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As You Dislike It: A Voyage to the Discount Pet Shop

There is a pet shop in town that we do not shop at. We had been there once before and were horrified. The store is way too small a space for the number of pets (puppies, rabbits, hampsters, various birds and other rodents, and fish) and supplies they attempt to carry. It looked over flowing and disorganised to say the least. Most of their stock looked very old and kind of dusty, and many things were piled on top of each other. And they're fish section was awful. First off - the male bettas weren't even in the "fish section"(a glorified closet filled with tanks), they were sitting it little vases and bowls right next to the door (we live in Canada -it is currently just below freezing and this is a warm day). Needless to say all of the males were very listless and laying on the bottoms of their tanks. They also said they had females which had just arrived a couple days earlier. When we went to look for them in the "fish section" we found them in a large community with fish many times their size who obviously had nipped their fins very badly. We found about five of them dead in the tank. Of the half dozen that were alive almost all of them were covered some kind of fuzz, and they all looked very unwell. When we pointed this out the woman who worked there looked upset and came to get rid of the dead ones. We told her they couldn't be kept in with the larger fish and she agreed and said she would move them. The man there seemed annoyed and said he had already added something to their water for the fuzz, but it didn't look like it and I don't know why he wouldn't QT them for treatment. If any of them had looked like we could have saved them we would have brought them home. But instead we left and decided we would not be back.

But today we went back. We went back because we saw an add that said they were closing and all of their stock was 50-70% off. We did not intend on buying any live fish, only some supplies if they had anything we were looking for.

We did have luck with some supplies, we found a master test kit for $15 and talked them into giving us ten packages of frozen bloodworms for $9.

The fish were still awful. The male bettas were still next to the door (there were only three of them and they barely moved). The fish in the fish section were -if possible- more disturbing than the first time. There was a large tank of Oscars -one big one and several little ones. One of the little ones was absolutely covered in fuzz and the big one was covered in fuzz sitting at the bottom of the tank and was very possibly dead.

We were getting ready to leave the fish closet in disgust when I spotted a little Cambodian female in a tank with a couple other small fish. There were no other female bettas. She must have been hiding before, which wasn't surprising as the filter was far too strong for her, but at least the other fish didn't seem to have injured her. She looked healthy and active despite the scary conditions of many of the tanks.

We couldn't leave her there. As everything was on sale she was only $3. We have named her Portia and she is currently in QT with a little preventative aquarium salt.

Portia 2.jpg
Her fins still need to colour up a bit, but she's looking happier.

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Aw, she's a lovley little thing! Good for you for giving her a new, fresh start to life <3
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Those conditions sounded like a torture chamber. I'm glad you decided to buy her because who knows what would've happened to her if you didn't buy her. I can't wait to visit our Petco. Everytime I walk into the Petco here in Michigan the betta cups are crystal clear and the other tanks are the same. This is the place I'm going to buy my second betta after we move.
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i want to own an aquarium.

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aww what a pretty girl! she looks quite happy and is very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time =)

@Jinx: its so refreshing to hear that!
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So glad that you could rescue her. She is a cute little girl, and probably so much happier being with you.

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Hey, technically you aren't supporting the buisness since they were shutting down, it's a win win! And congratsto you AND the female!

By the way I think that fuzzy stuff was either fungus or mold. Both caused by a discusting envirement obviously. This is why it's my dream to open a Betta shop and work it myself oneday (If I get married...) So I could keep Bettas that are alive and bursting with energy. I encourage people on this forum who are choosing those kind of jobs to work at a pet store/fish store! Then there will finally be healthy Bettas.

Back to the original subject. Imagine that poor female spending a long time stuck hiding or she'd be eaten or torn up by the filter. And think if after all that torture if she had been adopted by someone wanting to give her an aquablock or something? That would have been terrible )= Thanks for saving her.

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is she coloring up and showing her little personality yet? maybe some pics? =D
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she's gonna be a beauty when she colors up. looks alot like my Caroline, only without Caroline's specks of black on the body. :3
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New Pictures

Portia is doing quite well and has coloured up nicely. She has even blown a few bubbles around her thermometer. Silly fish. But I thought I would update you guys with a few pictures now that she is looking more like her pretty self.

Portia 3.jpg
You can see some of her little bubbles at the top of the bowl.

Portia 4.jpg
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