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A Great Petsmart Employee :)

I went searching for plant fertilizer the other day. Pet Supplies Plus didn't have any for some reason, so I went out to Petsmart. I picked up my liquid fertilizer and looked around. the one girl working there was walking around helping people. As I walked passed, she noticed someone buying hermit crab stuff. She went over, and took something out of her cart and said that was no good for them. It was some sort of substrate. She took her and showed her the right stuff, and as I passed she told me how good the seachem fertilizer I got was. I found the root tabs I needed, and again as an aside, she told me to get both and that was good (I was getting both anyway). But I was very happy to see that. She knew what she was doing and helping every customer she saw. She was a little bold about it, but it was all good information. I was so happy to see that! If she wasn't so busy or if I actually had questions, I'd have talked to her more.

Anyone else have good pet store employee stories?

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A Better Betta Fish Care Video!
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The other day when I went to petsmart for live plants and left with a betta, I was talking to the girl at the register i forgot how it started but she was like we got the bettas in and i was looking through them and found a black half moon, probably like a $40 fish and i got so excited, found out she knows the guy at my lfs really well and she used to breed. Also alot of the bettas at my petsmart are being moved in back where the rest of the tanks are and they arent in the little cups they are in little cubes, still small but the water is crystal clear and there is alil hole in the wall with a tiny hose constantly puting fresh water in!!!! needless to say even though i live 5 min away, not even from one of the petcos in town, i will drive 15 all the way across town to petsmart. it also helps i work right down the street. Is it just me or are petsmarts and even petcos getting better???
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I agree, I see my local PetCo making more water changes with the bettas now. The bettas in general are more healthy, and better looking! Unfortunately, I have never had good help when going in to buy things there, and I don't like any of the employees, but hey, gotta start somewhere! Now if only they would get better plants.

....Just keep swimming...

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I remember going into a petsmart and seeing all the bettas lined up in just 2 rows so you could see all the fishies, and there cups were almost overflowing. :D All the betta were beautiful, a few with clamped fins, but you know bettas. Sometimes they just are clamped. I went up to the counter with some new gravel and water conditioner. The lady asked what kind of fish I had, and I said "4 bettas! :D". She said she made sure the bettas there had lots of water and were fed every day. She was the one taking care of them! I told her to keep it up. :) It's worth doing. I love it when people are nice and friendly and actually make a difference. I think the big guy up in heaven notices little kind acts like that. :P

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I have gotten two lovely Betta from my PetSmart and they all had so much energy and life, and their cups were so clean.

It's really the eyes that get me. They aren't like goldfish or guppies, these guys can speak to you if you are willing to watch them and listen.
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Reference Team
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My local Petbarn takes excellent care of their fish. The tanks are always crystal clear and everyone always looks healthy. I don't think I've ever seen more than one dead fish there.

The girl that works in the fish section used to breed, and it was the first place I ever heard an employee spend half an hour explaining the cycling process to a customer.

They actually commented on the fact I purchased a heater for my very first betta, since most people usually go the unheated bowl route when they're new to bettas.

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I went to petsmart yesterday to get my new female, and the woman behind the counter told me that someone had come in a few days before with a huge betta that they "didn't want anymore" =(. But the lady took it home and now he has a big set-up all to himself =D I was glad to hear that the unwanted bettas don't get destroyed, and that they get to have homes that were probably even better than the ones they were in before!

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That is so cool! i dont get it though it would be like buying a dog and not wanting it anymore. I think people should really be committed if they buy a pet, i know things come up but for the most part you should know what you get into when buying a pet, im glad he found a home! Im really liking that stores are getting better, now if only walmart would change =[
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not a petsmart tale, but I went to my LPS to buy some live food and plants to try and help my Scuzi after he started to nom his tail. I found a very nice, helpful lady who told me all about the benefit of frozen bloodworms (no live, but this was what she recommended). Then proceeded to take the time to thaw some and feed lots of fishies, bettas, chichilids, angels, etc. Found me some live plants that were still fresh, hadn't been put in their tanks yet, and before she let me head to the cash made sure I had a heater.

Turns out she's a breeder, and going to be stocking my eventual sorority <3
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