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i'm watching reviews of it on youtube. what do the different colored dots mean? i get that they're spirits or whatever, but why the different colored dots?
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I would like to know that too?

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It has to do with the strength of the signal. Red is very strong, blue is very faint (I think... I don't have it in front of me.)

Edit - Looked it up. Red is strongest, then yellow, green and blue is weakest.

Edit edit... what'd I do? :P

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Edit: Headdesk. Thanks VG ;D

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it's kinda neat. makes me want an ipod touch, or whatever. xD

i do know, i brought someone home with me on Thanksgiving. >.>; i went with my aunt and sister to visit my aunt's mother's grave, then my dad's father's grave. that night, i felt someone(or something) run their finger down my spine. woke me up, and made me arch my back. i reached back, thinking the dog stretched and her paw hit my back or whatever, and she wasn't there. o.0 creeeeepy.
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I've had a few freaky experiences with spirits myself... I lived in an older house for about 8 years, and there were always strange noises and whatnot. And of course that creepy feeling you get when you can feel someone's presence who isn't there. My parents always reassured me that "oh, don't worry, it's nothing!". 8 long years I endured that. It wasn't until recently that my mom finally admitted "oh heck yeah that house was haunted."... She just didn't want to scare me.

As a kid I always had a messy room. Papers, homework, toys, everything ended up on the floor. One night as i was settling down for bed I heard a *crinkle, crinkle* and I screamed bloody murder. The air wasn't on, I didn't move, I didn't have any pets at the time, nothing. just crinkling paper or plastic or something. Of course my mom rushed in only to find her daughter with the "deer caught in headlights" look. lol ... To this day I still think there was something walking around in my room. I would get that creepy feeling all the time at night too to the point where I'd get up, turn on the light, and search for whatever was creeping me out. Aaaaand that ghost used to read Harry Potter with me. I'd get the feeling whenever I was reading it at night. Only that book though.

My mom has a few stories too. One of which involves a little orb that liked to float across the floor really fast. She was in her room one day when she saw something gray float across the floor from the dresser to under the bed... (I should mention she is an arachnophobe) ... so she freaked out. hardcore. She even made my step dad help search for whatever it was... If it was a mouse or a spider, it'd still be down there, right? They didn't find a thing.

Another one involves the kitchen cabinets slamming for no reason. Long story short she was sitting in the living room and she heard the cabinets in the kitchen opening and shutting a lot... so she thought my step dad came upstairs from his office to get his pills before bed. she heard footsteps going back downstairs so she went down to go talk to him... The office was empty.

I'm SO glad nobody told me these stories until after I moved out.

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My boyfriend's room I really think may be haunted. Before they moved in, a girl died in her sleep(senior 96, her desk is still in there and that is written on it)

She's not mean or scary, and Nathan has her under control, when things get creepy he tells her to leave and she does. She does love the reptiles though, we hear noises and tapping a lot on the tanks. I've never really believed too much about ghosts, and even now I don't really know what it is I have experienced or what I believe! But it is pretty cool. It's a weird feeling, but as long as I know I am in control and I don't further invite any to come do any harm.. I'm fine! ;)

So for my ghost experience I've basically only been around a regular teenage girl who wants to know why there are so many animals in her room, lol!

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she's curious about the reptiles! not many people get to see any up close, and she may have never seen any before she passed. :3
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This is like telling ghost stories on Halloween. lol
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i know i am still 10, but i am still WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY creeped out by ghosts and stuffs, even though there not real, im still crepped.

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