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Red face I gotta stay off this site for the sake of my wallet

The more things I read the more I wanna go buy for my little buddies and the more I wanna adopt another betta. I'm looking at my small critter container that I'll use for a hospital tank in the future and just thought to myself well maybe I could buy a medium one and save 1 more fish.... smh I just spent a good amount of money on saving Cream, Neptune broke the bank last month!
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LOL xD Its certianly and addicting...and expensive....hobby, that's for sure ;) Kiritter keepers are definitely the cheapest way to go though xD And they're really easy to clean ;)
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Yea the real killer is the tank accessories! Getting the fish and a place for it to stay isn't very expensive compared to buying 3 plants a cave and a rock! If I break the bank this October on another betta I'm blaming everyone on this site :P
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wls there already :) ob n ollag 3-2b 3 thguob i -LLIWDOOG ?og ot yaw paehc rehtona GMO- my co

omg- my computer put everything i typed backwards !!! XD try reading it =P
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ROFL xDD Haha, I blame these guys too. Its ALL their fault ;D

The REAL money drainer for me is the heaters...the plants aren't that expensive, and for caves I used little clay pots from the craft store...but my gosh the heaters...xD I have a limited selection with no Petsmart, Petco, or Walmart nearby....and heaters are NOT cheap for me ;P LOL I'm jsut lucky I can get away with Hydor minis because my room is warm and has a steady temp....
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lol my laptops get hot enough i think i'll just start using them as heaters lol
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Haha I know I started this site with only Alexander. Now I have Alexander,Riley and Apollo and maybe getting one more :) Agh I started off with plastic plants then Riley's fins got torn and I went to petsmart (Since no where else sells silk plants around here) and spent around 60 dollars on silk plants for all my betta tanks! They sure are expensive and I addictive but so Lovable :P

Clara <3
R.I.P I will never forget you Alexander. You brightened my life
♥Alexander ♥- Maroon VT 11/14/10
I miss you every single day. You were more than just a pet to me. I love you forever and always. I hope you always know that I would have done anything to save you.
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Lets see:
- plain 10 gal tank:$13
- Gravel: $12
- plants: ($6x3=18) +$3+$4= $25
- driftwood: $10
- Dino skull cave thingy: $8
- filter: $20
- sponge (for baffle): $2
- 1 betta: $13
- 3 cories: $11
- Food: $3
- bloodworms: $3
- plant fertilizer: $6
- gravel vac: $8
- water conditioner: $5
- Light bulb (for plants): $6
- thermometer: $3

TOTAL $148

This is the first time I have done a complete calculation. They are rough estimates but I am mindblown! 0_o Look at what you guys made me do. I went to petco, saw some bettas and said, "oh here is a cheap easy pet". I come here you prove me wrong and make me spend $150. I (in all serousness) need to make a commitment not to buy anymore fish stuff Unfortunately I still want ti buy some water wisteria and a light timer. *sigh*

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I got Nadador for my boyfriend as a present because I thought it would be cheap and easy for him to maintain.

First, I never ended up giving him to my b/f haha. And two, I thought I would be spending about $30 came out to........

Tank: $18
Gravel: 5-8
Plastic plants (which I gave away): 17
Pellets: 1.30
Other pellets: 3.00
Flakes: 1.30
Shrimp: 2.00
Bloodworms: 4.30
Parasite medication food: 5.00
Silk plants: 9.00
Heater: 36.00
Thermometer: 2.00
Conditioner: 2.00
New conditioner: 4.00
Net: 1.20
Strainer: 4.50
Ammonia reducer(which I thought I needed, gave that away too): 4.50
Water tester: 7.50
Ammonia tester: 9.99
Containers for holding him during changes and for food: 2.00
Measuring Spoons: 3.00
Inhumane tank I got unknowingly: 4.50
Aquarium Salt: 1.40
Nadador him self: 6.50

Total: 161. Holy. Crap.
Well, there goes a text book for next semester...... :/
(he's totally worth it) :]




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Yeah the heaters are definately the big ticket item along with the enclosure itself (if you get a kit) then another big ticket item can be the filter if you didn't get a kit. =/ Plants definitely are expensive! >.<

I know I spent at least 200 total on Genie and his future living space! Then again I did have to start over twice (with the gravel, decor, and plants) due to mold and bleach issues. =/

I know how you feel about the temptation! XD I have a feeling that as soon as my 2 gallon temporary home is empty I'll want another buddy! XD Good thing I can't get to any of the many pet stores here! XD One of the many good things about not having a car! =]

I'm a girl! =]
Noface/Alakazam </3
Firefly </3
Genie </3
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