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are you ever stressed?

so, years ago i had about 6 bettas in 2 to 3 gallon tanks. the constant water testing, frequent regular water changes, along with the daily water changes to those who were ill, ended up really stressing me out to the point where i didn't enjoy my fish anymore. most of them were pretty intense "rescues", seriously ill fish i bought to give them a good life. they were always being treated and tested. i'm not a very easily stressed out person, but it was just too much. it all just seemed like work. but because i care for my little beings, i kept on doing it of course. however, after them, i didn't have bettas for several years. i now have my one guy - yangtze, and am enjoying him very much. of course i am now tempted with getting more, because they're just like little candies aren't they?? but i know what this could lead to, so i'm being cautious. i'm not saying i won't get maybe one more, but i'm going to think it over really hard.

so, what i'd like to know is, do you guys ever get stressed and stop enjoying your fish? i know a lot of you have several, and i just wanted to know how you felt about it.

thanks so much. ^_^

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:d not at all. i have 8 fish, and do water changes all the time, but i enjoy it, even when i get fish water all over me. xD the only thing i worry about, is if my fish are happy, and where to put them .___.
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Yes, as much as I enjoy this hobby, it can be stressful... the more I learn about this hobby however, the less stressed I am. I feel I have gained enough experiance to be a good caretaker to my fish, and it's good to know if something weird happens and I don't know what to do, I have this forum to turn to.

The only time I felt blah about the fish was when I was sick, and I didn't want to deal with the water changes... but I did it, with the help of my bf.

After all, fish can't help themselves... they are even more dependant than a dog or cat, or even a bird. Without fresh water, fish are dead (or on their way to it). A cat or dog can still breath without my immediate attention to their atmosphere...

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Sven's tailbiting is definitely starting to stress me out a bit, but I still love the booger, and still look at every betta every time I got into a store, lol
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Some days I wake up and think "If I have to clean one more cage, feed one more fish, or listen to one more cat whine I'm going to throw myself out a window". Then I get up, go to grab my fish food, and get greeted by a dancing fish, a bouncy gecko, or a purring cat, and my eyes get little hearts instead of pupils, and I'm delighted again. So yes, we all get stressed - just remember why you do it, and you'll be fine.

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I mostly get stressed about water changes, when I'm sick or have WAYYY too much homework. Its soo important to do water changes, and I know I need to do them, and it makes me want to put other things aside to get it done. Its really tough, but I always put my fishies water changes first. :3

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Having pets can be stressful because of the responsibility. There are days when I don't really feel like doing water changes but I do them anyway because it needs to be done. I felt really stressed last year when I was taking care of my mom after her back surgery.
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+1 to dramaqueen

I definitely get stressed about it all. But I enjoy my fish so much, the work is worth it :)

I'll get back to you when I'm doing 100% water changes daily on my current spawn's 90+ babies LOL!
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For me it is a good stress. Not the anxiety inducing kind but the I am needed kind. I don't really have anything to myself besides these fish and they're the only thing I truly have control over and have full responsibility of. They give me a sense of pride and accomplishment daily!!

My bettas keep me busy and out of trouble. I love them. They brighten my day everyday! I can't wait to come back to see them and it is the first time in my life I enjoy coming back to this apartment.

So yes they stress me out sometimes but they're life savers to me. They're worth every moment.<3

I only have 3 tank set ups, though and plan on ending at four or five. I could understand the its no longer fun side when you have a million tanks or 20 something fish that you cannot get to know them personally then it doesn't feel worth it.

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I'm not stressed with my fish I only have 1 10 gallon. But, I have snakes and that is very stressful. The huge food bills is what got me. I was paying $100.00 every other month to keep them fed. Plus I had a female this year that laid 10 eggs and became egg bound on the last egg. She wouldn't pass the egg so I had to have her euthanized. That was a very sad point for me she was my favorite snake. Plus the eggs she laid were all duds. I feel she lost her life for nothing.This is a phot of her.

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