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Unhappy Biggest scare moment ever!

I just set up my tank and put my two Bettas in. It's a divided 14gal tall. Anyways I haven't been able to put in a permanent divider so I used those dividing suction cup things and some plastic mesh. It bowed in and I had to fill some spaces on the side with extra mesh so they wouldn't get though. Needless to say is looked like a wreck.

I was nervous as hell about it and they one would get through and they would fight when I was gone or something. But nothing happened until I added some fake plants today.

I bought these plants so that they weren't in direct view of each other and stressing out and stuff. I don't cover all the the divider and they can still see each other pretty well but it does provide some cover for them.

Anyways I knocked one of the fill-in mesh pieces loose so there was a hole that they could swim through. Being paranoid I was constantly checking my tank and saw Pepper swim through into Noche's half. I had an "Oh ****" moment and got the net as quick as I could and luckily they were both stunned at seeing each other that I caught Pepper without a problem and put him into a cup. Luckily no one was hurt.

So now the divider is cut in a where where it touches the glass leaving no room for them to even push through it. Still super nervous about going to sleep tonight and waking up to find one of my fish dead and one injured. But I poked and prodded the divider with a ruler and a net and it's holding well. My only problem is is that they can see each other still. I can fit anymore fake plants though.

But yeah, my heart just about stopped for a second there. Now they're just antagonizing each other through the divider.

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Pepper, male red Veil Tail

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Yikes! Glad you were able to get the net in time!
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Something pretty you could do is buy some christmas moss (you can buy it online from Ebay or other plants stores), and let it grow over the the sides of the divider. It's a lovely plant and they wouldn't be able to see eachother. :)


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Yipes! Good thing you were keeping an eye on them. Glad no one was hurt.

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A brilliant idea that was brought up to me today was to use plastic canvas. If you file any bits that might be rough, you can cut it in such a way that it will hook to the top of the tank and then just bury the bottom of it in the rocks/gravel/substrate/whatever is in the bottom of your tank. If you have to use 2 sheets, just "sew" them together with fishing line. You can even tie the sides to suction cups to the sides to help it not flow any in the center of it. They wouldn't see each other as clearly with that either and your plants would probably provide enough extra cover and such that they wouldn't stress as much. Also, the plastic canvas is all with the holes, so you won't have to worry about it effecting heating or filtration.
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When i set up my eight bay im yet to get plants for it, apart from the java moss i already have, but Louie my at the time baby of the group lept his divider and visited dastan (my large male) and I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT, thankfully Dastan was flaring at nero and too busy to see Louie, i was panicing and it was the bf who scooped louie out (haha) we lowered the water to 1cm below the top of the dividers, then theres another 1cm between the divider and the lids, when my bf woke me to say goodbye seems sponge bob had jumped ut of the water and over the divider ( wonder how many times it took him) nero was quite shy and was at the bottom of the bay and sponge bob just cruised around the top ignoring nero to flare at dastan. i was like OK ya'll weird, we slid a section of egg crate in to the tank to sit ontop of the dividers. when im feeding i simply slide it to the back of the tank and then i have full access to all four bays at the front and drop the food through the eggcrate into the back bays, its not locked in so if i need to access the back bays it will lift out :P

(Must say this was the bfs idea lol they are good for something these fishy hobby boyfriends lol)

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In the spaces my divider derps a little I fillted it with leafy fake craft store plants to fill in and not look to crappy XD <3 Im glad things are ok!
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Yeah I covered as much as I could with the fake plants. The width of the tank is just an awkward length so I can only put so much in. They still flare at each other. Pepper usually ignores Noche though which in turn irritates Noche more.

@Abby I'm glad to hear that no one got hurt! Guess is was a good thing that Nero was shy. I have yet to see either of mine try and jump the divder but I put a lid over just in case when I'm not here. They of course jump to try and get the food as I'm giving it to them. They act like they never get fed lol

Noche, male midnight Delta Tail
Pepper, male red Veil Tail

R.I.P. Link, male purple Delta Tail and Gallas the multi-colored HMDTP
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My white HM jumped a divider once. There was just a tiiiiiny hole in the back at the top between the edge of the mesh and the tank rim, and I had filled the tank pretty high so the filter would splash less... Luckily I looked over to see them posturing at each other and no one was hurt yet. It was still terrifying! XD
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