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How cool, I like reading everyone's bios on their bettas :)
And you do learn something everyday about them!!

I haven't been able to spend enough time with all mine to get a good feel for
their personalities yet. :-/ Darn that four letter word called WORK!

The ones I *know* are...

Danny Boy - Loves people & watching outside tank, rubs against me during changes & feedings,
runs to greet me when I come in the room. :) Fearless of any changes to tank, likes to
knock snails off side. lol

Ren - My grouchy jumper...Seriously, I drop the pellets in & he jumps on top of them,
sinking some down....lol.....and of course he won't after them, he looks up like "WHERE DID THEY GO WOMAN? Don't get chintzy with my food!"

Ping - Sweet little hardly flaring angel. :)
Dexter - Dances for food constantly & builds epic nests.
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Well, all of my females but one are vicious. The other female is shy and curious. My male Sonic is Bold and Happy, but not the brightest bulb in the bunch! My male crescent is bold, and vicious to females, but he seems to enjoy hanging out with shrimp.

I only have 1 betta left, but he's a cool blue marble!
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Victor thinks he's the top dog :P He's crazy aggressive, anyone that holds their hand 3 inches or less above the tank is sure to get bitten! He literally leaps out of the water and bites people O_o He actually bites me on a daily basis :P

And he flares at everything like a maniac :P My finger, my camera, a box of crackers left too close to the tank, whatever. He will flare at it and try to kill it :P

I bought him because when I was looking to buy a betta, my boyfriend accidentally bumped into the shelf they were on and all the other bettas went into a panic. But not Victor. He literally stared right at me and flared XD "How dare you disturb my bowl!!!" XD

Victor does have a soft side (well, if you consider his biting a form of endearment :P)for all the live plants in his tank though, he likes to swim up to each one, inspect it, then give it a little nip before he swims off!

Proud owner of Victor, the Royal Blue VT!
Other Pets
Magic, the Black New Zealand Bunny!

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My five little ones have very distinct personalities, and I love them all for that.

Betta (Betito): Although he's having some issues with swim bladder disorder he doesn't let it keep away his charms. He loves to swim around, he's very clever. He hasn't done it for a while now that he's having this little problem, but he used to just stare at me while I was typing, like trying to make some eye-contact. If I turned around to see him, he would start to swim up and down and make himself noticed by me. I would always start calling him his name and tell him how gorgeous he is, that would make him calm down and go swim for a while.

Gamisha: She's my beautiful little girl. Well, actually she belongs to my boyfriend but, he's an archeologist so he can't take proper care of her right now. I LOVE her SO much. We have like a special bond with each other. If I listen to some music and start dancing, she dances with me! Nobody EVER believed me until they saw it with their own eyes. Nobody can resist how cute she is when she does that. She's a hunter, she LOVES attacking the live food I give her, she's always intrigued by anything new that she may notice.

Deltan: He's a prince. As simple as that. There hasn't been a fish that's more or even as flirty/coquettish as he. He waves his fins in such a way that he always mesmerizes me. He LOVES that I take pictures of him. There's not one photo he doesn't look great. Not like ALL my other kids that are always moving around and don't let me do it. He poses and waits for the moment the picture has been taken to start swimming again. He's very active and always tries to get my attention so I tell him just how beautiful he is (there's no fish with better high-esteem).

Zetina (Tina): She's the pretty girl here. She and Deltan make just the perfect couple. She's also very flirty. I love her really much, but, she's not very clever, hehe. She's curious and loves wandering in her tank. It was a BIG problem for me that she wouldn't eat NOTHING that wasn't alive. She was SUCH a choosy girl! But, I FINALLY managed to get her to eat her pellets. Haha!

Kappa: This beautiful boy is still a mystery to me. I can only say he loves swimming in his tank, back and fort. He loves to eat. He's a little bit shy still, but, I'm hoping he'll be a sociable fish like my other four. One thing I noticed, and is really strange, he likes to stare at art paintings. Literally. I've been putting all kinds of stuff near his tank to keep him occupied but he never payed much attention to them, until I put an art catalog and have been changing the pages every other day. He likes it! I think he's some kind of art critic! !

So, this are my little ones. I love each of them with all my heart. But, to be honest, Gamishi is the one that's more special to me, she's my little gal pal!

Emperatriz Colibrí

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Ha ha, Deltan has a lot in common with my betta, Patriot.

Patriot is such a show off. As soon as he realizes that someone is watching, he'll start swimming back and forth in place (like he's swaying) so his fins flow behind him. He's like, "Look at me! Look at me! I'm stunning and I know it!" Then he'll lap his tank, and stop right in front of your face and spread his fins and tail (not quite flaring, just showing them off). I call him, "my little flirt"

He doesn't flare much, kinda a wimp, actually. But he hates sharing attention. Initially, I put him in my community tank, he chased off the other fish and then did his little swimming/show off thing.

He recognizes my face and voice. If I'm near the tank, he'll swim right up to me. He'll also follow my finger. He tries to be as close to me as possible. But if someone else is too close to the tank, he'll hide. Then, if they step back, he'll do his showy swim for them.

