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Talking Mixed update! Pics too.

Ok, it's been a few weeks and I am posting an update for all my tanks.

I have bought a 40g breeder tank. I didn't want to, but there they were, in all their new tank smell glory, lol. I could not pass it up! The tank is empty, tomorrow, I will test fill it. I am looking for advice on what to stock it with. Looking for filters and a heater for my new 40 breeder...anyone?

Next, I have gotten several Platy to add some new blood to the tank. Let's see, a Swordtail male, another male Platy and about 4-6 new females. I will post pics tomorrow and then what they are called, since I don't remember until I see them, lol!

I have a 35g pond out on my deck for the summer. I added 6 Minnows, one died, rest, I guess, Were still alive. Then, I bought 16 more, 2 died, rest again, should be alive. It is jam packed with floating plants and rain water fills it, though I do w/c once a week to get out the muck on the bottom. I have tried my darnedest to see the fish, but I was only able to see two fat ones swimming. They have not jumped out, they would be dry on the deck if they did and no pest animals to scoop em out.

The 20L has 6 Oto cats now, my little Lemon is doing well just like the plants! I've added the Nutrafin Hagen CO2 Natural Plant System, it was on sale for $10!

I got 20 Amazon swords from Tropics007, most are in my 55g, two in my divided 10g, 2-3 in the 20L & 3 in the 90g. Amazing deal on them too!

I am selling my 23 Serpae Tetra, if interested, PM me! I have bought 30 new little Jumbo Neon Tetra, they are so pretty and nice! I have also bought 8 Green Cory, so hard to see them, since I have white/tan sand in all my tanks.

My 5g cube is ok, it's a kitchen tank, floating plants and a bit of Java moss, I hope it grows...lol! Looking for a heater and filter for it...but in my price range? Prolly never happen, heh.

The 2nd 10g is just sitting around, floating plants under a window with sand and some wood. A few snails too.

Yep, new things going on here! But now for the slightly more depressing. Lost a pink Dojo loach, a Weather loach, 2 female Betta, 3 male Betta total. I tried real hard not to get any new Betta, that failed. I got 2 new males, a Crowntail and a Double tail, not very pretty, but I just "had" to have them for the 90g. Newest DT is a little stressed, but should pull through.

Anyway, pictures tomorrow!!!

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10g divided. Sky & Cloud.

20 gallon long. 6 Oto Cats and Lemon a Super Delta Betta.

55 gallon. Dojo Loach w/brown spots, female Betta Plum, male Betta Kenji and several Platy. Almost one of each that you can get at the LFS.

Here is a bad pic, most are new fish, some aren't. But all doing well. I got Minnows and found a female Mosquito fish, added her to the 55.

Here's a sneak peek at the new 40 breeder! I am setting up it's stand in the garage, then will water test it. It might just be a temp tank for my Minnows to winter over in.

90g tank. The Serpae are sectioned off since I am trying to sell them.

Here are the 23 Serpae Tetra in their temp home where they cannot injure any more of my other fish.

Angels are strange fish. ^.^

Here is one of 8 new Green Cory Cats.

And here is the school of 30 Jumbo Neon Tetra with two Angels wondering wth, lol.

This is a male Crowntail from Petsmart, he is wondering how this tank can be called "new" by me when it was made back in 2004.

He is very cute and needs a name. Also, is he a marble?

This guy is a Double Tail from Petco. As you can see, if you know my other Betta, I have down graded my pickyness and standards. He needs a name as well.

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Beautiful tanks and fish!!!!! I love your new DBT!!

55 gallon planted tank, starting over!!!( looking crappy, needs a major rescape)
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The Double tail I will name Cotten Cande. The Crown tail will be called Blure.

Here are a few new pics and two new Betta.

This is my new male that I almost didn't notice and left behind. He is in the 20gal and doing great! I think I will call him Rena, AKA Renascence.

This is my new femi in the 55g. She needs a name, very cute half black girl.

This is Cloud, Sky's brother and tank mate. He is doing very well.

And lastly, this is the new Dojo, it has a brown head just like my original has. Both have grown to be very great friends.

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