a local aquarium store in L.A. where I had bought other fish before. I looked at him and his brothers, he was the only one who had the green coloring I loved. He would flare at his reflection usually at the drop of a dime. He came when called and would build these huge bubble nests. Sadly, he lost his struggle with ick. I miss that guy.

Theo (April 2013- March 23rd 2014). The first betta I owned since Ted and my very first royal blue butterfly halfmoon. After looking at Petco and online, I decided on getting a delta only to learn how hard they were to find. Walked into a fish store in El Segundo, CA after reading reviews from one person who bought a betta there. While they sell a lot of saltwater fish, coral and such, they did have fresh water fish including a pond full of friendly and beautiful young Koi. Went over to the section of the store which was full of bettas and I was taken aback by the colors. Found Theo in a small glass bowl next to a turquiose veiltail. He was the first fish to greet me when I walked up and was the one I ended up going home with. He was the first betta I had who was very mild tempered, didn't really flare but he built huge bubble nests like Ted. While changing his water my Mom made the mistake of mixing Brita water with arrowhead, learned later it caused him to go into shock. Soon, he came down with ick and later fin rot. Treated him and he got better but had lost a lot of weight. Spent time helping him get his weight back up. Later he developed pop-eye which went down then that, the ick and fin rot came back. Got rid of the ick but the fin rot and popeye didn't go away and he lost sight in that eye. Then one morning... he was gone. I'm really going to miss him.

Myra(July 2013- ) She's a turquiose veiltail like Ted and my first female betta, I assumed she was a halfmoon though. Like Ted she had the emerald green coloring I wanted. Got her two months after I got Theo, from the same fish store. She and her sisters came from a breeder in Thailand and according to one employee they were the most colorful females they ever had. Brought her home she had some trust issues and seemed to miss her sisters. Gradually she came around and seemed to bond with Theo. When he passed she looked around for him. Got Cole and she flared and tried to snap at him when they first met. It's been a month and Cole seems to have helped her recover from losing Theo. She and Cole seem to love each other. She can be skittish but aside from that she's mild tempered.

Cole-(November 2013- ) My newest betta. He's my first dragon and delta but was labeled as a halfmoon. After almost a month of looking after Theo passed away, I went to a store in Summerlin, another part of Vegas. They were unpacking a new shipment of fish. Unlike my other bettas who were two months old when I bought them, he was six months. Cole was one of several bettas from a breeder in Florida one of which included a male black orchid crowntail. He was the only betta with the butterfly markings I had been trying so hard to find. In short I was sold on getting this guy. Brought him home, he didn't know how to react. Myra flared and snapped at him. Within a week he came around and started building a bubble nest. Since then, he and Myra have gotten to be close. As for personality he's sort of like Theo and curious. Hoping he and Myra will be parents by this time next month. Got his name because of the black markings on his face look sort of like charcoal.


From TealHoundogg
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George started it. I fell in love with the little baby, I came home researched and quickly realized what I had just committed myself too.

Theta, came next because if I'm already doing all the work for one baby why not two?

Fred came because I went in for plants and he looked half dead, colorless and was pushed to the back of a home he came.

Sirius Black was pretty and I happened to have an empty tank so why not?

And Ollivander, well he was just too pretty to let sit on the shelf.

Sound reasoning I tell you.
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My first betta (RIP)...impulse buy. "Ooh, pretty black and red fish!"
Splendens (RIP)...replacement. "Ooh, pretty green and red fish!"
Spica (RIP)...impulse. "Ooh, pretty king betta fish!"
Opalo...actually planned on getting a female. "Ooh, pretty iridescent male fish!"
Mr. Gold..."Ooh, pretty gold dragonscale fish! But I can't have him." Two days later I got him anyway.

Current bettas: Opalo, ♂Granite, ♂Alpha-Betta, ♂Eclipse, Lucky, ♂Honor, ♀Virtue, ♀Innocence, ♀Garnet, ♀Chroma, ♀Tethys, ♀Amaryllis, ♀Goldeen
Tanks: 3g betta NPT, 20g NPT community, 10g 3-way divided, 10g NPT sorority, 5g divided betta tank

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Pippin & Sunset- I had been obsessing about bettas for the summer. when the fourth of July came around, it was raining so we couldn't go to the celebration. then my dad took me and my sister to the pet store. we both had planned on getting a baby betta each, but instead i fell in love with Pippin. I had just finished the Lord of The Rings, so that's why he was named pippin. My younger sister got a little baby named Sunset.

Cleopatra the first(SIP)- I wanted to divide my ten gallon tank, so I went to the store a few days after I got Pippin to get a divider. I think we all know what happened next.

Victoria(SIP)- My sister was at a sleep over and I was feeling sad so my parents took me to Petco to get a plant for my fish tank. I didn't get the plant. Instead I got another betta.

Cleopatra the 2nd and Bluejay- I went to the store to buy some hay for my guinea pig. I saw a little female which looked a lot like Cleopatra the first. My mom let me get her, as well as a little female for her to yell at through her tank.

Mark Antoney- I had some money from Christmas, and I went to Petsmart. He was the healthiest betta their, and I originally wasn't going to get him, but I felt so sorry for him that I had too.

Neptune- (At specialty fish store)
Dad-"Pretty fish. How much is he?"
Store person-"Ten dollars"
Dad-"I'll buy him."
Sister-"Mom, they're getting another betta fish!"

Black Beauty- I was looking in Micheals with my mom. I went next store to petco. OI still had some Christmas money left over, and I saw a sweet little blacxk female betta lying in the bottom of the cup. My mom wanted to buy me another present for my birthday, so she brought me her tank. I brought her. she perked up when we put her in her new tank, and is now healthy.

3.5 gallon-Splendens Stelleri, the School Betta 5 gallon- Bluejay 20 gallon long--5 platties and Cleopatra. 2.5 gallon- Rose 55 gallon- 4 gerbils
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i got my jaws from school (creekside) i was starting school an a girl was donating her brothers fish a betta and i started becoming the animal person feeding water clean all the cages and stuff and i loved jaws he was in a 1 gallon bowl with nothing but crushed shells and a turtle statue and later that year some one donated a 2 gallon tank so i gave every thing but the tank yeah air stone air pump gravel food plants and even that super small kind of pellets and i took care of him babied him if you will and when someone dumped all of the food in there i raised h*** and i was the only one who took him home when we could bring home pets like over the weekend and at the end of the year on the last day of school every other animal including my new gecko was all packed up and in the cars i n oticed the fish jaws ms meadows said she would take him home but i could care better for him and he was unexpected my mom said no but i brought him home anyway and my brother was mad he said he was not feeding 2 more animals (gecko and jaws) while on vacation but im on vacation and i come back tomorrow and they are still alive so ha hahaha!
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