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Stuff for sale

I'm going to be doing a little "spring" cleaning when I get home tomorrow and getting rid of some of the fish junk I have. I'm trying to raise a little money to buy more plants and fish food, etc. If your interested in anything let me know via PM. If you have any questions please post them here.

Anyways I don't have pictures right now because I'm at my parents house but I thought I'd go ahead and post some stuff I have. I'll post more when I get back and actually go through all my bins.

Plastic Plants... I have a lot of these in various sizes. I've recently decided that since I have mostly all long fin fish right now I don't want risk any torn fins. Most of the plants are perfectly safe and tested but I just would rather have live plants. (Prices ranging from 0.50c to $5)

Filters... I have like 3 or 4 whisper in tank filters rated for up to 10 gallons. I think I also have one small one rated for up to 3 gallons. I don't have the inserts with them because I stuff my filters with sponge so you'll have to buy the cartridges if you use them. (Prices.. $7 for the big ones $4 for the little one)

Gravel.. I've got a lot of gravel. Mostly it's the natural colored kind but I also have this green, red, blue mix. (Price depends on how much you want)

I also have about 3lbs of caribsea sand that has not been used. The bag is open and I used about 2 lbs of it. $5 for it. It should be enough for a smaller tank.

Fish food... I have a bunch of different fish foods, lots of decent quality betta pellets, some freeze dried stuff, some stuff for bottom feeders. Just a lot of different foods that I'm not really using. (Price will range from 0.50 to $1)

I'll probably have other things to add after I get a look at exactly what I have. If you want something don't wait around because once I get a full list of what I have I'm going to post it on some other forums as well. It will be first come first served.

You will pay shipping. Most of this stuff will probably fit in a medium flat rate box which is $10.50. Some will fit in a small flat rate box which is $4.90 (I think).

I don't think anyone is local to me but if you are I'm willing to meet for pick up as long as it fits my schedule.

Buy at your own risk. I'll do the best I can to package everything well but it is the holiday season and sometimes packages get lost. No refunds will be issued if the package is lost by the USPS.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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Ok.. so here's what I have so far with semi-firm prices.

Tetra in-tank whisper filters 2-10 gallons (one new in box with cartridge) x2- $7 for the old one $8 for the NIB one

Tetra in-tank whisper filter for up to 3 gallons (with adjustable flow) x1- $5

Plastic plants.. large one $7, Medium ones $3ea, Small ones $1 ea, tiny ones 0.50c each. Some of these plants are glow in the dark, if you only want green ones be sure to let me know. The ones pictured are not all the plants I have. These are just the ones I dug out first.

Fish foods.. all of these are full, only fed once or twice. $1 for the little cans and $2 for the big cans. $5 takes them all.

Betta foods. The Wardley's and the Topfin Betta bites are about half-full and the other two are almost completely full. $1 for the full ones and $0.50c for the half full once. $3 for the lot.

LED clip on light x2.. $5 each These were never used.

Gravel.. $2 per lb. Let me know how much you are looking for and I'll see if I have enough. I should have enough to at least fill a 5 gallon tank with each color. *pics coming*

I also have two Topfin 50W heaters that I'm selling for $2 each. They're old and not working as well as they used to so they might only be good as an emergency heater. They usually only heat to mid 70s.

Prices are semi-negotiable. If you want pictures of specific plants or the gravel let me know. Everything will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to being shipped so don't worry if something looks a little dirty in the picture.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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Can you keep the 2-10 filter on hold? I just need a week to get the money and I will buy it. (most likely)

I only have 1 betta left, but he's a cool blue marble!
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Yep.. Do you want the new one or the old one?

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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I'm not interested in buying but DANG that's a lot of plastic plants! O.o

Who am I? Well I am a Junior Member of the International Betta Congress and a breeder of white HMPKs, red dragon HMPKs, black/red dragon HMPKs, metallic multi HMPKs, blue masked HMPKs, and now multi color HMs. Soon to add black HMs. I will be showing in New Breeder class in fall of 2012.
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Nobody's looking for fish stuff?!?

Prices are negotiable. Feel free to PM me with offers, I don't bite... very often. This stuff is just taking up room so I'm eager to move it out.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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Can i get the betta foods from you? and maybe some plastic plants....
Is there any way they would all fit in an envelope of some sort? (shipping would be faster that way)

I also breed and often sell guppies, I have the following strains.

Double Dark Blue Moscows, Half Blacks, and Albino Blue Topaz.

If your interested in purchaseing a pair or trio just pm and i'll let you know what I currently have ready to sell. Or if you just want to see pictures pm me.

Members get a discount!
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I'm strapped for cash so I'll have to think about it, but I'll keep my eye here, 1fish! O:

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Astro... I might be able to ship the food and plants in an envelop but I would have to take the foods out of the containers and put them in baggies because the containers will make it too fat.

ETA.. I just did a full inventory of what I have:

Plastic plants.. LOTS

Fish foods... as listed

3 partially used tubes of aquarium sealant. I'll take $4 for all of these.

1 LED light (I have two but one is missing)

3 10i whisper filters (one new in box)

1 whisper filter for up to 3 gallon tanks

5lbs of black gravel new in bag $5

~3 lbs of green and blue gravel with some glass stones mixed in $3

~6lbs of natural colored gravel $6 (this is enough to easily cover the bottom of 5 gallon tanks and under)

2 50W heaters that only partially work $2 each

a little octopus aquarium decoration .50c or free with purchase of something else.

Also for anyone interested I have live Vinegar eel cultures for sale. 1 oz for $2. If you buy at least $10 worth of this stuff I'll give you a free culture (if you want it).

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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Well... The black gravel would fit with what I want... And maybe the blue/green, I'm not sure. And I -have- been debating the plants, since I assume they'd be 'safe', probably the small/tiny. I was just letting other people 'go first'?

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