It's been 5 years...I'm no longer a newbie

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56 gal-zebra loaches, serpae tetra, rosy barbs, bristlenose pleco
2 gal-empty (formerly Mercury-purple veil tail betta
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Jazz is fairly laid back. He will sometimes flare at my finger and flares like crazy when you put him next to another betta. He always jumps for his food. He sees me feeding the other boys, and he's fed last, so he goes crazy in the corner of the tank waiting for his food. He will build big bubble nests once in a while. He's just pretty chill.

Chronos, like Jazz, will flare like crazy whenever he is near another betta. But, surprisingly, I have never seen any amount of aggression from him in my community tank towards my snail, other fish or shirmp. Not even so much as flaring. Even when I catch my Molly nipping at him once in a very long while (I think she does it cause she does it at the gravel, plants and decor looking for food. I've only sene her do it like twice to him). He just LOVES watching the shrimp. It's cute :)

Buster love jumping for food. He is so accurate that he can eat it off of my finger and rarely misses. Even one time, when I was siphoning (I ususally do 100% changes, but I was sick and missed a week. Didn't have time or energy to do that, but I changed about 80% of the water) he was jumping and biting at my hand. He makes tiny bubble nests. I have only seen him flare once, and that was next to another betta. He is so laid back, it even took him a while to flare once when Skye was flaring at him. I also swear that he knows my boyfriend. He bought him for me and I think Buster remembers that. :p

Skye is timid and aggressive. He flares at other betta, but if something scares him, he goes darting around his tank like a nut. He is just learning how to jump, but he scares himself when he does it. haha.

Neptune is new to me, so I haven't really figured him out yet. I haven't seen him really flare, and he's learning that I mean food. haha

Tanks- 55 gal(in progress)-Common pleco, Angels, lemon and rummynose tetra, blue rams; 29 gal planted- rasboras, corys, otos, clown plec, shrimp; 10 gal- juvenile goldfish; 6 gal planted- betta

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Lily(Sun Conure), Zoe and Melina(Budgies), Leonardo- Bearded Dragon, Pilot and Phoenix(Golden Retrievers), Beckham(german shepard/akita), Myrtle and Richard(hermit crabs)

A Better Betta Fish Care Video!
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Sea Star is a mix of almost every thing he prowls his tamk flips alot and hides is his plant and he digs in the grave to give him a place to rest.


_flash________- Light red(not pink) body with an opece head and a whight chin and red double tail halfmoon fins thnat in the right light have some purple in them R.I.P

Bluemoon-mostly opequ body with some blue calico markings and blue fins that have a little deep red on the out side. Dark tuqoise eyes with a wite chin
This is a link to my tank is you can not get to it just click aquariums on my avatar
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maehk; nosy, brave, lively, impatient for food lol... he's always checking out whats happening around his tank. never gotten a fright from anything in his life... he loves to flare.

salmon; shy, quite and reserved. loves to hide... he does say hello when he sees me but if i should lift the lid, he's gone like the wind lol...

chilly; just like maehk. lively and brave. he's totally cool too. never gets stressed or anything. he's really more like a human. always seems like he wants to sit down with me for a cup of coffee and debate bout something lol. also flares alot. he freaks.... totally wants to rip his refelction or other fish apart haha.

strato; reminds me a lil of a young horse lol... bit silly, energetic but doesnt know what to do with it haha. he's fairly aggressive too. always flares with no reason. but not as bad as chilly

edward; reserved and calm, but not frightened like salmon... he seems more like a philosopher trying to find the point of being lol... he will flare, but not excessively.

strato multi color CT
edward royal blue HM (at foster home)
henriette blue crayfish

water changing tut thread
dividing tank tut thread
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My favorite betta is still my first one. Even though Drake was shy, he was quite playful and swam around the tank to see what was going on. When I sat close to the tank, he would swim to the glass and look at me without blinking eyes. He liked to sleep under a bridge-like ornament. When he breathed air from the water surface, you could see his mouth gently isolate the water surface to form an air pocket.

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Sequin (my male betta) is easily startled. He's a red male veil tail with blue iridescence. I got him from walmart (he was the ONLY one without torn fins). He HATES it when I pet my finger up to his tank, but he swims up to see me when I'm near the tank. Once in a while if I stick a piece of food to my finger and hold it above the tank, he'll jump. He loves to wedge himself in his plants, and swim in and out of his rainbow rock. He also has a "leaf hammock" that I made for him and suction cupped to his tank wall. He loves to rest and sleep on it.
I JUST got my female betta. She's named Aurora. Her coloring is Peacock blue. She's a veil tail. Got her from Petco. =) She's a piggy little eater. She begs ALL day. Sometimes she hates my finger, sometimes she follows it around the tank wall. I only have a leaf hammock and one plant in her tank because she seems to hate it when she touches most plants. She likes the leaf hammock, but doesn't seem to care about the plant. It's more in there for my benefit than hers. She also likes to pick around at the bottom of her tank, just like my goldfish does (they're NOT in the same tank). She's a cute little thing. =)
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