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Those stores use a "hit and run" profit model, sadly...The customer's who get ill informed
probably rarely complain enough to warrant them changing it. But they should.
It's like a drug maker putting the wrong dosage on their pills.
I also hate aquarium sets that have a "suggested species" list which is totally inaccurate for the size.

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Honestly, this one employee reconizes me. We just mostly talk about fish nerd stuff. Oh, and I have talked to people for ten or fifteen minutes about bettas.

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Oh like the 1 gal that suggests putting a group of rosy barbs in it.
I have also seen tanks and cages for other pets that give a species list that is horridly inaccurate, one was a little 1/2 gal critter keeper thing that said it would house 2 mice in it.
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I guess they sell more making people think those enclosures are suitable...The fish or animal might live
for a bit, but won't thrive. :( I think most people want to be good owners though...and if told right off the bat a bigger habitat is best, they would spend the extra $ to buy it instead.

I'm guilty of buying my first tank with the best intentions, trusting the petstore people,
who said 3 danios would be happy in a 3G eclipse...and it would be cycled in a day.
Then of course, one died 2 days later while the others hardly moved...I searched online & was so
peeved to learn the truth.

YaY for the Adoption Option
I've found 5 loving homes for 5 of my finned fellas, thanks
to this forum!

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That is how I bought a silver finned shark. The petstore people swore it could go in my 15 gal freshwater and come to find out it can grow upto 18 inches and was a brackish fish. I took it back once I found out and when they asked me why I was returning it I told them that it was because they gave me the wrong information, they didnt feel like commenting.
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Heh. I know what you mean, JKfish.

You'd think they'd want people to be better informed. I mean, really:

Tank: $40.96

Gravel: $3.19

Heater: $9.40

Decor: about $12

Food: $3.49

Water Conditioner: $6.56

Plants: $8.99

Betta: $2-15

Siphon: $6

They'd actually make more money if they emphasized proper betta care.

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Ever since coming to this site, I never, ever, ever ask pet store employees about anything -.- Not my rabbits, dogs or fish, I just go to forums and look for the answers myself. I used to work at the Petshotel in Petsmart, and my supervisor would always go out on the floor herself or send me out to help customers with there dogs/cats, even though it WASN'T our job, because she would get so ticked that the people who actually worked on the floor were morons when it came to giving out info...

I'm pretty shy, the only time I'm not shy is when I was working at Petsmart and I had the Petsmart shirt on, gave me power to give people advice without being embarrassed lol. But now I really don't butt in, but I try to be sneaky. When I see someone with a Betta or going to buy a Betta, I usually say something like "They make really awesome pets" And when the person says "Oh, you have one?" I just casually say "Oh yeah, I have seven" lol and if there actually nice people, they end up asking me for advice, though sometimes I've just had people grunt or give me a polite smile before just ignoring me, because they just don't care : /

The other day though when I was looking at tanks on Black Friday, one of the people who worked there, like the assistant manager, saw me picking up a tank and asked what fish I had and told him I was splitting it for two Betta's. He asked me if I bred them and I said no, but someday I'd like to try it at least once, but only when I could get a really nice pair from Thailand. And you know what he does? Just laughs and brush's it off and says that I should try it with some store betta's because it's a waste to buy expensive betta's, that there "so super easy" to breed and I should do it for fun. I didn't say anything but I'm thinking "Ohhh myy Gooddd, I hope you don't encourage a bunch of people to breed store betta's...-.-" Especially Petsmart, all they ever have is veiltails and crowntails. At least Petco is getting some really super gorgeous ones...but still!

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I, like most of you here, am also VERY shy. VERY VERY shy.. but I will say something to people in the betta section. At the Petco closest to me, I was looking at the bettas multiple times when someone would be holding a betta cup, and then trying to figure out what to buy to go with the betta. it would seem a employee would run over and help them, selling stuff they dotn need or that is bad, but they never do when I am there so I always jump in and help tell them what they need. helped save a lot of bettas from 1/2 gallon homes.

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:P there's my problem though, I try my best only to interrupt when I see or hear incorrect information. I can never seem to listen in when the employees are selling the 1/2 gallons to people. I know they are, but I can't catch them in the act. -_- It seems like when I step in as they're saying something, correcting the employees isn't that big of a deal. But talking to the customer after the employee is gone and as they're about to check out is really difficult, seeing as I'm really self concious and I think "ohmygod they're going to think I'm some sort of creeper freak and then they'll look at me with that face I seem to get from peers, and then I'm going to get all nervous and I'm going to want to melt into the ground but because I can't do that I'll start babbling and then..."

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Bah, I can't confront anyone...I wish I could, especially when I'm looking at betta in petsmart and there are people next to me looking at the little half gallon kits below. But I hate telling people how to do their jobs properly, even if they are wrong.

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