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Question Question to people who have purchased from Aquabid

Specifically if you have bought one from Thailand!

I'm looking into just buying my first betta from aquabid, and because I plan to only have ONE for now, I'm sort of being very picky with the one I want! Which means I've been very interested in some of the bettas from thailand..

I am curious how long the wait generally is? It's not that much of a problem, I just want to know what to expect? I have one in mind that I really, really, REALLY want, and though I can't take it with me to college right now.. I do have someone who can betta-sit for me until November 14th when I get out of school.. I know how the shipping works, but I am curious to hear from you how long it takes! It honestly doesn't matter if it takes a few weeks before the fish even gets shipped to America, heck that just means that I will get to care for him sooner and he will spend less time being cared for by the betta sitter! It would just be nice to know if I DO end up getting the fish, how long I can tell the person to expect to take care of him..Already went over fishy care and thank goodness they believe me! They will follow my own little 'caresheet' I'll give them with info from this site. If I get this fish.

The reason I have been less active is this semester I made the mistake of taking three studio classes(each class expects you to do 10-15 hours a week on each assignment, and they give you about five assignments each week. Now multiply that times THREE and add the extra big assignments you work on separately, and tests, and dealing with the roommate drama some of you already heard about, and making sure I let my parents know I am alive, and giving my poor boyfriend a call... Doesn't leave me with much time. I usually am only able to check on the forums here on my cellphone when I'm on the bus on my way to class! Which gives me pretty limited access, but, oh well, at least I get to check it out. Oh, and last week was midterms, which means the work I described times two! XD Oh dear.. A full body self portrait bigger than life size?? WHY.

I am at home this weekend for my birthday, though and while I've been here I've been getting the much needed sleep that has been nonexistent for the past few weeks, and have been getting to surf the web again. That's how I saw the fish. He's so pretty! ;_; Since I've gotten a lot of money from birthday, I've been talking to my mom and she thinks we could do this, and doesn't mind me getting a fish! here's the guy. He's my favorite color, and actually exactly the color of my comforter on my bed! XD

Here is my info:

Home:He will be housed in the Hawkeye 5g tank!
Filter: It comes with one, I'll see how that works, and I will baffle the filter
Conditioner: I will use Prime conditioner
Heat:I will by the Marineland Stealth heater(..and put it away from the filter, I saw that thread, scary!)
Food: I'm not sure, what are the best pellets?
Water Tester: API master test kit

Plus gravel, plants, hides, etc..

He might get a filter upgrade as soon as I get home, it depends on how the current filter works and all that!

Everything sounds good? I KNOW it's iffy, I don't like that I won't be there when he arrives, but man, that betta just calls for me! I've been going over the process of putting a fish into a new tank over and over to make sure it's done right when the time comes.

As soon as I'm back in November, you will start getting some awesome macro pictures of him (if I do get him)

This isn't a for sure thing, but it is an option where it wasn't an option before, and since it came up.. Well, if it does happen I want to make sure I do this right.

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Also, transhipper question:

He will be being shipped to texas if I get him. What is the most reliable transhipper that is the closest to Texas? I want the fishy spending as little time as possible in the mail, but also don't want to deal with a sketchy transhipper who will cause problems despite being close to where I live!

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Well, I haven't heard from anyone.. But since I'm home this weekend, I bought the supplies. They didn't have the tank I wanted but they had another nice five gallon kit for the same price, so I was ok with that. It also has a black lid instead of a bright colored one(eh..not a fan of the big pink lids)

The only things I have left to buy are the heater, the food, and the water test kit!

I signed up for Aquabid today. Even if I don't end up getting this fish and I just end up leaving the tank at home unused until after christmas.. Well, at least I'll have everything ready! :)

Sort of excited!

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I've never bought from Thailand but it takes about 2 weeks or more, depending on when the next shipment of fish come in. I heard Linda Olson is good and will be Transhipper next month (maybe)...except she lives so close I can just pick them up from her house :)

Who am I? Well I am a Junior Member of the International Betta Congress and a breeder of white HMPKs, red dragon HMPKs, black/red dragon HMPKs, metallic multi HMPKs, blue masked HMPKs, and now multi color HMs. Soon to add black HMs. I will be showing in New Breeder class in fall of 2012.
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That sounds great! That means at most he will be in my parent's care for three weeks(lol, the betta-sitter backed out...that's ok, my parents can handle this, I set up everything and am writing lists!)

:) I'm..excited.

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So, do you think using her as a transhipper is a good idea? Colorado is a little away from Texas..

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I've heard good things about both Linda Olsun and Jennifer Vivieros.
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I ended up choosing vivieros.. Partially because the seller says most people choose her(he is able to ship a package to her quickly with bettas) and he has never gotten a DOA from her if they chose overnight shipping.. And because
since I am in Georgia, if there IS an emergency, I can go get him if I need to.

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Wish I would have saw this sooner to really help out. I just got my first thai betta in saturday.
For my timeline....

Won and payed for betta on Spet 26
He was arrived to the states on Oct 11
And he was swimming in my tank Oct 16

Trans Shipper
I used Jennifer as well. She is very easy to work with and very professional. I would use her 100000 more times.....if I had that much room for bettas lol

He has a bit on fin damage (he is a delta, so you might not have this issue) but coming over 9000 miles, I kind of expected it.
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Thanks!! Trust me, you are helping :) anything to help me prepare for the time will help.. This makes me feel good, now I feel like I can also take the time to order some of the supplies online, like live plants and stuff! :D I might ask around about which of those to get hmmm!

I feel bad about inconviencing my parents, even if it is for my birthday XD; I'm trying to pay for everything to make up for them driving around and buying stuff!

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