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Haha, cute topic. Ive always wondered about some people's.

Allejandro "Alle", my orange Dal, because it was the song playing on the bus the day I brought him back to the dorm. He perked up when I played it through headphones, too. :) He liked Taio Cruz. At least someone does. LOL

Macceroni "Maccies", because he was the color of a noodle and noodle. He was legit dumb. Two c's because Alle had two L's :)

Basch, after the Final Fantasty 12 character. I loved playing as Basch and always thought that under that BA appearance, I knew he could be nice. And he was :D I miss Baschy :c

Balthier "Baller", after the other really awesome FFXII character. I got Baller not too long after Basch died, so it seemed fitting. The "Baller" nickname is courtesy of my roommate, who loved him and so did all the other girls on the floor...He was a baller, ladies loved him ;) I love this stinker.

Svedka "Sved/Fyfsh": Not just a cool name, but it seemed fitting considering his white/clear color with little bits of blue. He's a dorm fish, too, so... Hah, well, at least no one will forget his vodka-y name, LOL! <3


Sorry for the big pics :C
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Pew, your post just made my night. Not only was FF referenced, but you posted a picture of a bottle of vodka. I rarely LOL but this was one of those rare occasions.
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Originally Posted by Nexangelus View Post
The matching black female I named Sloth. Right when I cut her from the bag she darted around the tank, horrified. However, she spotted a piece of gunk (decaying branch, maybe?) and stopped to see if it was edible. After deeming it unedible, she continued scurrying around. Sloth: Always hungry, even in the face of danger.
I thought that would be gluttony? D: D00D IDK.

And yay for lols :DDD
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Originally Posted by PewPewPew View Post
I thought that would be gluttony? D: D00D IDK.

And yay for lols :DDD
I believe Sloth encompasses gluttony and laziness.
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Some have pictures

Graphite-Because he is soo black
Pyrite-He is silver, and i felt like a fool for buying him at
Quartz-He is a Cellophane Marble, so his colors ar ealways changeing...a Quartz stone is mostly translucent with a range of colors.
Rorschach (roar-shack)-His colors remind me of a Rorschach picture.rorschach_answer_3_xlarge.jpgDSC04194.JPG
Jack (Daniels)-He is Honey Yellow and black :)630010x.jpgDSC04201.JPG
Molotov-he is a little guy who acts shy...but he packs one heck of an attatude!Molotov_cocktail_flam.jpg

Amethyst-She is purple
Azurite-She was green/red at first...not is a blue/red.
Benitoit-She is a special kind of blue
Charoite-she is purple and hot pink
Malachite- She is more blue/green
Opal-She is a marble, and will continusly change!
Mystic-She is many many shades of blue, green, and red
Spessartine-She is a vibrent red/orange
Zoisite-She is big, and her blue/green and red mix.

Betta-less at the moment :(

"Some people are like slinkies... completely useless. But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs."

I is GaB. Blessed Be. (GaB is a girl)
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I want a fish with a booze name!
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Jägermeister!! >:D
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The bettas who get names tend to be the creepy ones, who happened to be my first few Bettas, expecpt for Edgar who was a handsome beast

Edgar-first betta-Red male VT...It sounded fancy and he was a fancy guy

Louse-little plain brown SD female...her behaviour was shifty and suspicious like a she kind of looked like one

Loam-ugly/nasty marble female... I played pokemon the day I got her and planted berries in loamy soil. The word "loam" sounded awesome to me so I had to name one of my fish such an amazing name

Annie-red female.... just like the ginger orphan annie

Runty-runt fry that turned quite nice

Reedy-a juvie who looks...reedy

Most of my Bettas are nameless now days, its just "The blue one or "The one that looks like meat"
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Touchstone: I adopted him right after I got back from studying Shakespeare in England. One of my favorite Shakespearean characters is Touchstone the fool from As You Like It.
Ares: He is blue/green with red on his pelvic, anal, and caudal fins. the red on his anal fin kind of looks like dripping blood, so I wanted a warriors name, and who better than the god of war?
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Oliver: He's green and round like an olive, and I love the musical Oliver Twist
Inigo: After Inigo . . . Jones, the architect. Also means "little fire" in Basque and believe me, he lives up to his name. Also from The Princess Bride.
Heliotrope: Because he's purple, the exact same shade as the flower. And also a very obscure Doctor Who reference ;)
Zale: Wanted a Z name. "Sea strength" in Greek.
Soliel: He looks like a miniature underwater sun. I guess.
Sho: Means something like "soaring" in Japanese. He had jumped from his cup at the LFS, I put him back in his cup and decided that he didn' want to be in such a small space any longer, so home he came!
Kasterborous: Fictional solar system of the Timelords, from Doctor Who
Xochipilli: "Flower Prince" in Aztec. He lives up to it! But he's been biting his tail very severely recently.
Stirling: "Little Star". He is my youngest betta boy at five months old.
Adric: Another Doctor Who reference. Adric was a companion of The Doctor in the classic series.
Moon: Because he's the colour of the full moon :)
Marilyn: After a friend who passed away.

/ Quill (Brown Tabby and White Pancake Monster)[/FONT]
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