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Betta Love Stories!! (Telling how you knew your betta was ment for you)

I want to know how your betta was ment for you!! I love hearing betta Love stories. Here's mine

I got my first betta Sparky about a year ago, he's a red veiltail. My dad picked him out, but I knew I would love him. Not a very interesting sotry, but its the truth!!

So post your stories today!!
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I went to the local pet store for more tiger barbs. They didn't have any. I gave my single tiger barb away to someone with a 50 gallon aquarium and a school and ended up with an empty tank.

There was only one pet store with fish in town, and it was going out of business, so i went in and looked at the Betta. They were all tiny, in dirty cups with only an inch of water in them. It was then I met Biscotti.

He is enjoying his home, and recently got a new aquarium accessory that has been keeping him quite busy. He's quite the happy fish, and I am certain I rescued him. I don't even want to think about what happened to the other poor Betta when that pet store closed down...
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when i found Weiss, the betta in my avatar, i wasn't looking for a new boy. we went for bunny bedding, i think. i took a look at the bettas, but didn't see any interesting fellas. that's when i saw the white flash out of the corner of my eye. i stooped down to look, and saw they had a bowl set up really cute. that's when i saw him, a white betta. i thought he was a female, he was so tiny. when he saw me, he swam right up to the bowl wall and we locked eyes. that's when i knew i HAD to get him. i bummed some money from a friend, called the pet store and told them to hold him for me, because i was coming after they opened. <3 and, i did. :3 he was my favorite, and my most spoiled. i'm sad that we only had a short time together, but it was the best time. i miss him and his cute little mustache. i have hundreds of pictures of him, though. <3
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Those are great!! See dn't you love hearing others betta stories? I do for sure.
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Last year, I walked into a Petsmart, needing some litter for my guinea piggies. I popped into the betta section- most of the fish were doing well (for once). I didn't mean to get any bettas that day, I believe- but there was this tiny little thing in the front, sitting at the bottom of the cup- a complete cellophane, with a bit of green on the fins, and what looked like chocolate smeared all over her face- and she looked half-dead the way she was angled. When she saw me, though, she perked up, and got up to look at me. How could I say no to those pleading little eyes?

Later, I found out "Leela" turned out to be a male plakat- her fins were clamped when I found her, so I couldn't tell her gender- and I re-named "her" Spiridion, Spiri for short. He marbled within the second or third day of being home- my rainbow betta :) He was so pretty. He's passed on now, though.

In the hobby for 9 years.
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I had just moved to town and I needed something in my apartment to keep me company. As I child I had kept many kinds of fish but my favourites were always my Bettas so I knew that's what I wanted.

I went to my local Petsmart, got all the equipment I needed and started looking at the Bettas. None of them struck me as the one I wanted to take home. I was ready to leave but something made me feel like I shouldn't. I started shifting cups and I saw him near the back, sitting there staring back at me. I just new I had to bring him home so I did.

I was wandering around my home town going to every pet store I could find just browsing. Not really looking for anything specific, just seeing what they had and looking for bargains. My mom met up with me and told me about a small mom and pop back alley shop where she used to go when we had a dog, she said they usually had great deals and were really nice.

So we went to the store, it really wasn't anything pretty. Inside it was dark, musty and cramped but the two ladies who ran it were really nice. I was walking through the fish section and saw they had Bettas, not in cups but in plastic containers hung just inside the tank. They all looked in great shape too. I'm looking at their selection and I notice one in the bottom left tank. As soon as I saw him I fell in love but I had no room for another Betta.

As luck would have it I ended up with a 10 gallon set-up over the holidays and a divider. I hadn't been able to forget that little guy I saw, so on my way out of town to go home for school I decided to stop by that shop. Amazingly enough he was still there, a little worse for wear having been there for at least 2 weeks. I told the ladies to bag him up, I was taking him with me.

I couldn't help but notice that the only reason I knew the shop was there was because my mom shopped there for our Dalmatian dog. The boy I fell in love with there is a Dalmatian betta. Coincidence?

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That is weird!! A dalmation dog and a dalmation betta. Amazing!
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Before Christmas I kept telling my BF that I wanted a fish tank. I love animals and cant have any besides fish in the apartment I am living in. I bugged him for months about getting one. Finally, the day arrived and I went to Walmart got a 20 gallon tank, a stand, and all the decorations I wanted. (Money was not a issue) It was for a early chrismas present. The tank sat empty for about a week and a half. We ended up going back to Walmart and I looked through the bettas they had there. Many were pretty but just didnt hit the spot although I kept coming back to this one red betta. He was pretty but pale and he was active. It came down to two and I still kept going back to the red betta so my heart chose him. He lived alone in his 20 gallon tank for awhile. His fin ripped from a plastic plant I had in there. I didnt know they needed silk untill I started reading up on this site. I then got him a 5 gallon tank and he is next to my bed now. When I first brought Red home I searched the internet so I could read up about him. I came across this site and I am glad I did. With a few adjustment Red started feeling at home and is now a bright Red color with a pearlescent blue color. He is spoiled rotten!

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