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Just a fun betta question!

I wasn't sure if I should put this in the lounge or in here so if I put it in the wrong section sorry!!! Anyways!

I was just wondering what made you fall in love with betta fish?

I think what made me love them so much was their personalities :] And how you can watch them forever and it never gets old....:] Also I love how they almost seem to know when your feeling a little worried or sad and they do their little dances xD They sure know how to wrap their fins around our hearts huh? lol


Clara <3
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I've always loved the water. Bathing, swimming, fishing, boating. So it felt natural for me to keep a pet fish. We used to have goldfish, but they kept dying. I first got a betta because I thought they didn't need much care. *rolls eyes* Then I started expanding to take better care of my guy, and soon I wanted anoher one. And . . . here we are. :P

Addicted for life
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i really dont rember when i was in love with them but oh well

my beta's
female purple vt-grace
blue and white marbled hm-kisame-lighto
white marbled hm-boo
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I love everything about them! (Color, Personality, Etc.)
:D :D :D :D

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It all started with an impulse buy, and the feeling of wanting to have something under my care c:
After that, their bulldog like faces just looked cuter and cuter, and, well....THEY'RE SO CUTE! <3333

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Yay, I'm glad someone made this thread because I've been kinda wondering about this too. It's interesting to read the replies.

I actually didn't care about fish before my mother-in-law started giving us bettas, about a decade ago. I guess when she really likes something, she wants loved ones to have it too. At first we were like, "Darn it ma, we don't want to bother with fish! They're boring." But I got addicted! It's been fun setting up aquariums for the bettas and seeing how happy and active they get when they're finally freed from their 1/4 gallon containers.

I'd be so bummed after each betta passed away and didn't want to look for a replacement, but as soon as my MIL found out we were fishless, she'd go to Chinatown and we'd have a new veiltail. We've had four (including Fishbert) over the last 10 yrs.

My hubby never really got into bettas though. He thinks Fishbert's 5-gallon should be housing like 4 other fish. One morning I found that Fishbert blew a ginormous bubble nest and was greeting us by waving around, and when I pointed out to hubby about what a happy little fish he is, he replied, "Of course he's happy! He's got that whole thing all to himself."

EDIT: I am finally hooked enough to have made my first Aquabid purchase! A gold halfmoon... I think I'm gonna call him Moondance.


I'm excited and nervous! I want his tank to be perfectly cycled when he arrives and am planning on taking hours to acclimate him.

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Well, i had been keeping fish for about 3 years in my 17 gallon tank. (breeding guppies,and caring for platys,mollies, various tetras,catfish,and plecos!) And whenever i went to the fish store i would see the beautiful flowing fins and bright colors of those fish in the cups. And every fish store visit i stared at them more and more. Then i looked up how to care for them and found this site. When i saw how much you all loved and enjoyed your betta i NEEDED one! So i got my first boy a blue vt i named midnight and a nice 2.5 gallon tank for him. He died of a mysterious fungus,i got another. A halfmoon with a horizontally red and white striped body and white fins i named spectrum. Then there is romeo and finally my two handsome little boys Roger and Phantom! So yeah after i got one i needed more and then there is my sorority! (willow,queenie,suki,juliet,and ember!) Man that was one heck of a paragraph, my fingers are getting tired lol!Anyways you get the idea!

(\ (\
( )
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ok so i wanted a fish tank in my room and i have always wanted a betta fish... so for my third degree black belt acheivement i was allowed to get one... he was a pure red betta named Fire R.I.P..... he had the best attitude and he was the cutest!! i then found this site and started right away! i caught the betta fever! but i owe it all to Fire (still havnt had the heart to get another all red betta)

Ohana-HM blue/green/red
Hiro-DBT red cambodian
Picasso-HM Koi yellow/black
Melon-HM turquoise/orange dragon
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Rose-CT Red/purple cambodian
Ember-CT red
Opal-CT light blue cambodian
Mariana-HM dark blue dragon
Dawn-HM silver dragon
Sweet Pea-CT red/blue/cambodian

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In all honesty I wasn't in love with betta when I bought mine.

I saw one in the shop; liked it; did research; went back and bought him (I liked his colours).

Got him home and fell in LOVE! lol.

He looked miserable in the tiny container but his colouration was lovely; when I bought him his water was so cloudy; my mam even said he's minging and he's just sitting there (in the bag to come home), she said he was minging. Once he'd settled in and became Mr. Nosey then my mam (who didn't like him remember) said he was beautiful; my dad agrees. He's jsut so full of personality and he has gorgeous fins :)
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They're very easy to fall in love with.
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