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I've seen several vids of "two male bettas living peacefully" ... where both males stay on separate sides of the tank and look more stressed than I've ever seen. Siamese FIGHTING fish has a meaning.

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I saw a youtube video of a kid who thought he was the coolest guy ever because he had 2 males and a female living peacefully in a cup. But they all looked half dead to me. Oh but the owner was so proud!
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what is that saying "take care of the little things and the larger ones will follow" as someone that has owned all sorts from horses to hamsters, cats to chickens dogs and snakes and birds i really dont see one as more special than the others. i know of a woman who does raiki on my abused lab X and she does raiki on her clown knife fish. fish are friends hehe couldn resists, if you buy em you take responsibility for em and that really applies to any animal you buy these days.
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I would like to call to the parent of the kids who does it.I don't think any parent would like the child to do this even if kids are old. And what example it give to other children who watching that. And also if that person does it to fish he probably have no problem to do it to the cat or dog. Even if it fish it still cruel. Also I think if store management have fish in the their store don't u think they are responsible to take care of them. They responsible for everything else even not alive. I would not want my son able to do that it sick. I wish the low would punish them.
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I hate stuff like this! >=[ Why are people so stupid?

I'm a girl! =]
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I HATE things and people like this. It's makes me want to yell at them until they understand that fish need to be treated like all other animals. How would you feel if someone put in house barely big enought to fit your bed?? and threw posion on you that burned your skin. Only feeding you twice a week and not enough at that. How would that make YOU fell??

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I agree on posting accurate youtube videos out there! Most important thing to remember: include "WHY" everything is important! People won't listen if you just say "you need a bigger tank!", if we can create videos that explain why they are needed, and how it helps the owner as well(less water changes, happier fish/prettier colors, etc.) then people will come around and these videos will be very recommended :)

Comparisons work good as well. Pictures of a fish who has spent time in a small bowl, maybe the same fish in a larger tank(You know, those of us who didn't do our research first/saved a fish from a not-so-good owner), and maybe even videos showing activity differences between a small cold bowl and a heated tank :O they are so pretty when they swim around!

most people I know say bettas are 'depressing' cause they don't move... Lets show them that they can and WILL happily swim if treated right!

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Originally Posted by FuulieQ View Post
I have to politely disagree. Last I heard, they were discovering that "lower" animals are more and more sensitive and emotive than we ever knew. Who decides what animal is more important? If you have a pet fish, you have agreed to take care of that animal and respect it, and it is worth your time to do so. If the people in those videos think fish are unimportant and can be thrown away like tissues, then they shouldn't have fish.
well said! it wouldnt kill PETA to do a little bit for fish.

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Originally Posted by celine18 View Post
well said! it wouldnt kill PETA to do a little bit for fish.
It's not PETA or the HSUS that we need to rely on. Giant organizations almost guarantee more harm than good. If they were in charge, they'd cull every betta in every petstore, just look at how many of the healthy dogs and cats they kill at their facilities anyway! It's disgusting! They probably think it's better a fish gets flushed then stay in a tank anyway.

The people who need to lead the way are people like us. Pet owners, animal lovers. Not animal rights activists, we want to ensure animal WELFARE, not rights. There is a difference. Animal rights means 'liberation of all animals', making pets a thing of the past. Releasing or killing pets that cannot survive in the wild. Animal welfare means keeping those animals alive and as happy as they can possibly be!

We are the people who are and will encourage and teach people! The change is happening, slowly, but it is. It already happened with goldfish, turtles, and birds(you'd be surprised how SMALL the cages that were recommended you keep parrots in years ago!).

Now we are teaching people about bettas, hermit crabs, and iguanas.. Step by step we're getting there!

Honestly it's forums like this that are helping! People have easy internet access in most places, and with the wonders of google(instead of the search and purchase of a book that might be outdated) and the fact that people are already used to 'googling' things they don't know...People are figuring it out! The fact that people come here, even if they come here with tiny bowls means they want to learn and help! They help their friends and etc. etc. word gets around!

I have hope! It sucks now, but it will get better! We just have to keep doing what we're doing I think! :D Already some pet stores are changing their methods! The big chains aren't as much(like I said..big companies and organizations..) but the stores frequented by serious hobbyists are, and the word is spreading.

But I dunno. I am naive about many things, and I have a very positive look on life for someone my age. Things will never change totally--that's like dreaming of a world without war and disease. There is disease of the mind and soul, and there will always be someone out their flushing a fish, the same as there is someone out their abusing their animals, the same as there are still puppy mills.. But as the 'average' population learns, things like this can be avoided. Everyone knows what a happy puppy looks like! That's how puppy mills are STOPPED! EDUCATED people see the suffering, and they fix it. People don't know what a healthy fish looks like--I've seen people think dropsy is just a cool type of scale that sticks out neat! But when people do know what a happy fish looks like..bad breeders and the like will begin to be stopped as well!

It will happen! :] If we make it happen!

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I've said it once, I'll say it again; HSUS is the REAL enemy you need to look out for. They parade behind their commercials and requests for money pretending they're actually making a difference, when in reality all of their money goes to their pockets. If you want to donate, do it locally. Ignore the t-shirt or cup or whatever they're offering, and send the money where it counts. At least PETA out and out admits their insanity (well, maybe not, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize it).

Back on topic, it really does suck when you see these things. I've recently decided to stop talking about my fish in public because no matter what, some people just do not believe you. They think you're crazy because you have fish. I was telling my friend how I play with my bettas and it seems to make them happier, and a girl goes "You know it's a fish, right?" (The look on her face when she said this makes me smile. I've never seen a woman act more like a horse :3) I just looked at her and said, "If you've never had a fish, you can't understand." When she said she had fish, I just wanted to add, "Healthy fish". Being the shy person I am, I didn't, but the truth is just there. People won't believe what they don't want to. They don't want to admit that the fish they just killed had more personality than they do. Don't want to realize they were torturing a small animal to death. To them, ignorance is bliss.

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