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Downsizing (its a book but I need some opinions so please read)

No I'm not getting rid of my fish.

I've decided that all the tanks are too much for me. Right now I have a 10 gallon divided, a 4 gallon, a 3 gallon, a 2.5 gallon, a 6 gallon divided, AND a 2 gallon snail tank (temporary). Thats 6 tanks! Its not the care or upkeep.. its just the sheer amount of space they take up... its making me feel very cluttered and disorganized and I hate it.

So I'm making plans to downsize. Nothing too drastic but I think it will make me much happier.

First of all I'm getting one of these. Its going to have the 5 shelves but the one I'm looking at is only $46.. I guess its not on

I'll be keeping my 10 gallon divided.. its my pride and joy right now and the one tank I've been working and saving for for the last 6 months and I think its gorgeous. I will also be keeping my minibow 2.5 because my roommate loves it and Freddie in it.

I'll be getting at least two more 10 gallon tanks (might be picking one up tomorrow). I'll be dividing them in 3 sections, cycling, and possibly planting them. Into those tanks will go Jasper, Phoebe, Chaos, and Damon. That leaves me with 2 open spaces for fish from the show I'm going to in May.

The 3 ten gallon tanks will go on the shelving unit (hopefully). The rest of the shelves I'll use for storage. The 2.5 will stay where it is.

I will also be setting up a 2 gallon hex in the kitchen for a female fish (hoping to get a pair at the show.. we'll see how it goes). I hope to be cycling that with a small whisper filter or a penn plax SWF.

My eclipse 3 I'm hoping to give to my Mom as a retirement present to house Fish. I hate to part with him but she really likes him and I think would take extra good care of him in his last year or so of life... I may give her Damon instead because thinking about giving up Fish breaks my heart. I wish I could find another Orange Dal male vt to give her. If I give her a fish that means I will have a total of 4 spaces open for show fish (3 spaces in the divided 10s and the 2 gal to house a female).

So to sum it up I would have 3 10 gallon tanks on a shelving unit in my bedroom, 2 of them would have 3 fish each to total 6, the third tank would have 2 fish and my shrimp/ snails. I would have a 2 gallon in the kitchen and a 4 gallon in the living room, bringing the total of fish up to 10 fish. Last but not least I would have my 2.5 on my desk in my room bringing the grand total of fish to 11 (check my math please).

I have 8 fish now but will be giving my Mom one which brings my current total down to 7.. meaning I could get 4 fish at the show.. OR I could order a pair from one of the breeders on my other forum.

Does this sound completely crazy? Adding 3 more fish when I'm already feeling at my limit? I really think if I consolidated my tanks into the 2 ten gallons it would help.. but now that I think about it I would still be adding 1 more tank no matter what way I slice it.. the only difference is I would only have to do 1 water change a week on the 10 gals whereas most of my current tanks require 2 weekly WCs.

I would also have opened up my desk and dresser as table space again which would be wonderful. I know it sounds chaotic but in my mind it makes perfect sense.

What do you think.. any suggestions? I can't decide if I want to keep Demetri's tank up or add him to one of the 10s (his is the 4 gallon).

To put this crazy plan into perspective.. theoretically I could set up two 3 gallons and 2 two gallons on this shelving unit as well.. giving me space for 5 more fish which I am not going to do.

Sorry for the book.. I just needed to get it all out and get some perspective from others.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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I think if your feeling your limit, maybe you stop and reconsider more fish for a little while. I mean, it's great if you can do it, but you don't want to have more then you can handle.

"Whoever said fish were low maintenance obviously never owned fish"
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Yeah, I agree with Doggyhog, if you feel like you're at your limit, I wouldn't get any more. You might end up regretting it. But do what you think you can handle. I hope you get it figured out!
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I don't know. I feel like I can handle more fish.. I'm just sick of having all my space taken up (which the shelving unit will fix). I'm hoping to get the two ten gals and shelf before May 1st when the show is so I can know if I'm at my limit or not. I'd always planned on getting 1 fish at the show at least.

I'm going job hunting tomorrow so if I get a job I can afford to get the shelving unit soon and set up these tanks to try out (before getting new fish).

I'll also be calling my Mom to see if she wants me to bring her tank this weekend and I'll give her a choice between Damon and Demetri... I just can't let fish go.. he means too much to me.

I have a month to think about it before I go to the show. I really feel if I could just consolidate the tanks it would be easier. As it is I feel surrounded by tanks. But like I said.. the upkeep isn't really the issue.. its the electrical outlets and space being taken up.. which consolidating the tanks will fix.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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I have 12 tanks right now but I don't mind the clutter. I'm a very clean person so I make sure that my room is thoroughly picked up and cleaned. I have my tanks scattered around the room. My sister and I have to share a room and she says at night it's like NYC with all the tank lights on.haha

I've always loved having a lot of fish. As many of you know I've had 20 at one time and everything was going great; than one fish had parasites and it wiped me out about 6 fish. I have 13 now (Chanel jumped out of the tank and died, I woke up and Jasper was dead in his tank very bloated so I think he had SBD and Picasso jumped out of his temporary bowl last night down the sink.:( ) I could buy a couple 10Gs and divide it, but I like cleaning the tanks myself even though it's a pain sometimes. Plus, my mom would rather see smaller tanks than big tanks.

When you get hit with a disease and you have a lot of fish, it becomes VERY overwhelming. Now, if you can handle a lot of fish especially when they're sick, go for it. I know personally that I took on more than I could handle. Just something to think about...thought I'd share my experience.

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Stuff like that I could handle. I now have a total of 5 tanks that can be used for hospital tanks. All my fish are thoroughly QT before being put in any tank that is divided to screen for illness.

I'm bringing my mom my eclipse 3 and Chaos this weekend. I'm kind of sad to give him up but she really likes him (she was the one that wanted me to get him in the first place). She's worried about water changes but I'm going to show her how to do them.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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I think your plan sounds feasible. Those shelves are nice. My husband has comic book boxes on them and they're really sturdy. Once you're set up and everything's settled/cycled, if you feel you can add more fish then I'd go for it. Just give yourself a limit and stick to it. Easy to say, I know. :P

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Yeah I'm hoping to set everything up before adding any new fish.. I wish the people would call me back about the 10 gallon tanks. The only people that will reply don't want to meet me somewhere and I don't want to go meet some stranger by myself at their house.

If push comes to shove I might just have to get 10 gals from walmart with no hoods/lights/filters and go from there. I put in an application today so I'm hoping that I can get a job really soon.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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