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The reason behind the names?

I've seen some pretty cool betta names I thought it'd be cool if people shared the reason behind them!!!

My four

Jazz: He was a spazz when I got him, which rhymed with Jazz...since I am a band geek and my marching band was doing a jazz show, I thought, why not?

Ice Pop: Her coloring reminds me of the pink ice pops we get during marching practice, and she's a sweetie.

Phantom: Phantom Regiment. Nuff said. Plus she hides a lot XP

Horizon: She had stress stripes when I broght her home...which were horizontal so Horizon became her name. Plus on the band bus we watch the sun set on the way to competitions XP
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Suki: She was so tiny and cute when I bought her. I named her Suki because it means beloved in Japanese.

~Please Call Me Caiti!~
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Awww cute!!
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Tihs (read her name backwards) my bf got her as a present to me, when he picked her cup up she took a nice poop for him, lol, and she is a little **** so the name fits

I got King and Hercules at walmart together... in the same cup... some cruel person put Herc in Kings cup, King came out the winner, not a scratch on him, and he is FULL of hisself, hence the name King

Hercules name was actually reccomended by a member here, I was looking for a strong name for this beat up guy and it fit perfectly)

I got Pickle from Walmart as a pretty forest green girl (the color of a pickle, lol), it turned out she was a guy, then he tarted to develope his true colors. A forest green (pickle) body, red fins with light green streaks and blue "splatters"

Chile is another walmart rescue, I was tempted to call him Valentine, his fins had curled from being kept in a tiny cup with lots of ammonia and little water, someone on the forum mentioned the name Chile and it stuck (and is much mor manly)

Finn... well... Another walmart rescue, but this time, with fin rot so ad he had NO fins left, someone on here mentioned the name Finn and... the humor of it was to perfect... and this little guy is already living up to his name and growing new fins!!!!

Wildfire- a Walmart rescue with BAD SBD and fin rot, she had so much spunk and litterally acted like a little wildfire
Chance- a Walmart rescue that I knew wouldnt make it, he wouldnt eat, had SBD (or something worse, possibly internal damage)

These three arrive tomorrow, I bought them from cajunamy, I chose their names based off of names I liked

Echo- I have always loved the name Echo since I read it in the book Remnants

Ender- from one of my favorite characters from my favorite authors book, Enders Game

Merle- the newbies are mables, and I love the idea of naming a pet Merle (though her name may be subject to change once I acually meet her)

19 Bettas:
Hercules, Finn, Flagg, Sammy, Jackpot, Anchovy, Gotham, James, Honey, Echo, Ender, Merle, Orpheus, Dancer, Peanut, Dragon, Omen, Eurydice, Smudge
My FIRST spawn!!!!
Unknown number of fry... HM marble + HM marble
3 Corys:
Ned, Lucky, and Dusty (AKA Nemo)
3 Dogs:
Chai, Punk, Pandora
1 Turtle:
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What a great thread topic. :D Texas and Takoda got their names because they mean friend/family. :) That's what they are, right?

One(1) male Betta splendens named Texas, one(1) big heart for him.
Texas means Friend, and that's what my betta is.
A new member joins the family, Takoda.
Two new members join the family.
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My fiance named Venom and Carnage after Spiderman characters.

I named Ben and Hughie cause I like simple names. My friend named Freddy because he matched the simple names of the others. Twitch got his name because he twitched the first few days he was here. When he gets excited, he twitches a lot. Nixon came with his name, I often wondered why he was names Nixon lol

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Lulu got her name because it was simple, and somehow just came to me(:
Charlie got his name because I had just finish reading a Harry Potter book, and he had red, but he seemed chill, and Charlie's cool :D (Charlie Weasley)

One 70.G Cichlid Tank-2 Parrotfish, 1 Red Bay Snook, 1 Jack Dempsy, 2 Mayan Cichlids, and 1 Spotted Catfish
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10 Gallon tank with female veiltale- Lulu and 2 Mystery Snails
3.5 Nano Saltwater Tank with yellow goby-Buttercup, 3 red leg cortez crabs, 2 nassarius snails, 3 hidden cup corals
One misfit jack russel-rat terrier mix-Ginger

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Well, I probably have the most original/boring Betta name: his name is Betta

He was/is my first fish, and after I got him home everyone was like "Can I name him? What is his name?"... and in my head I was thinking You mean people actually name fish???

So I just said Betta... he is a Betta fish and therefore I shall call him Betta.

My plan is to name my next one Alpha :D
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Let's see:
Julian-named after my Mom's favorite jockey, Julian Lepereaux.
Reina- Someone said she needed a royal name since she's a crowntail so I chose Reina, which means queen in Spanish.
Nina- When I first got her the name Nina just came to mind. It means little girl in Spanish.
Wesley- Wes was named after one of the owlets in San Marcos, California from last year. I watched those baby owls go from newly hatched to young adults, flying on their own.
Dijon- I kind of stole the name from MrVampire. lol My Dijon is a drango mustard gas plakat.
Zinfandel- I had one named Merlot so I thought I'd name my cellophane boy Zinfandel. I think Zin is partially blind.
Echo- my beautiful halfmoon I got from Jackie. I was just looking through a list of names and decided to name him Echo.
McGee- the father of the baby owls. His mate's name is Molly. My next girl will be Molly.
Leilani- means heavenly flowers in Hawaiian. I got this one from
Makoto- Japanese for sincerity. Got this one from Behindthename.
Fernando- Just because I like the name.
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Nel: short for bubble face nelson
Nelliel: betta colours match that of an animated character.

Kigurumi (F) yellow PK 7/4/13, Kurama VT 9/8/13, Zeydalus Salamander EE PK 21/3/14, Ryuk turquoise dragon DeT 8/5/14----Crested Gecko (8ths old) Sven Cal 27/12/11,

RIP: Osiris copper DT, Nel blue VT, Nelliel turquoise grizzle DT, Zaku red cambo, Blitzkreig Pineapple CT, Halloween orange chocolate DeT, Grimmjow, turquoise green CT
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