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Originally Posted by FuulieQ View Post
Freed would be an angry, reclusive hobo. :P
Ahaha! That made me giggle. I think Captain Swazi would be the same but thought he was a pirate.

My boyfriend and I kind of discussed what they would be. We decided Apollo would be a snobby model with angry eyebrows. XD
I'm not really sure about everyone else. Dutch would be, well Royalty of some sort.
Durban I think would be a redneck hunter.
Urkle I have no idea. Maybe an old man yelling at you to get off his lawn. :P

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Pale Red - He'd be the laid back doesn't give a dang guy. He misses a lot of movie dates because he slept in. Sometimes he talks to himself. Not very into sports, he'd rather read a book.

Blue - He's kinda like me. Ladies man, preppy jock. He's always full of energy, doesn't have any girl problems. He's a "hot" guy, who dates the cheerleaders and has other people do his homework.

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I have 7 bettas. All of them would be overweight if they would be people. They always want to eat. 5 of them will spend 12 hr in the jym. My 5 bettas very active. I have them in 2.5 gall. And I put thermometer on the wall of the tank. And 3 of my betta keep circling around it over and over. It is hilarious.

one tank I have on the table where my husband and my son eating, and my husband laughing because one of the betta always looking at him so I call him NOSEY.I guess he would be very nosey person.

My another betta really dancing when he wants to eat.he jumps, moving from side to side,all his beautiful fins dancing.he is so cute. I guess this one will be a professional dancer.

betta is really fun fish.i wish every one in the world love betta fish.

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Well... Here goes nothing!

Winston: I could see him being a lone wolf of sorts. Non-conformist values, and does what he wants, when he pleases. When he is "of age", he will probably change his name. XD

Nina: A very strong woman. Aggressive when it comes to what she believes in, may even end up an activist. Though at the same time, she is very social, has many friends, and thrives on attention.

Rikku: As a young child his (inexperienced with male PK bettas) momma gave him an affeminate name, which has lead to untold psychological problems. He has learned to hide them well. ;)

Cameron: After a rough childhood he was adopted into a loving home. Through his adolescent years he has gone through an "emo" phase. Black hair, and red streaks. Odd urges to bite a non-existent tail have made him a little crazy.

Damian: The social butterfly of the house. always creating new friendships and relationships. Loves being the center of attention, and because of that has developed the passion for playing music on stage. Guitarist. Just like mom. ;)

Jayde: A very bright, colorful person. She always wears flamboyant colors and I'm sure she and Damian would have gotten along. She is outdoorsy, loves being out in nature. Curious, and always learning new things.

I tried. XD

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Very nice, Metalbetta!
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Alright, here are mine!

Alpha: A muscular hero-type guy. He has black-bluish hair and always wears a red T-shirt with blue jeans. Around five feet in height. He is also a coward, his brightest idea when saving people from others always is. "AHHHH! RUN!"

Winx: A quiet shy girl, who aces all of her classes, she will love to frollick in the snow and always wears light colored clothing. She has dyed her hair an iridescent blue to match her gleaming eyes and stunning clothing. She is a good friend with Alpha and always likes to help him, whether it be homework, or heroic endeavors, Winx will be there. She is a tall girl, almost 6 feet in height.

Bubbles: A feisty hot-headed girl with short red hair. Whenever she gets home mad, she puts on her leather jacket, helmet, and her special ring, and rides her motorcycle. She is also quite short, but she makes up for that with her temper. Though her temper is bad, it will get too bad sometimes, and she will end up in a puddle of tears, but Viper is there for her...

Viper: A calm older one. Though he dislikes Bubbles being a biker-chick, he will provide philosophical and tender care to anyone. He is a real sortie and he fancies Bubbles. They are falling in love, despite the age difference between the two. He is really tall, more than 6 feet, he has black hair and seems to like blue clothing. He works out a lot, but everyone knows that he is calm and peaceful and will enjoy a good debate.

Redhead: She is a very jumpy girl, and gets excited WAY too often. She is 5 feet, 6 inches, with dark reddish-maroon hair down to her shoulders. She has very pale skin and often is called "Blush" my many of her friends. When she gets mad, embarrassed, or shy, she will blush red. She likes to meet every species of fish and loves to study their culture.

Bloom: He is always energetic, jumping up and down, running, and making up songs in the shower. He enjoys wearing tye-dye, and loves playing with his long red hair, although sometimes he loses some it from turning it into a mustache and accidentally biting some hair off. (ARHG Yes he is a Taibiter)
He has no favorite color saying that he loves them all. He is also very eco-friendly, and keeps several plants at home.

I am a male sapient being.
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Russell- He would be a middle sized carpenter. Always trying to build places for the babies that never come. With short military-like black hair, he is always looking for a gil to love him. No girl ever returns his call. It's very tragic.

RIP Russell
RIP Quicksilver
RIP Dominic

RIP 4 cories, 23 Ghost Shrimp, and a snail
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Riley would have dark black hair. shy, calm, and laid back
Logan would have bright red hair. friendly and outgoing, but gets angry easily
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BETTA Personality

Neji- he seems to be one of those pretty guy with very long lustrous hair...who kno's he is very attractive and can get any girl he wants... nationality wise i feel that he is from spain
Peppermint pattie-seems be very smart and and an adventurer....a business kind of guy...who works on wallstreet
Heaven-a little girl who is blossoming into her teens....
Skittles-seems to be an older....moody...kind of guy...very laid black....a homebody
Ryu(ryukin)-I think of him as a little chubby boy cuz he eats like crazy....lol little greedy one
Old daddy "O"-seems to be a "PLAYER"...lol because he is always trying to show off his colors and fins on how he is so good looking....
Lavendar- i really dont kno his character cause i got him the other day...but for what i know his color pattern is so beautiful


HEAVEN--she past away the other day...she wasnt sick...it was a bad accident...i was depressed:( but she reminded me of a beautiful brazilian women who looked exotic in that sense....who also had this radiant personality that everyone loved and adored...


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Aladdin : Loving family man who would do anything for anyone. Calm and gentle.

Violet : Sweet looking but nasty at heart. Wows the boys with her dazzling looks.

Flame : Nasty and aggressive ! Lives alone in a small dark apartment . Jobless and lives off parents money.

Alejandro: Ladys man. Popluar , funny on the team football team. He is always center of attention but sometimes he wishes he was "normal"

Bubba: Small curios boy who likes to know everything. Loves writing things!

Thor : calm , sentitive guy who works as dentist in miami. Has a wife , 2 kids and dog the perfect life.

Pablo: Rich snobby 20 year old who loves to party and get drunk. Wears designer clothes. Lives of parents money . Just wants to go out and spend money all day long. Has no goal in life.

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