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Most of my family is fine with my fish, and my mom loves coming in and playing with them. ( She prefers my goldfish though.) my grandmother (who we're all living with. I'm going to college thirty minutes away, my parents lost their house.) has put a cap on how many fish I can have, and I'm at my limit. My grandfather thinks I have too many, but he like the fact that I budget my fish supplies into the equation realistically, and I rarely run out of money prematurely.

"We weep for a bird's song, but not for a fish's blood. Blessed are those with a voice."
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Originally Posted by Luimeril View Post
accidental grave digging. i didn't know she wanted to bury her tree there. xD so, i've been using it as a betta graveyard for the past year. :d
for the last 15 odd years living at the farm my parents were wildlife carers. my mum cared for the cute ad cuddly; dad everything else. at any one time we would have cages full of animals and tanks full of reptiles, as well as pouches hanging off every dinging chair with orphaned wallabies in them.

my mum had bettas, i had them on my own before. my mum died 7 yrs ago but my dad still keeps a 4 foot "creek" tank. bout 5 yrs or longer ago dad caught a sleepy cod out of the creek like : |========| big now he would EAT my biggest betta and not blink. he eats uncooked prawns (shrimp; with head removed) and worms and he is HUGE his head along is about this wide

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Originally Posted by Luimeril View Post
because, as much as i love them, i don't want to touch them. >.> maybe, if mom digs them up, i'll just unbag them and bury them by the Cherry tree. they can be my little Samurai buried under the Sakura tree. <3
Anytime one of my small animals died, it was wrapped in a paper towel and buried that way.

Then, one, you don't have to touch them, and two, they're in something that will decompose along with them :P


RIP Mister Fishy :(

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Originally my mom and dad were annoyed at me, but after a while they warmed up to them (slightly). Now, they put up with bettas, in fact, sometimes I'll walk into the study and see my mom watching Tux.

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My mom lives 1000 miles away from me, so she only sees the boys through pictures and videos. But every time I call her, she always asks how her "grandfishies" are. When I was living with her and had fish, she would always watch them when I was out of town. She was the one who got me into fish, she had a 30 gallon community tank with all sorts of fish in it.

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Well both my parents have had Bettas before... But neither are really pet people (my dad used to eat bunnies in soup ) unless its a dog. But they are both fine with it as long as I only have one....perfectly fair in my opinion because I plan to give that one Betta the best darn home in his entire fishy life!!!!

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My mom asked me tonight: "So which one of the boys is mine?" Kaida is her scarlet VT or CT and Kalona is my HM.

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)= My parents start yelling at me any time I even mention fish.

My dad is a little more understanding because he owns a 55g saltwater tank, but he also gets angry. I'll say, "So, the rock in my fish tank is ripping Neons fins." something as simple as that gets a, "BAYLEE, come on. Don't bother us right now. Go away, stop begging." Once I heard my mom whispering, and she asked my dad why I wasn't normal and my dad said "It's a stage." 0.0 It is most certainly NOT a "stage"

I'm lucky to go to the fish store once a week, but I can only muster that if I pester them every day about it. My parents seem to greatly dissaprove my love of fish, and when I have lots of money of my own even they don't let me spend more than $10 at a time on fish stuff...

>.< And they don't believe I have the knowlage to diagnose diseases Bettas have, like when Velvet (R.I.P.) got SBD and internal parasites I showed my dad and even though it was completely obvious he saw nothing wrong and didn't let me get medication, which resulted in death )=)=)=

I feel jealous of people whose parents love fish XD

If guppies are jewels, than Bettas must be rainbows

Proud owner of Neon, Ryu, and a still unnamed CT
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If I had kids that liked to keep fish, I would be glad that they have such a nice hobby. I'd rather have my kids into their animals than into trouble.
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i wanna go to the pet store tomorrow, but i gotta talk my mom into it. bug her, till she's mad and gives in. she never stays mad. xD she loves looking at the birds. :d

also, we only unburied two fish while mom was planting her tree. when Hyde passed, i buried him in a paper towel next to the tree.
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