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How do you get your loved ones on board?

Currently I live with my mom who isn't pleased about my new found loved for bettas. As well, my man doesn't get why I'm spending my money on an AB betta. (He doesn't mind my fish obsession, just doesn't get why I'm willing to spend $20-$40 on a fish!)

I don't know how to get them on board? I'm including my mom in the buying process seeing which ones she enjoys as well I'm buying everything now, but I'm not sure how I should advance further??

Thanks guys!

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That's a tough one, Laughing. Are they animal lovers in general (dogs, cats, horses, birds?) In my experience, you are either an animal lover or not. And it's hard to convert someone over.

Mostly my husband puts up with my pet obsessions, because he knows it makes me happy. I enjoy caring for my pets and he sees that.

If your Mom is 'arty', maybe you could ask her advice on decorations, plants or tank arrangements/set ups. You could show her some unusual tanks on line. Also, share with her some interesting facts about bettas. That might pique her interest.

Hope some of that helps a bit.

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my dad doesn't think fish are useful, unless they can be caught and fried. >.> darn fishermen. as for my mom, i had Lulu in the living room for a long while, and she had a blast watching Lulu wiggle at her every time she went over to the tank. eventually, she bought Counter Buddy for the kitchen(which is why he's named Counter Buddy! xD), and she enjoyed watching how excited he gets when anyone gets near his tank. now, though, he moved to the table i had Chappy on, because he noticed how grease would get on(not in!) his bowl, so he's safer now. :d
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I had to hide my aquarium when I first got Dodo because my dad said no more pets (I already had 5 at the time). My mom wasn't too happy about it, either.

Next thing I know dad built me a shelf unit that supports my new 10 gallon. Mom likes to sit by the aquarium and watch my betta wiggle for her.

My betta did all the work to win them over by wiggling with excitement whenever they came to look at him. They thought it was the cutest thing ever.

I do include my mom (and sometimes my cockatiels) when I go to the pet store. And I share photos with my dad after betta photo shoots because he likes to pick which ones look the best.
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My mom admitted today she's grown attached to my betta :D So attached she can stay in the living room ;) BUT, "Any others you bring home go straight to your room!" She's not thrilled about new additions, but I assured her the 10 gallon and (2) 2.5 are as big as I'm going to get. (Unless $$ and space becomes available!) So she feels somewhat better..

My bf said he'll browse AB with me for 10 minutes. Maybe he'll see how cool some are? Might fall in love with one? Then we'll see who's obsessed!! I've found that he loves fish, but he has a preference.

They're both animal people, just my mom thinks its sad when they die and my bf doesn't get the money thing. Hopefully they'll understand soon enough!

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My dad had the idea to get betta's...Took Maka and Akira's healthiness to not berate me for loving every little cute thing they did. Also: Maka recognizes my dad so she wiggles and squirms at him whenever she see's him. He was the one who carried her out of Wal-Mart and kept her warm. My mom loves how Akira flips out and we laugh whenever he tries a new trick to try to win over Maka. Last night we nearly died laughing because he was acting so goofy with Maka in his tank. He kept bashing at the cup too trying to get in it. XD I'm pretty sure he wanted to mate because the bubble nest in under an hour was huge. She loves both of them and thinks they're both so beautiful. But she flips out whenever I mention a possible upgrade and says she doesn't want the 'Tank' look...I could make a sarcastic remark about that but I won't....

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My girl wiggles at both of us, my mom was like "Why does she do that??" and I said "That's bettas. They're very personable with their own personalities!" and she beemed ;) She says she likes how she comes up to greet her when she sits down. (Her tank is on a side table by the "comfy" chair in the livingroom. LOL)

I'm getting a male, hopefully everyone will see how beautiful and unique they can look!! Cuz my female is, well, a female, and nothing *flashy*.

Kaida- CT Female 2.5 Gal.
Julep- HMPK Male 2.5 Gal.
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My mom wasn't happy about my 10 gallon when I first got it-- but I make sure to take very good care of it and of my fish. She's since stopped telling me I need to stop buying more-- though she doesn't want me to get another 10 gallon until we know the layout of the house we're moving to be better, and because she'd afraid of water spills. This I can understand, so I'm holding off.

Mostly though, for a little while i'd just show everyone how well you take care of your fish. And from that point, if you're making your own money no one should complain. (unless say, you're not supposed to have more than 15 gallons of fishwater due to a contract or something.) My mom used to complain about my fish-- but now I've got a job so I don't hve to ask her to spot me here and there. And all is well. C:
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I understand about it being sad when a pet dies. Which is why I have my tons of betta (and other) fish. Grama can stand the loss of them a bit more than something she'd have to take care of or see more.

When I did have a job, I was actually willing to get a cat. We already have one that's about as old as dirt (but still very active), but to be able to take care of mine alone and have something that will cuddle with me when I go to bed would've been nice.

So I can't cuddle with fish. (Unless it's a cuddlefish, LOL.) And I know I can't cuddle with my turtle either, lol. But it's the fishes' personalities that gets me.

Anyway, now that I do have so many fish, I know for sure that I can't ask to bring home something furry.
There's a ferret at the LPS I work at and I absolutely love her. She watches me everytime I walk by her cage (unless she's sleeping), and if I stop to say hi to her, she walks up to greet me. Okay, so she sniffs my hand I offer to her and tries to bite it through the cage. xD' But I still think that's cute. (As much as it hurts, lol....)

Ahhhh, the consequenses.... But anytime I lose a betta or guppy or something, I don't get another fish. When I'm down to two tanks (meaning the rather very expensive BiOrb and my 10 gallon... excluding my turtle's 20 gallon), I'll store away my other tanks and tryyyyyyyyyyyy to get something to play with outside of the water.

In short... I'm on the same boat as you, OP. But it's not just the bettas. (Which they're not too happy about anyway. xP)

Edit: In any case, unless something ungodly happens that takes over a bunch of my fish at the same time (I freaking HOPE not! D8), I probably won't be getting a furry friend to fuss over. Really I'm trying to get someone before I go to BMT, and that's at the end of this summer.
I hope Jade and the others remember me when I get out. |D;

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My fiance was pretty unhappy when I started on this betta adventure, too. He seems to be warming up to them. I had him feed them a couple of times and he was like "OMG they ate it off mah fingur!!1!" and ever since he'll happily help me when water changes come around and he'll be caught sitting in the 'fish watching seat' watching my girls and guys swim around. Show her they're more than just a decoration. :)

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