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I named my betta Freedom, because he is red and blue with white on the tips of his long (not sure of the name) fins. Named in honor of the 23 fallen NYPD officers who gave thier lives on 9/11. Never forget.

1 14 gallon filtered, heated tank: Betta FREEDOM and three platys Sunshine, Sunny, and Orange. Three live plants and a couple of hitchhiker pond snails.
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Sven for Glorry: episode of How I Met your Mother, company named Sven that tells NPH's character to push a button FOR GLORRRRRRRRRY
Robin Sparkles: character on HIMYM's popstar name
Jazz Hands: he's got super long pectorals that wiggle like Jazz hands when he swims
Erebus: god of darkness, betta version is black and blue
Icarus: guy who flew too close to the sun, he's mainly white and blue with a few red spots which I figured were like his burns from the sun, lol
Nalin: he's my grumpy little flower and the name means something like lotus and something about thriving in muddy waters which I figured seemed fitting for a betta
Gilmore: he's got such a happy looking face
Wilson: because my bf is a dork, lol
Ashke: from the Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey, means beloved (though I think someone mentioned it actually means something similar in a real language as well)
Lavan: another Lackey book about a firestarter, I kind of thought he'd end up a black fire when he finally destriped, lol
Kenickie: Sakura mentioned he looked like a grease monkey, Fightergirl suggested danny zuko, but I thought Kenickie was more fun to say, lol
Todd: he's a copper, Copper and Todd are names in Fox in the Hound, think it was Jiro that suggested that one

Tink: I was changing some of her water one time and she bit the plastic cup I was using and it made a "tink" sound
Violet Beauregarde: name of a character from willy wonka, she's kind of a violetish color

also have one I haven't decided on a name for
took a while to type that all out, lol

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Quinn - I really don't know where the name came from. It came to me while driving to school one day and it stuck.

Boba - Pretty obvious. Boba Fish is named after Boba Fett. Because he's so hardcore he bites his own tail. (That's the excuse anyway.)

Frost - Based on his colors. He was light blue and white.

Flynn - I simply picked a name that rhymed with Quinn, who stayed in a split tank with him.

Möbius - Named after the Legacy of Kain character. He was bronze, just like the character's skin.

Fafnir - He was a dragon betta, so I named him after the dragon of Norse legend.

"We weep for a bird's song, but not for a fish's blood. Blessed are those with a voice."
Dr. Gordan Freeman - Red Veiltail
Mr. Quinn Fishy - Red Crowntail
Phinn "Boba" Fishy - Red Veiltail
Fafnir Fishy - Cambodian Dragon Delta
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Pierce- i got cause i felt like pierce is a tough guy name. and pierce is really tough, he's been through so much and keeps coming out on top (:

flair- i kinda got this name right off the bat when i got flair. he has a gorgeous long tail that does this flipping thing at the end so i was like, you've got flair. it's been on him since.

demi- it took me a while to choose demi's name, cause at first i wanted to call her trixie or pixie. i wanted a girl name for my fiesty little attention hog. demi i thought would be good because it means both tiny and goddess/nymph, so it fit perfectly (:

caspian- i got caspian's name from the chronicles of narnia, where prince caspian is a brave sea explorer and king. it's ironic cause caspian is a little scaredy cat. (: and his fins are both deep blue and greenish teal, so i thought something sea related for him.

Boys: Ichabod, Canary, Perseus, Louie, Cherokee, Rojo

Girls: Marie, Hilda, Pixie

Rest in Peace: All of my former fishies. <3
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Dastan and tamina : Prince of persia movie (both RIP)
Cedric fredric and scarlet (RIP Scarlett) were photographed and advertised by their bay numbers 011,004 cant remember scars, but 11 stuck and turned to agent 11 and then scar became agent 88 and freds the brother so he got agent as well i looked up bonds agent numbers and names....need i say more?/
Lord Louie: hes a ct and full of him self also Fat louie off princess diaries (cat)
Spongebob: yellow and love spongebob :)
nero: bf named
Benny: suited him
Melvin(RIP) cause he was odd looking

Marshall(RIP) Barney,teddy bear (ted is his name but i prefer teddy bear) Lilly (RIP) Robin : HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Won won (ronald weasly) Harry potter
free willy :curved dorsal like the movie
Sheldon: The big bang theory
Charz: cause he almost looked like Charcoal
Pippin: Lord of the rings
Mushu: the dragon off Mulan
Rayne bronxie, ailie: were just names i liked
Cinder: after my mum Cindy (RIP MUM)
Lexi: was a random name i didnt want to get attached she was almost dead on arrival
Squirt and Marlin: off nemo *crush died*

