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what about when the guys at the pet store be sure to show you the newest interesting betta they got in. xD and offer you discounts on them. x:

true story. xD
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when i go to the my lfs everyday and when they get new shipments they wait for me to open them and put them up for sale and get them all settled and as a reward they give me three free ones!!!!

oh and when your friends come over and you make one of them clean your tanks, feed your fish, and make the one allergic to shell fish, carry snails into different tanks from my snail pond!!!

If I named every betta I had in my signature then it would take up two pages of a thread. Lets just say I have many!
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When you randomly space out with a funny smile on your face because you are daydreaming about future set ups.

When you buy something and then try and figure out how many filters and heaters you could have bought instead.

When you puff up your cheeks and put outstretched hands next to them to try and flare at your siblings for intruding.

When 75% of your doodles consist of bettas.

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When you puff up your cheeks and put outstretched hands next to them to try and flare at your siblings for intruding.

omg I about pee'd my pants laughing I do this to my mom constantly!!

When the lfs people hide pretty bettas until you come in and there more excited then you are to see them :)

When you walk into your locally owned mom and pop fish store and get scolded for being away so long ( WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN) and then forcefully dragged into the other room to see the fish they ordered just for you without your knowledge ( I love this store )

When you have to wake up at 6 am tomorrow morning and drive 2 hours to pick up your nephew from camp and your ploting how many fish stores you can stop at on the way !!...and your still up at 11 pm posting on a betta form

When you cant sleep until you have said good night to 40 plus bettas and whispered ..mommie loves you!!

When petsmart knows you so well they open the box of bettas on shipping day and step back so you can paw through them

When you wait for the crashing wave to receed so you can run screaming into the freezing surf to dislodge that piece of driftwood...repeatedly so more then 10 people have stopped to watch your insanity

when you drive two hours just to get to that beach with the freezing water for the sole purpose of driftwood collection

when you have more then 80 little eyes watching you sleep and atleast one set watching you shower/pee :) ..yay bathroom buddy!

when youve seriously considered using the coffee pot as a holding tank ( just the glass part stop laughing )

when you see glass cookie jars or any type of glass object and think...gee i wonder if i could us that....

when your 40 plus bettas all have names and not numbers and you fully intend to name every single fry..jim,bob,joe,steve,sally,jane,sue!!

when your serious excuse for something is...gee ide love to but i have to go home and clean tanks
Do i win yet or must the insanity continue??

slightly obcessed with bettas
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When you walk into your local petstore and instead of asking "Can I help you with anything?" you get "Hey, hows the fish! Come see the new ______ !"

Or today... sitting on the LPS company phone, talking to a manager and tell him why he needs to give me a fish for $2, instead of $6.... and winning :D

And thinking of downsizing your furniture to allow for more tanks O_o Happened to a friend of a friend of mine! haha

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Yoshe, i think youv won so far.

Betta-less at the moment :(

"Some people are like slinkies... completely useless. But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs."

I is GaB. Blessed Be. (GaB is a girl)
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Is it normal...

  • That after only a month of deciding to get a betta, that I've collected a bajillion aquarium supplies/doodads, two spare tanks, and am now raising a moss ball?
  • That I dream about my fish making bubble nests? And then find out he did the next morning?
  • When I feed him his kibble I say "oooh, what a good boy you are, yesss you are, oh yesss you are!" and wish I could pet him?
  • I've become proficient in the use of aquarium sealant and wield it with panache like Martha with a glue gun?
I think my path down the crazy fish lady road has begun

Flambé (crowntail), Gleep and Bubba (Moss Ball Army)
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When I sleep walk to my desk and start talking to the fish!

I've done that before!

  • Caspian~Tigger~Prince Nez~Dragon~Andy
  • Alice~Cecelia
R.I.P~Philip~Red~Cleo~Beans~Lemon~Tiny~Timn~Shoes~Snot~ Annie~Mud
<--Salt and pepper Cory Cats
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when i want to convert my back deck to a fish room, and i'm the only person that doesn't think i'm crazy!
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Fishcurl I have a betta that LOVES for his head to be pet :)

slightly obcessed with bettas
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