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Alrighty, I'll start with my very first betta and go up to today's.

Darwin (RIP)- He seemed pretty smart for a fish, and... just seemed like it suited him.
Clarise (RIP)- Was suggested by my brother. I thought it fit.
Polkee (RIP)- He was kind of the same color as Gumby's (sp?) horse, and he was goofy. I changed the spelling a bit.
Augie (RIP)- Just seemed like an Augie. He was so tiny and happy and he was like a puppy. There was a dog in the Guiness World Records called Augie and I had just finished reading it, and I liked the name
Nereus- He reminded me of the ocean- dark and light blue and some sea green. Means "Father of the Sea."
Veles (RIP)- He was kind of mysterious and liked to worry me by hiding in the back of the tank or behind plants where I couldn't see him. O_O Means "God of Trickery."
Peanut (RIP)- Dramaqueen suggested his name. He was so teeny
Hattie- A name that popped into my head. She was quirky yet energetic and somehow soft in her demeanor, and the name seemed to suit her.
Norm- My friends and I were watching Fairly Odd Parents (which is a very odd show!) to pass the time 'cause we had nothing to do, and a genie called Norm happened to be in the episode we were watching. I thought the name suited him.
Spiridion- He was pretty much completely pale when I got him, like a ghost, kind of. Spiridion means spirit in Russian.
Tallulah-Faye- It was a tie between Tallulah and Faye, so I put the two names together. Her demeanor is gentle and shy, kind of fairy-like. The names suited her.
Marmaduke- He is a big boy!! Easily twice or three times the size of Spiridion, who has grown a ton. Got his name from Marmaduke the great dane.
Murdoc- You kind of have to be a fan of the Gorillaz to get this name... He's bad-tempered and aggressive, like Murdoc in the band.
Stu- Again with the Gorillaz fan thing. He's kind of shy and he seems a little dumb... XD No offense to him or anything. Stu is the true name of the singer in the band.

In the hobby for 9 years.
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Male = Paddy (rumoured to live in Paddy fields - hehe)
4 girls = Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny LOL
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Thrillz ~ After that soap flavoured gum, which I used to eat as a kid. Also after Michael Jackson's "Thriller".
Sinatra ~ I was playing some big band music in my bedroom and decided that it would suit him!
Marley ~ Bob Marley was being played in the LFS when I was getting him, so he had a name the moment i picked him out :)
Freddie ~ After Fred Austere, of course. :D
Jelly Roll ~ Was eating a jelly donut, then I fell in a river. Also after Jelly Roll Morton, famous jazz guy.

Hm .... I think I'm going to rename Persephone to Ginger, it definitely works better for her. Fred and Ginger! I love it!
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This is all my Bettas. My first ones are at the top. More recent ones on the bottom. :)

Male (RIP)Dogfish: My first Betta ever. I thought he looked like a dog.
Male (RIP)Speedy: When I first saw him, he darted around at a high speed.
Female (RIP)
Speedilina: I named her this because I wanted to breed Speedy with her.
Male (RIP)Chib: I don't know where this name came from...
Female (RIP)Cyba: Same as above. She ended up killing Speedilina. Why was I so stupid?
Male (RIP)Jack: I was trying to name him when my step-brother randomly said Jack Daniels.
Male (RIP)Daniel: Read the above statement.
Male (RIP)Saphire: He was a beautiful metallic blue crown tail.
Male (RIP)Tangerine: He was orange...
Male (RIP)Tiny: The smallest male betta I've ever had.
Female Redhead: Her head is.. errr... r.r....RED!
Female Winx: I dunno...
Male Alpha: Actually, he is a coward, but he looks heroic!
Male Viper: He looks poisonous.
Bubbles: She is always blowing bubbles and popping them.
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Zues: He is a crowntail, his body is white, and his fins are purple inward, and as they move out they turn red. You can see him in my picture. He just seemed fierce and strong, like a god. He always chases my finger outside of the glass :D

Cronos: I couldn't come up with a name for him. When I first got him I named him Hakoda, but didn't like it. He is red with green on his body, and green tips on his fins. In greek mythology, Cronos is Zues's sons name, so my boyfriend suggested it lol.

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I accidentaly posted this, but idk how to delete it T.T
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Alright, here goes! (Not in order.)

Maisie- the name just suited her.
Buggsie- just suited him. XD
Spiridion- means "spirit", and when I got him he was complelety pale, like a ghost.
Hattie- just suited her.
Felix- just suited him...
Tallulah-Faye- idk. XD
Murdoc- named after the bad-tempered bassist in the Gorillaz. :P
Damon- Another Gorillaz themed name- the vocalist.
Stu- The "cartoon" vocalist of the band. XD
Marmaduke- he's HUGE! (Like the great dane.)
Nereus- just suited him.
Norm- just suited him.

In the hobby for 9 years.
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Most of the names just clicked for me, apart from Van Gogh, Gloria, and M.A.C. My sister named M.A.C., and I asked the forumers for help naming Van Gogh and Gloria. Plus, I still haven't found a name I like for my white betta.

Puck (Yellow koi HM king) / Scar (White HM) / Salt 'n Pepper (Silver HMPK) / 'That fish' (Copper butterfly HM) / No name (White DT) / No name 2 (Turquoise/white marble HM) / No name 3 (Lilac HM)

Bo Peep (Cambodian VT) / Goldilocks (Yellow VT) / Joie de Vivre (Multicolour VT) / Lil' Peep (Blue VT) / No name (Dalmatian VT) / No name 2
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Oh, wait.. I already posted. Sorry! I didn't realize that. Well, I added some new ones, I guess.

In the hobby for 9 years.
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I named my fish for a silly reason. When I first saw him in the store and noticed his colors I jokingly said "aw look who is a darling little Communist" [He's red with white/yellow tips]

Well I kept returning to him over and over and I ended up loving him the most. Unfortunately the joke stuck and he ended up being named Commie ^^;;

Xochipilli - Butterfly HM Male
Ginko - White/Black Marble Delta Female :D
Agathon - White/Blue Marble SD Male

- Rice Paddy In The Sky -
Commie - Red VT Male
Blackout - Black Rosetail Male
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