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This one betta my fam used to have, it always had to back up and then "CHARGE!" at the piece of food! it was so cute!

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R.I.P Francisco (you are missed!)


GO fishies!!!!
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When I used to not feed regularly, I would gage the amount of pellets by how enthuciasticly he ate them.

RIP Russell
RIP Quicksilver
RIP Dominic

RIP 4 cories, 23 Ghost Shrimp, and a snail
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Howl likes to flare and chase his shrimp around the tank, or he'll see one just sitting there doing shrimpy things. He'll swim behind a nearby plant or decoration, get down to its level and watch it for a minute before lunging out from his hiding place. He never tries to eat the shrimp, just scare them to death.

Whenever I give Howl a piece of raw meat he'll circle it a few times flaring then lunges at it and shreds it to little pieces. All I see is a cloud of meat going everywhere. He then swims around happily vacuuming up all the little bits.

Recently I got a Kinder Surprise for christmas, the toy was this little figurine of a girl with green hair, whenever Howl sees it he flares and gets all upset. He never flares at anything but reflections of himself, his shrimp and food.

Domino is like a creepy stalker from a horror movie. I'll sit next to his tank, when I look in I can't see him so I'll look all over. I finally find him in his plant. He's just sitting there with one eye visible watching me. When I find him he comes out and dances around the front saying "Food Time!". If I don't feed him he goes back into the plant and does his stalker routine again.

When I have my laptop out or put anything next to his tank he'll sit there mesmerized by whatever it is for a good hour except for the occasional breath.

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That video was adorable!!! Ahhhh I wish my bettas would do that, but then again, I've never stuck my hand in the tank like that. The betta was just precious!
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It makes me smile when my sorority girls jump up out of the water and seem to argue among themselves over who gets to kiss my finger first. Maybe they just want food, but maybe they are being affectionate. Maybe they just trust me? I don't know. I love them anyway.
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Originally Posted by dragonfair View Post
Bravo skips across the water like a skipping stone when he knows I'm coming to give him food. He then jumps on the food before he eats it. So cute!
That might be the cutest thing I've ever heard.

I miss you, lost fishies
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my little guy lies down in the rocks on his side at night and takes a little nap. soon as i get up, so dose he!
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@SimplyPeaChe: Mine does that too, though he does it when I'm sitting on my bed on my computer and stays upright...he sort of watches me, then seems to settle down and relax for a bit while he (maybe?) watches with the eye facing me XD
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Yea, i wish he would stay up right..i keep paniking when i wake up and he is all stretched out on his side...but soon as the bedroom light comes on, hes up in a flash.

He also NEVER flairs..i just bought two crown tail males, and his tank is next to one...the Crown tail, Tide, flairs at he and i all the luky to see Peach Puff his fins at all...he looks at me like..."ohhhhhhhhhhh...what do you want?...feeds meh??" (O.O)
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Marbles doesnt flare much...not even at a mirror really. Only time i see him flare is when its dark and he sees movement and (im assuming) gets startled/defensive. Other than that he just skitters away from anything within an inch or two of his tank that moves
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