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the lfs i bought my first females had them in a tank but i noticed quite a few dead ones, never the less i ignored my rule of never buying fish from a tank with dead fish and i hoped it was stress. unfortuntly they all died and i think the stress of that tank, very little cover, along with the nearly 3hr trip home in the bag was just 2 much for them. a couple of weeks later i saw theyed got a new shipment of males in including double and delta tails. there was a precious lil doubletail cellophane male and a lovely green delta but i woulda loved to take the cellophane home i just didnt have the space for him. i must say my local lfs is pretty good with their bettas and they dont stock females while the othe lfs i mentioned is not too bad but i sometimes think their tanks look a wee bit dirty.
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Originally Posted by LikeDiscoSuperfly View Post
Ohhh my god that is just horrible. they probably dont even have fins left after gifhting with eachother.
Even worse than that, usually they can't be bothered to fight and just hang around sluggishly due to the water quality.

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Actually, my petsmart keeps a sorority. I've seen them with a rotating lineup of fish and every time I've gone in there there have been exactly 0 nipped fins. Their females in the cups tend to be a little bit prettier, though, so those are the ones I usually buy for my sorority :)
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Originally Posted by Jupiter View Post
Even worse than that, usually they can't be bothered to fight and just hang around sluggishly due to the water quality.
I just got two girls from a pet store where they are kept in a 'sorority' of about five fish in an unheated tank that's probably only 3 gallons at most. The females generally sold pretty quick, but these two sat there for like a month until the most submissive one was left with almost no tail from bullying.

I know it's bad to support pet stores that don't take care of their stock, but it made a difference to those two, and hopefully they'll be much happier (and healthier) here with me.

I just can't believe people can be so ignorant about the welfare of their livestock. Even to someone with no prior fish keeping experience, it's obvious the females are not comfortable in those kind of living conditions - let alone the males in their half gallon unheated tanks.
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When I went to my LFS they only had 3 male bettas...each in their little cups. At every Walmart and Petsmart I've been in though all the males and females are seperate either all lined up on a shelf...some fish crammed way in the back and never seeing the light and some resting on top of fish tanks.

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D: I hate it when petstores keep their bettas badly ;-; The pet store that has the sorority is Petland, so I was hoping other stores besides Petland did it in a good way :/ all the pretty females were in the sorority too! There was a pure white one...
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Was in Big Al's this morning for some heaters. The bettas in general looked very, very sad. Especially an absolutely gigantic PK female in a tiny dirty cup, no kidding at least four inches long. She was crammed in there, and she could hardly move in the darned thing - she was bent around to fit into it. She just looked so miserable. I wanted to get her out of there so badly.

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Was at Meijer's the other day and decided to look at their bettas...the females were together in a tank with platties/mollies and a male VT. Except that there were about 5 females, 3 PK males and a male VT...umm...hello?? The one PK was nipping everyone, including the livebearer who was about an inch and a half longer than him, and on the other side of the tank (it was one of those divided 40 gallons or whatever) there was a deformed, mangle female who probably jumped over to get away from the tormenting. The only one who didn't care about anything was the VT. I really wanted to take the 3 PK boys home with me but I couldn't do that because I have no room. Anyway, that's how my Meijer's keeps their females, in tanks with incompatible species and nowhere to hide.

My LPS and Petsmart keep their females in cups, like the males.

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My Meijers keeps females with angelfish.
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Tiny, murky cups. The PJ's has recently given them some aquarium grass-type stuff on the bottom, but that's it.

In the Big Al's though they're housed in 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 fancy little vases (at least a big bigger than the plastic cups). The betta water in Big Al's is absolutely crystal clear, top condition... my friend's sister works there, and she tells me they do daily water changes for the bettas (and she's a very honest person.)

The bettas, since pretty much all of them are small there, have quite a bit of room to swim...

I just feel sorry for the poor giants who were in those. I would have bought all of them if I could have... D:

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