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The set up:
-Five gallon tank
-Small filter I keep seeing 2-20 gallon filters, or up to 3 gallons..Having trouble finding one for five gal..suggestions?
--There is a good 5 gallon tank from walmart that comes with a filter, highly recommed it. Much cheaper than Petco, etc.

-Small heater Found..hydor 7.5 watt heater? Is this good?
--I'd recommend a 25 watt for the 5 gallon. That heater only keeps the temp 8 degrees above room temp so still has fluctuations.

The food:
-Betta Pellets Aqueon? Is that good?
--Yes, good, great? No. New Life Spectrum is the best you can get at petco.

-Fish flake food Ok, just to be clear, I'm looking for 'tropical' fish flakes right? And what are 'color enhancing' flakes?
-nope, don't need these, just feed the pellets.

-Brine shrimp/Blood worms
--Frozen are best, and fed sparingly. Probably once a week. these are "treats".

The extra helpers:
-fish scooper
-Prime water conditioner
-container to prepare water for water changes
--Test them with pantyhose. Run it over the decoration and if it catches, it will rips your betta's fins as well.
--i'd skip the meds, and just start with aquarium salt. This, along with upping the temps, can help most common problems.
-liquid test kit

I'd also recommend a siphon to siphon out the water for water changes.
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Hello and welcome, purplemuffin. :) I love your username.

FYI, this is the 5gal kit others have mentioned from Wal-Mart and it's about $30. I have two of them, myself. :P


Addicted for life
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WELCOME to the forum! There are tonnes of members here to help you along the way. I hope the forum helps you with everything you expected it to and more!

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Yup! That looks pretty good but remember, i wouldn't recomend melafix for your betta!
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You can also order food offline. I have not been able to find Attison's Betta pellets in stores, but you can find Omega One Betta Buffet pellets at Petsmart.
And Hikari frozen blood worms are supposedly parasite free. I have also seen flightless fruit flies, and mosquito larvae used as treats.
Petco has a larger selection of fish, but you don't know their history. If you are willing to spend the money you could buy from a breeder and be able to know most of their history if they breed that particular fish. However, You're looking at 10-30$ per fish plush 35-45$ in shipping. I bought all mine from Petco though.

Also by fish scooper a lot of people keep the bowls they bought their fish in and use that to scoop them up with. Usually the flow of the water sucks them in. It can cause less damage to their fins. If you buy a net though, get one that is meant for brine shrimp or soft delicate fins. Some of the typical green mesh ones can cause damage to fins.
I use a glass jar as I can sterilize with boiling hot water if needed. It's also the perfect size to scoop my fish up with. I've got a small net with a soft blue material if needed to scoop out my bettas when they get smart and avoid said jar. :)

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Forgive my noobishness! And thanks so much for the advice and corrections!

Aquarium salt, got it! I like the idea of using the glass jar too, we have a ton of extras right now! We bought a huge amount to make pear butter from our pear tree..Bought too many, I'm sure I can swipe one!

I think I will start out buying a petco fish, but for future purchases I'd be interested in ordering online or from a breeder.. But I DO want to make sure I get a healthy fish, so I'm researching as much as I can for picking one that is healthy and happy!

That tank is a SWEET deal!
25 watt tank heater..like http://www.amazon.com/Hagen-Aquarium.../dp/B0002AQF84 ?

I am SO okay with buying feeders online! I already do that anyway, so I'll add it to my list of purchases! Will help with the shipping costs too if I can make the most of the box they send!

Ok so NO MELAFIX! Got it!

haha, so many of the rules are backwards from what I'm used to with my reptiles! I understand why you would want frozen though, parasites are very bad thing! But it will be nice not to have to gut-load anything new though! :)

The pantyhose trick sounds like a BRILLIANT idea, thanks for that advice!
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Don't worry about asking...we love giving answers!

My Fish:
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If you want to order online and would like to get the fish from the US (much quicker shipping) I'd recommend this site. I've heard great things, and several people on here have bought from her. Plus, she has a "budget betta" section with great bettas, but at discounted price, usually due to them not being breeder-worthy (but definitely pet worthy!).
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Kuklachica, thanks for the site! That is very interesting, I also love the budget bettas, I'd enjoy rehoming some of those beautiful fishies with little kinks someday!

I have a lot of shopping items bookmarked now! So sad it will be a while until I get one!

I'm flying to college, which means I'll be flying back home for christmas! I won't buy a betta until I can find someone to care for him during the school break, or discover if there is any way to take him home safely!
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