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I diiiid it!!

Sooo, I had asked a bunch of questions of you guys, which were answered really well. Thank you. And I went on Sunday and got myself some bettas! I also chose to get petstore fish. The poor guys there are cramped and dirty, I have the resources to provide them with MUCH better living conditions, so I felt that I would select a few of the healthier looking ones and take them home. I finally decided on 3 crowntail boys.My 2 year old "helped" me pick them out. A white marble (?? I'm guessing on the color pattern name), a black one with crazy red,green, blue in his fins, and a lovely royal blue with a purple/pink/red thing going on in his tail. I used the 10 gallon I have and divided it into 3 betta worlds. I have yet to decide on names for them (I've never named fish before, but these guys are so freakin cool how can I not?) The white one is very laid back, doesnt mind my hand when i was adjusting the heater or re-attaching his leaf hammock - stupid thing kept falling down. I buy 3 and one refuses to stay up!! raawwr! lol The black one is extremely curious and friendly, comes to the front of the glass when I come to say hi, and the blue one is a scaredy cat. Hides in the back of the tank unless the light is off, then he feels safe enough to come out and explore - although today he did come out for a little while. Each little guy has 3 smaller live plants, 1 artificial plant, and a hideaway. The blue one hides in his artificial plant in the back - silly fish. His hideaway is a bridge type thing and he has been caught swimming over the bridge as if he was really crossing it.. made me lol. He and the black one are neighbors and as of today were flaring at eachother. When the black one tried to engage the white one he was promptly dismissed. He was stared at like "yeah? what are you really going to do through this mesh? no? didnt think so..." it was cute to watch them meet eachother so to speak. I do have some lingering questions. - How many little pellets should i feed them at a sitting... I fed them twice today and stopped when they started to slow down. Each ate a different number of pellets. The tanks filter is on the scaredy cats side, could the filter (simple sponge filter) be adding to his fear? he hides right next to it, but I mean the bubbles it creates? Should I turn it off and take it out? When doing a routine water change should I remove the fish and put them back in when its all done? I ask because it is a smaller area and I'd have to remove their house and artificial plant to get at the gravel well. Or should I just take some water and replace it doing a more thorough cleaning like once a month or something? And finally, I have a aqueon water heater, made for a 10 gallon tank that says it does the auto matic shut off... but I think its off too much. My thermometer says its only 75 degrees in my water, the boys are active, the white one isnt hanging out by his heater, and their all eating... do I have a faulty thermometer or a faulty heater? Admittedly it is a stick on thermometer - It was already on the tank(s) - my 29 gallon included and for that one it works... I tried to get away with it as is... buuuut I suppose I could buy a nifty floaty one... :) I took pics but I cant figure out how to get them off the SD card and onto the computer... I'm SO computer illiterate its sad! When I figure it out I'll show off my lovelies!
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Seems like you are doing pretty well. With the water change thing, don't do full 100 percent water changes. Do 50 or 25. And make sure you condition the water and get it to the same temp as youre tank. You could keep your bettas in there when this happens. And are the decorations "betta proof"? are they rough and/or pointy. If they are take them out. As of names I was thinking....

Hyperion( greek titan of light)
or Marshmellow

If I named every betta I had in my signature then it would take up two pages of a thread. Lets just say I have many!
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Yes my decorations are betta safe, I took an old pair of panty hose in.:) I was sure the Orange plant was going to snag but it didn't, I guess the edges were smooth enough! Ok I will leave them in there. How often would it be recommended that I remove some decorations and go after the gravel? My gravel vacuum is one that I bought for my 29 gallon and the vacuum itself is pretty big. I like Marshmellow, that might fit the white one. I'll try it out.:)
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Larger tank with filter and heater needs to be "cycled" first. In plain words it means that you need to grow "good bacteria" that can transfer harmful fish waste, bacteria from un-eaten food etc. to less toxic nitrate. Frequent water changes, especially in the beginning are very important until the cycling is finished. Then 50% once a week should be adequate. Please remember do not scrub everything at once or you may kill your "good bacteria" and you will have to start cycling all over again. So if you clean gravel too well, do not change filter sponge and vice versa.... Filter sponge keeps good bacteria so it's ok to rinse it but preferably in the water you just drained from your aquarium, not by running water. You can find lots of useful articles about that on the net.

I don't think your thermometer is faulty, you probably just have "hot" and "cold" spots. It can be fixed with adequate filtration/water movement. Sometimes it's as simple as a proper positioning of your filter and heater to create flow. Your dividers may make it slightly harder, but I'm sure some people figured the perfect way to fix this so yet again - google it.
As for food, my boys love hikari micro wafers. I feed them 2 pellets in the morning and 2 at night, one day a week no food and once every few days they get treat in form of blood worms or daphnia.
Fish has a stomach that is same size as their eye and they will eat a lot until they can not eat no more. They are like little piglets so do not feel bad if they still beg for more. do not give in, or you may do more harm. If your bettas have nice size round tummy you're feeding just right. I hope you will have lots of fun with your new family members.
And what names did you give them?
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Some advice,

Take the betta hammocks out. A member on her recently lost her betta in a traumatic way, involving the wire in the hammock. Unless you take the wire out of the hammock, it is a risk to the bettas health keeping it in there.
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