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Question odd thread

All of us on this site are always looking for new bettas to get in the future right? my question is..do you name them in advance or do you name them on the spot?? if you name them ahead of time then wut are some names you have picked out..if you name them on the spot, what influences your decision?

I name in advance..right now i only have two names they are

epinephrine a.k.a eppy - any colored betta that is full of energy (for those of you who dont know, epinephrins is a hormone we know as adrenaline)

axel - an all read CT with tons of attitude

Ohana-HM blue/green/red
Hiro-DBT red cambodian
Picasso-HM Koi yellow/black
Melon-HM turquoise/orange dragon
Peaches-CT orange cambodian
Rose-CT Red/purple cambodian
Ember-CT red
Opal-CT light blue cambodian
Mariana-HM dark blue dragon
Dawn-HM silver dragon
Sweet Pea-CT red/blue/cambodian

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Wow, what awesome names! Epinephrine is a really cool one.
It usually takes me days to name mine. It took me a day and a half to name Bertie, and I think 3 days to name Luna? Kept changing her name.
I named Dumbo about an hour after I got him, because I opened the feeding lid on his old tank and bam! He flew through the air and onto the floor. So, dummy Dumbo he became! :D Haha.

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Gryffindor - very sick rescue HMDBTPK
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I am superstitious i always name them after the adapt and eating well.
Because one time long time ago i bought betta he looked perfectly fine no symptoms beside he didn't eat. He live for 7days never ate and died, and i gave him name even before i got him,so since it happened i always wait. :)
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I always wait to name them so I see their personalities, how active they are, their colors, etc. Sometimes their names don't reflect anything about them, for example Rainbow (who is third in command in the pecking order out of 5 females) was named because she was shiny and in the light had shimmers of various colors, whereas Didi was named because I didn't know what to name a very timid female. She's bottom of the pecking order, poor girl :(
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I've always waited, although all my bettas have the "Fishy" surname. Most of the time, their names come to me when I'm not thinking, with the exception of Möbius, whom I had to think about for a few days. Now I'm even thinking about renaming him Agent Smith. He was doing these weird little loops last night while I was watching The Matrix, and it looked like he was dodging invisible bullets. lol

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I give my bettas outerspace-related names. I don't really pick one in advance, but I do think about which astronomical names/terms would be good names (sort of like making a short list), and when I get the fish I choose the name that seems most suited for the fish. My first fish was Ganymede, and my current fish are Calliope and Arcturus. I am just dying to name a fish Seti (NASA program: search for extraterrestrial intelligence) but so far none of my fish have really seemed like Setis lol. My ten gallon just finished cycling, once the cories have been stocked and the bioload has adjusted I will start looking for a betta...maybe I'll finally get my Seti!
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I name them after I get them, although I have a name I'd love to name a Betta. Shiny McBetta Pants.

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some times I think of names in advance but I name them on the spot or wait until I can think of something
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I wait until their name just hits me at once. Noonie's name came a day after he was brought home, Salsa's name took a while, I didn't know what to call him. And Duck was obvious to me, as soon as I saw his picture on AB and saw those little duck lips of his, I knew right away his name was Duck, and that was before I even decided to purchase him!

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I do think of names in advance, but I wait to name the fish until after I get them. I haven't used any of my pre-prepared names yet. :P

For example, when I brought Robert home I looked through my list and then suddenly decided he needed to be named after a dead arctic explorer because of his white lips. xD And then the rest of my fish became the other deceased members of his exploration party.

I'm horrible.

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