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Oh my gawd, my petstore reached a NEW low...

Ok...so I visited the more popular petstore, the one I didn't get berry and bruteroot at...and my...goodness....I couldn't belive it...I was in TOTAL shock at what they did...First to begin with I had a problem with them anyway, they keep their bettas in little box "tanks" next to each other, AND they get stuck to the side by a high current filter and they can't move, and when they can they can just ripp the fins off of other bettas because there are slits on the side of the tanks where fins can easly fit through, and because of the current they can't move as their fins are ripped up, now on to the shocking part...

Ok...get this...so they ran out of place for four bettas (or more but I only saw four) basicly...

Since they where too lazy just to use one of their own betta made tanks...they put the three bettas in tanks with fish that didn't work AT ALL.

one betta was placed in a tank with a bunch of fancy guppys...yeah fancy guppys...it was so scared it hid everywhere and tryed to avoid them all.

Another one was placed in a tank with some other fresh water fish...these fish didn't seem to bother it but the curret of the filter was so bad it was struggleing against it all the time, he was trying to go up to me like he was begging to be placed somewhere else, better then that. His fins where ripped as well...

two bettas...(in seperated tanks don't worry but it's still bad) now these are the most worst off...they where in a tank with a BUNCH of goldfish...yes GOLDfish...I couldn't belive it...I noticed something about the two...

One was blue (I could barely see since they didn't have any light what so ever, and because his tail was so eatten and ripped along with his other fins, he just seemed like a floating betta body, barely living) And ALL his fins where eatten or ripped by the goldfish or by something else...he was in the darkness I hardly even noticed him but when I did I was in complete shock at how stupid these people where...

The other was in another tank with again GOLDFISH, comet ones too, so there was no way for the betta to escape. This one was orange...but a pale orange...he was just laying at the bottom of the tank, I litterally though he was dead, but then he started spazing in a attempt to reach for air then floated back down looking dead...litterally dead, on his back and his gills wheren't moveing, his tail was ripped so much I though it was female actually I'm not sure if it wasn't female...

Not only bettas, but some of the goldfish had ripped up fins as well...so badly they could hardly swim.

It wasn't bad in the past...they kept them in little bowls...at least that is better then that!

<3 My betta fish.
Bruteroot ><)))'> And Fruitroot ><)))'> (RIP) Berry >><))))'>
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Ouch, that sounds horrible, did you complain to anyone working at the store about that?
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Originally Posted by JKfish View Post
Ouch, that sounds horrible, did you complain to anyone working at the store about that?
I tryed but the work said it was fine, they where "just fish" .-. And no one else was there but that one worker so I didn't know where to complain too...the fish are most likely dead now anyway from when I saw them...which is very sad....;-;

<3 My betta fish.
Bruteroot ><)))'> And Fruitroot ><)))'> (RIP) Berry >><))))'>
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What a shame.
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Poor bettas. That sounds awful. I hate it when pet stores do that! I also hate when people say "they are just fish"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That storetender should be fired! Those fish are the ones that are being sold to make their money! Without those lil fish the storetender wouldn't get paid!


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That is just.. so horrible! It made me literally want to cry, I love all animals, and have found a new love for Betta's. I don't understand why stores in general, that sell fish (and even some other pets) can treat them like that! Are they really so lazy to not do their job? The nerve. *Sigh*
I thought my little fella had been bad off, but that seems so so much worse.
What I would do is try to find out WHO owns the petstore, and call the manager/owner. If it's a big corp, then call/e-mail them. It's a small chance they'll reply, or even care, but you never know.
I complained about the way the fish had been cared for at our local store, nothing was done about it though even though I complained to one of the top managers. :( I still feel really bad when I pass by the bettas in their little cups, some with really bad water, and some that are so thin that they died from starvation. It's just horrible. Fish are living things, they should be cared for as such. I don't think the worker would of liked the same treatment.

Sorry I kinda rambled and ranted. :P Oops. <3

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Pet Lover's often puts veiltails in with the Gups, and they're fine. o.0 then again, they're taken such good care of, and are so active, they're bought right away. i've rarely seen a betta stay there for more than a week. i think Theo was the last betta who didn't sell right away. then again, when 'normal' people want a betta, they want something 'pretty' with long, flowing fins. and, Theo's a pure white HMPK.
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year old thread

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Good grief!
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