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So I've kinda wondered...

everyone here is always posting about little problems or major illnesses with their it weird that Marbles hasn't been ill or too stressed or anything yet!

Ive had him almost two months...not that I'm complaining or anything...but half the stuff I do to take care of my boy is stuff that is the opposite of what is recommended...and yet he is a very active, happy, healthy fish...rarely ever has stress striped and if he does theyre faint and brief. He gets a little bloating very occasionally, and when he does, fasting him for a day makes it completely disappear. He's never had finrot or tailbiting problems...

I dont have a heater, but my room is very warm, he only lives in a little 2gal and I'm only able to change water once a week...I feel bad, but its what I've got and from what I hear on this forum, he's as healthy as he possibly can be.

am I doing something well or is he just a crazy superfish???
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well Mr. Bubbles has been with me for like only 2 weeks and he does live in a 2 gal. tank and well he still seems happy too! But we do have him ONLY for 2 weeks so ...

My baby boy - Mr. bubbles
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yay healthy fishies =3
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No, it's not that weird. I've had Jazz for over a year and he's never given me any problems. Same goes for Skye and Buster, and I've had them for about 6 months. If you care for them correctly, they should hardly ever get sick. Just like any other animal, including you :p

Tanks- 55 gal(in progress)-Common pleco, Angels, lemon and rummynose tetra, blue rams; 29 gal planted- rasboras, corys, otos, clown plec, shrimp; 10 gal- juvenile goldfish; 6 gal planted- betta

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Lily(Sun Conure), Zoe and Melina(Budgies), Leonardo- Bearded Dragon, Pilot and Phoenix(Golden Retrievers), Beckham(german shepard/akita), Myrtle and Richard(hermit crabs)

A Better Betta Fish Care Video!
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my first betta was a veiltail dalmatian named Zach. Zach lived half his life in a gross bowl(i had fallen prey to the "they can live in a bowl! you don't have to change their water unless it looks dirty!" lies), with monthly water changes. after that, he lived in a one gallon with even less water changes(because it always looked clean to me. >.> i didn't know back then) before living the last year of his four-year life in a 10 gallon with no water changes. somehow, through all that, he never had any issues. no fin rot, no ick, no velvet, no illnesses at all.

i don't think they're superfish, just really healthy fish. :d amazing immune systems. :d
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well thats good to hear...means Im not gonna have some insane bout of every single illness soon or something...I'm glad hes just a healthy guy =)
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i've had nearly all my fish except for the five months and the two HM for a year now.
They are all healthy but as life is the way it is disease is bound to show up even if all the proper care is taken. The only reason i post about my deceased fishes diseases when they were alive is because i never had dealt with it before and this being the only betta forum i ever joined i knew i would get the correct advice in dealing with it and hoping to beat the disease. Not even for the very first two bettas i had Chum and Sharkbait who lived for nearly four years before befalling to the irresponsible hands of my ex. Sorry if the bad news is the only ones that really reach out for attention.
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Sounds like you are a natural fish keeper! That is always good to hear, I knew this girl that had her Betta for 5 years with him never once getting seriously ill and I knew another girl who had a Betta for 2 weeks and he got fin rot then died.
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I think it all depends on the individual fish itself, as well as a combination of its genetics and its prior/current care. I'll use my fish as an example.

All of my fish are treated the same. I am fastidious with water changes, and make sure my water parameters never shift to harmful levels (which means 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite at all times). All my fish are fed the same diet on which 99.9% of my fish are thriving, and all tanks are heated with each fish having a minimum of 3.5 gallons.

However, my only two CT males have both shown serious health problems. One had a problem with his gills/breathing a while back, which although rectified, was followed by some pretty rapid melting of his fins. He now has what looks like a tumour growing on his side, although it has yet to affect his mobility or appetite. He was imported as a pair from Thailand, and aside from a recent bout of bloating (she finally got it all out of her system today), his female counterpart has remained perfectly healthy.

The other CT male who I have had for at least 6 months now, has developed a bent spine and delibitating swim bladder issues. I'm now in the position of deciding whether to euthanize or not since his current standard of living is not what I consider humane.

Oddly enough, the rest of my fish are all healthy and full of life. One of my recently purchased pairs, live in the same tank, and the female was so barred up the other day, she looked like zebra, while the male was alternating between building a bubblenest and showing off for her through the divider.

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Ive had Lucky for over a year and he has never been sick.

"Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less."
~Robert E. Lee
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