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Walmart Bettas-in okay condition?

I've heard so many people rant on walmart for misbusing their bettas they sell. Well, today, I was in there to get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part One (Call me a geek if you will, I'm the biggest sucker for HP series) when i stumbled upon a shelf of bettas. I was quite surprised... They all had a good 3-4 inches of clean water. There was only aboout a few with leftover food in their cups. Even though most were in pretty good condition, I have no idea how long they've been selling them. There was about 2 veiltales that had a nasty case of fin rot, and one crowntail with ich. One red veiltale seemed to have a spinal deformality in which his body was completely curved. All the others seemed healthy and active, and I was overall impressed. Unfortuneatly, I can't get another betta right at this moment, my sister promised me one for my birthday which is in a week. I'll guess I'll have to keep my eye on Walmart, and iif they start abusing these bettas.

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The bettas at my work (walmart) are always kept in as best of conditions they can be (Mostly cause I do it lol) but I do 50% water changes every day, or at least every other day if I'm swamped. They get fed soaked pellets twice a day, one pellet each time. They all look very healthy and are decently active

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Hey, I'm a bigger geek! I have read all the books, I own all the books and movies, a couple poster, a butterbeer cup, a replica wand, a journal with the house crest on it... LOL. I saw the most recent movie opening day, just this past friday. :D Some walmarts do make an effort. Or they just get a new shipment and they look nice then. It all depends. My walmart is horrible. :(

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my walmart was pretty bad. x: but, i bought their last betta ever. xD he's a wonderful, placid blue CT.
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My Wal-Mart....I'll save that topic when I go camping and we're eating s'mores and telling scary stories

I can't believe you're gone, Tom.
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My WalMart is pretty bad. Everyone here's heard my rants about my late female and how I blame WalMart for infesting her with parasites...

Akira my Walmart male though is healthy, happy and is a total bubblenester.

Alas...My mother has to drag me through the fish section so I don't start the sympathy fest.

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To the Betta's whom passed on: I'll never stop loving you...Take care of each other under the rainbow bridge....
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All the bettas at my Walmart are in horrible condition. I have two from there now. My first has fully recovered in a stunning corwntail and I hope the second one will too. He's got holes in his fins from bad water quality as well as gill burns and general unhealthiness from bad care. He's been on the shelf for a couple of weeks now, but was the last one at the time. My Walmart is notorious for having dead and rotting fish sitting on the shelves and for lack of care for all of their fish. Tank conditions for any given fish are as low as can be.
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strangely, my walmart carries a very little amount of bettas, or maybe its just timing, but whenever i go i always end up seeing a max of 5, and even stranger is that they do carry some of the rarer types and colors. i somehow found a male traditional pk and an orange there. and while they arent dying, they certainly arent kept in the best conditions. last time i went i saw the females covered in ich.. poor girls are always kept on the least noticeable rack.

my scaley babies:

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~ tamaki: male blue/orange delta crowntail
~ natsu: male orange veiltail

The cat troupe :

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- Gypsy: tortoiseshell
- Turtle: spotted tabby
- Fang: blue
- Yuki: lynx point saimese
- Mei: marble tabby

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My Walmart usually gets really stunning crowntails that are never put in the light, so no one can ever see their colors. There have also been a few stunning female giants, all of which we have bought. There's been an orange delta and some really iridescent purple veiltails that were gorgeous. The first week the fish are still beautiful, but they usually end up spending the rest of their lives on the shelf deteriorating.

We bought a giant female that had turned pink from ammonia burns. The first week we saw her she was platinum.
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Try going in Walmart and seeing about seven dead ones on a shelf of like 20. I saw one that was BEAUTIFUL that I actually took to the cash register without even realizing he was dead.. O_o
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