Cri-Kee : female for off Mulan also

Female Bettas:Gaia,Bubbles,Tabitha, Rani, Kelsey, 4 unnamed Male Bettas:Oscar, Spyro, Cookie Monster, Kermit The Frog, Grover II, Alvin, Archillies, Moostash
Snails: Yoshi,Peach,Lugi,Mario
Others:Quismodo, Esmerelda, Lavern, Banch(<Guppies) 2 unnamed bristle noses, 2 unnamed reticulate "yoyo" loaches
Furbabies: Kobi & Beau
M F S ˙ʇƨσן ǝƨσɥʇ σʇ ǝɔɐǝԀ ʋƖ ʇƨǝᴚ
"Can never have too many fish"
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lets see.. (copied them from my signature, cuz im lazy lol)
Meekish-when i first got her she was very small and scared and hid all the time, meek=meekish lol
- the first betta i got, named him nahh because i couldnt think of a name for him
Helios- sun god. he is sky blue with yellow on his tail, like the sun coming out
Hades- god of the underworld. hes dark blue and blackNero- the personification of the sun. hes red and gold so it fit

all the ones in green got their names after goddesses, they live together in a sorority and i wanted them to be a strong pack of girls lol. the last 3 are named after fairies. they are halfmoons and it kinda seems like they are more fragile to me.

Meekish-female vt
Nahh-male vt
Rue-female lab/pit mix
Pandem-male kitty

Helios- male vt
Hades- male hm
Nero- male sd
20 gallon betta sorority

my girls: Maia (ct) Athena (ct) Eris(vt) Nyx (ct)
Hecate (ct) Artemis (vt) Bia (ct)
Rani (hm) Xylia (hm)
Pixie (hm) still in a 1.5g QT (conditioning)
Slugger and the Tag Alongs (my ragtag team of
freeloading snails )

RIP circe

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Let's see:

Grumpy because he is a pain in the butt

Lucky because he is lucky to be alive, he was originally called the sicky walmart fish

Sushi -she had no tail

Icicle because he is blue and white

Baron Von Fishie Fins because, well, I dont know why. It just came to me.

Sesshomarhu from Inuyasha. He is a white fishie

Amaratsu after the sun goddess of Japan because she is red and yellowish

Caroline and Olivia. Not sure why. I dont even like the name olivia but someone suggested it and it stuck

Princess wilimina of the fishie bowl because it sounds cute

Butterbuns - I told the boyfriend he could name her and..yeah..butterbuns

Sanoske from a character in RUrouni kenshin

Tauske - character from fushigi yugi that had red hair and he is a red CT

Balthzar - I have no idea. It sounded cool i guess

India - after the country. Why? I have no idea.

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I named my male phantom because I'm really unoriginal and am terrible at thinking of names. Often, I end up leaving them un-named or just call them "fishy". He looked like a phantom though... All black with streaks of blue. He also moved in a way that made him look like a ghost...Figured it was better than nothing.

The matching black female I named Sloth. Right when I cut her from the bag she darted around the tank, horrified. However, she spotted a piece of gunk (decaying branch, maybe?) and stopped to see if it was edible. After deeming it unedible, she continued scurrying around. Sloth: Always hungry, even in the face of danger.
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*grabs popcorn to watch this*

Female Bettas:Gaia,Bubbles,Tabitha, Rani, Kelsey, 4 unnamed Male Bettas:Oscar, Spyro, Cookie Monster, Kermit The Frog, Grover II, Alvin, Archillies, Moostash
Snails: Yoshi,Peach,Lugi,Mario
Others:Quismodo, Esmerelda, Lavern, Banch(<Guppies) 2 unnamed bristle noses, 2 unnamed reticulate "yoyo" loaches
Furbabies: Kobi & Beau
M F S ˙ʇƨσן ǝƨσɥʇ σʇ ǝɔɐǝԀ ʋƖ ʇƨǝᴚ
"Can never have too many fish"
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Well i just found the name for my betta. His name is kenshin (*KENNY*). He is red, pink, and white. He looks like the fish version of kenshin o:.

-Kenshin is an anime character.-
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