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Opinion please

I'm little upset because of some so called "betta lovers" intentions in this hobby. I just received message that somebody new into the hoppy is trying to breed CT and HM and absolutely hates VT. Most of my past & present boys were/are VT because I absolutely love them for their simple look (plus I always feel sorry that they are left behind in the stores while their prettier "cousins" go home with somebody who has no idea how to take care of them, but that's another story...)
I once bought a betta cause he was deformed just so I can take care of him.
I think you can not be a true betta lover if you love only the best and prettiest of them all. Anybody can do that!
What do you think?
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CTxHM may throw them VTs. >.> i think. i hope they realize that.

how can you be a betta lover, and not love all tail types?! true, i'm more partial to, and consider HMPKs my favorite, and joke about never owning a long fin again, but i turned that around when i got my Delta, Ichi.
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Mine is a VT and I think he's adorable! <3 I didn't know there were different tailed types until I came to these forums. Their all gorgeous.
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I never was much into VTs, then I found Cici and fell inlove with her >.> Now I have 2 VTs and I love them both to death.

The Boys
Sunkist and Eros

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Pippin, Melvin, Benny & Spongebob are my VTs and my avatar Dastan (RIP) was a VT
I dont have a FAVORED tail (YET)

Benny was actually a butterfly vt with curled fins. I felt sorry for him and over looked him picked Melvin and my bf said to get benny i looked him over again and agreed to both Melvin and Benny and Tamina (shes RIP)and some days i do regret my decision when i look at cedrics awful fin damage and colour and bennys own fin damage both which benny self inflicted >:@ but i wouldnt have it any other way :) im hoping as his fins regrow (IF HE LETS THEM) he will regrow his butterfly colour

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I have 5 VTs (3 boys, 2 girls), and they are my FAVORITES! Don't get me wrong, I love my crown tail and my double tail, but the VTs are the best in my opinion. They're very classic and simple. I love that.

Sequin (m), Shortcake (f), Westley (m), and Sir Righty of Walton (m).
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Thanx for your posts! I don't only like VT, I love them all! I just wonder how can someone say that VT are not pretty enough! Thank you for helping me prove her wrong! That person is in this hobby strictly for a profit.
And yeah, I mentioned that the she needs to know a lot about genetics to be able to raise mostly "show" type of bettas. Her argument was that she understands enough because she used to breed hampsters..... What a statement!!! :oDDD
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I don't know how someone could hate VT's. They can be just as beautiful if not more then some tails...It depends on the personality of the fish..HM's and CT' are beautiful (I love my Akira so much.) But so are VT's. Kaida (RIP) was a VT and I loved him so much.

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There are no coincidences in this world...Only the inevitable.....

To the Betta's whom passed on: I'll never stop loving you...Take care of each other under the rainbow bridge....
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I love them all...
I have 3 VTS
3 deltas
and 1 crowntail

*monet*Oscar*Blaze*panda*Robin*Milo*Sherlock*Flippy Picasso*August*Mr.Roboto*
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I think that everyone's entitled to their opinion, but absolutely *hating* a certain tail type is pretty nasty. Fish are pets, not decorations. You wouldn't throw a dog out because he's a dachshund, instead of a collie... And if what I've heard is true, she's in for a big surprise if she thinks she's going to get some huge profit. You need to spend money on the set up, and if you don't, then you end up wasting more money because your spawn's all dead, and now you have all of this wasted food, and a million other scenarios... and you're right, in order to produce fish that would get you a decent profit, you need to know what you're doing :P And then most of that profit would go back into other spawns.

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