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*sigh* Why are people so uneducated?


Seriously! Who in their right mind would put that many fish in a 10 gallon tank?!

Quote: 1 tiger oscar,1 firemouth cichlid,1 pictus catfish,1 cory catfish,2 neon tetras,2 harlequin rasboras,1 male betta,1 clown pleco,1 odessa barb,1 silver angelfish.

I'm sorry, he lost me at "tiger oscar"....don't they need bigger tanks than that? And aren't they very aggressive? -_-

"They all get along very well except for the oscar and the neons and harlequins which is expected."

If he expected it, then why did he get the fish in the first place?! ARGH!

Plus, he wonders why is tank is cloudy... lol..

Note: This is on topic...he has a male betta in that tank as well...jeeze laweeze...

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Ugh, "ive had a lot of experience with fish" my butt. I left him a comment.
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Same heree. I've never seen a worse stocked tank. An oscar in a 10 gallon? That's just an accident, and death, waiting to happen.

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That's all I'm sayin'.
Those poor fish.
Stupidity ... you win this round.

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LOL. He removed it. Too many comments too quickly?

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Tiger Oscars are not very aggressive D: but they will eat fish that can fit in their mouth. I love my Tiger Oscar, they are and can be great community fish. The larger the tank the calmer they are, the MINIMUM for 1 Tiger Oscar or and Oscar is 55 gallons, they can grow to 14" or even larger. Given a few months as Oscars grow FAST, he will eat the others. They will not eat or bother another fish of the same size. Sad to see all those fish cramped up, :( I want to set my empty 55 back up and steal his Oscar. Someone else will have to take the Betta now more room for males right now.

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Not to mention that catfish are schooling fish. Cory cats need at least 10 gallons to themselves and Pictus need 50 gallons, each one grows up to 12".

Tetras need groups of at least 4 and again, 10 gallons to themselves or them and a betta.

Angelfish tend to be agressive and will also eat anything they fit in their mouths.

So he's basically got over 100 gallons of fish crammed into a 10 gallon tank.

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Sounds crazy! He removed the video before I could watch it. What's his user name? Maybe he has other videos of his tank I want to see.

Sounds like the fish could barely move....

EDIT: Is this the same guy with an updated tank?


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