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I would NEVER tell on you! lol
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jesus i lost track of this thread lol
sorry for not replying guys... :(

for some reason my fish are starting to bore and tire me... id love to just have 1 pet thats actually healthy and easy to keep and doesnt live in water... i flooded my apartment today... i really began to hate water the last month or so...

im also tired of fighting with my mum over how much money i waste on them and how useless they are... caus, believe it or not (its frightening) im starting to agree...
i was planning on moving out too and im hating the idea of having to move my stupid tanks... how easy would it be if i just had a hamster or a bearded dragon... nooooo.... i wanted fish!!!111!!!!1!1!!! im so stupid...

i wish the tanks would disappear and a lil stack of money would appear instead :(

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water changing tut thread
dividing tank tut thread
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Oh wow, these posts remind me so much of myself, it's scary! (but in a sort of un-related way).

See, I've had problems with "hamster obsession" the past couple of years. Started with one, and she was so much fun that I decided to adopt another.........and another.......and another........until I had 5 of my own and 2 fosters. Then it dawned on me how much money was being spent on cages, bedding, etc. etc. And mind you, these are SPOILED hamsters. They each had a galore of tubes with 5 or so cages each (or 3 large tanks connected with smaller pods). I actually kept every receipt from what I spent, and it added up to $800+ dollars! (probably closer to $1,000 by this point.

Which is RIDICULOUS!!!! I spent SO much money on cages and supplies, and got incredibly overwhelmed caring for them all. Now I'm down to one (the fosters were adopted out and my own passed away from old age or congestive heart failure), and have a closet full of cages and supplies. Sometimes, like you said, I'd like to make them disappear and have the money back, but at the same time there are no regrets.

You certainly seem to have enjoyed all of your fish, right? Would you trade all of that experience? I know I wouldn't. I do plan on selling buttloads of things on Ebay, though, and hopefully recouping some cost to put in the bank.

I'm also not in the greatest financial situation at the moment, but found a cool site that I can trade in virtual money (from searching), and trade it in for Amazon giftcards. This is how I've decided to save up for fish supplies, as I REFUSE to throw away my money this time. Yes, it takes EXTREME self-control and discipline, but once you start, it's much easier to enjoy saving and not get stressed.

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I have started feeling that way over all the animals i have right now Neelie. I have 1 very needy dog, a bearded dragon, a turtle my fish tank and 2 gpigs and I worry about the gpigs all the time even though it is BFs job to do them, they are adopted under his name and he always involved with other things then they get pushed to the side. My dog, gpigs and my lizard are going to pass within the next 5 yrs. My turtle might outlive me if she is well taken care of, and with my 55g, I will try to keep that running as long as I can.

It is very time consuming and I don't have the money to keep spending on them even though I love all of them with all my heart.

BF wants more gpigs after these 2 pass, I am saying NOOOO! he doesn't understand how much i am sick of making sure they are cared for properly. Even if i tell him.

After my lizard, dog, and 2 gpigs pass I think I maybe just want either a break from animals for a bit aside from the ones that will be remaining or just like either one dog and one cat or 2 cats.

I totally blabbered on and on, and I feel so bad thinking this when my animals are still alive and well for the most part, but I totally understand how you are feeling Neelie.



1 Doberman Mix: Emmy, 2 DSH Cats: Rowan & Jacob, 1 Bearded Dragon: Rainier (aka Mista Lizad Man), 1 Eastern Box Turtle: Greta, Two 5g tanks: Alchemy (Halfmoon) and Custard (Yellow VT)
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Sometimes animals, as much as we love them can get to be too much to take care of. We don't always feel like changing water or cleaning cages but it has to be done.
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^^^ yeah i know i felt awful that i was thinking that about my lil fish that gave me so much pleasure in the past.
but my whole like revolves around animals... when i was small, and now too.
my mum is a cat freak. now, if anyone knows the mad old woman in the simpsons tv show that throws cats around, thats my mum! the problem is that the animals were always more important to my mum than i was. she denies it of course but i can see it. im not stupid.... she's gone on hols for 11 days, and her favourite cat (a tricolored female which is mean and nasty and she's the only person that thinks she's adorable) is gone to a cat hotel... yes. a cat HOTEL. it isnt cheap but she figured its just about good enough. now, i told her im busy such-and-such a day while she's gone and that i cant mind the other cats(3) and the corgi that day. she freaked!!!! saying im a no-good and ill never achieve anything in life :( and this story repeats itself everytime my mum goes away! (bout 3 times in the past) but at the same time i feel like its my own fault because the corgi was my idea and one of those cats is mine.
being called a loser by your mum isnt nice... and my anger goes towards animals because without them we'd all be better off. (i know my fish dont come into that story and i have no reason to be angry at them of course, but again im tied down by them)
my mum and me are looking to move into a big house this summer, but most properties in ireland for rent dont allow pets.... again, the animals stand between us and everything that would sort our lives and make us happy. and its been like this all my life and i want to end it. :(
and now i got ridden into taking a baby bearded dragon because he's small and bullied by siblings and will die in the shop.... (out of all the pets, a dragon is probably the easiest to manage)

moving my big tanks is going to be a disaster :(
i just cant do it...

strato multi color CT
edward royal blue HM (at foster home)
henriette blue crayfish

water changing tut thread
dividing tank tut thread

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Well I'm certainly in a financial situation myself, and have also been wondering where my bank account would stand had I not taken this detour into fishkeeping. But I do get a lot out of them, and I'm quite a softy for animals, so parting with them for any reason is something I couldn't handle - in fact, I've been considering buying another

Sure, there are things I'd like to be able to do that I feel I'm more incapable of now that I've taken on this endeavor, but I'd rather tough it out and pull through with them and be happy with what I've accomplished than rid myself of them and regret it later on. Nawmean?

I don't know if that's the best way to look at things because it's not going to remedy anything right now, and thinking long term in times like these is nearly impossible, but it's the light at the end of the tunnel for me. It keeps me going.
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I have not gone too crazy yet. I got my tanks, heaters, filters, some decor for free. All I have bought so far are cheap terra cotta pots, $5 silk plants, gravel, water treatment, salt, food, and a cheap cave. The fish I bought were all only $3.49 and one of them was bought for me. I am trying to control it because I know I could easitly go crazy. I am one of those people that tries to find the cheapest way to do things. I do not have a lot of money... I am a broke college student. I am happy that I got my more expensive things for free and I alos check out craigslist and thrift stores. I already want to buy more fish and I have to control myself. It is an addiction for some people.

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AAAAHHH, I completely know what you mean!!! My complex only allows aquatic animals, so I went kind of crazy and got Freedy and the two frogs, and then went even CRAZIER and started trying to rear their tadpoles!!! @_@ There's water ALL over. I'm tired of water changes and spilling it and worrying constantly that someone's sick. I love them, though, and I'd freak out if I had to give anyone up.

So I'm like, okay... next animal after these guys have lived long, happy lives is MOST DEFINITELY going to be terrestrial, and I'm going to have ONE. =_=

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I'd say when it goes from being fun hobby to daily chore, it's time to downsize. The problem is what to do with the fish, right? It's tough. There's a limit to what a person can do in a day or a week. :)

I have a husband, a house, two cats, a dog and four tanks and that's really all I can handle taking care of on a daily/weekly basis. I keep itching to start a sorority but I'm afraid of what may happen. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt and I don't know if I can handle another tank. I know I can't. So I won't. Maybe we need a support group here too!? Lol.

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