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sorry if i hit any raw spots, just kinda wondering
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What's important is that the betta is being properly cared for now... I would help someone as much as I could to see that the betta gets better...If someone creates a thread asking for advise on a fish they rescued from a store…I don't feel it's my responsibility to point out or correct them that they didn't rescue their fish if that is what they want to call it...But..that is just me...I do get where you're coming from though.

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Originally Posted by cgchad View Post
Second, is the conditions that they are kept in.
This is simple economics. The sheer cost for the chain stores to properly house and care for these beautiful fish would create so much overhead, that this cost would have to be absorbed by passing it on to the consumer. This would make the $2 to $15 Betta's that we see in the chain stores, potentially cost $30 to $80. Thus putting them out of the cost range that many of us can afford. In turn, we would lose out on the ability to enjoy them in the privacy of our own homes. These chain stores are not zoo's they are businesses, and everything is driven by profit. Believe it or not, there is not much of a profit margin with any of the pets that the chains sell. The pets themselves are considered a "seed". By giving you a little information about the pets they sell, you will naturally be driven toward the purchase of items to properly care for these pets on your own. That's where the profits are.
I have a big issue with this. Clean water and a bottle of proper pellets wouldn't cost them any more than no water changes and freeze dried blood worms. 9/10 us people take Bettas because of the condition of the water or because of a disease the conditions caused. I have no issue with cups as long as they are clean. Our LPS using 0.5g wall tanks. Wouldn't harm them to mix up a batch of good water, $5 for epsom salts and $5 for enough aq salt to last a while. $10 extra to maintain the fish. This is why I plan on applying at my LPS in the fish dept and do things properly. I can see your argument if we expected 5gal tanks for each fish, but even having clean water and proper food? I complained enough at our pet store and they finally house and feed the rats properly. I'm now working on the Bettas.

But I do have to agree, its not the animal that makes profit, its the supplies. My rats cost $10ea, but their cage was $500. O_o

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It's a lot like getting a cell phone for $20. They don't make money on the phone, but wait till your monthly bill comes in!!!!!
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Originally Posted by cgchad View Post
It's a lot like getting a cell phone for $20. They don't make money on the phone, but wait till your monthly bill comes in!!!!!
OH ya buddy! Or the "Here take a free phone, but sign into a 3 year contract. Then we'll mess up your bill so much, get soo much money out of you and you have to take the abuse for 3 years!" I agree with this one.

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The definition of rescue:
Verb: Save (someone) from a dangerous or distressing situation.
Noun: An act of saving or being saved from danger or distress

Rescuing a betta (or any other animal that otherwise would have died) is rescue, regardless of whether you paid for him/her.
The only problem with paying for a betta that you have "rescued" is that it supports the abuse these lttle guys suffer at petstores.
However, even if you buy a healthy betta, you are supporting this.
And leaving a sick/dieing betta there does not make the store loose money, they are compensated for that lost normally

If you find a betta in a bad situation at a petstore, the best option is to find a manager and ask that you get a discount, if you are calm and polite, explain what is wrong with the fish and how it is going to cost you a lot to save himher (never hurts to mention you will have to buy a lot of stuff from said place to save him/her) the manager is almost ALWAYS willing to give you a discount or even a free fish

*I got my fish Hercules for free after he was placed in another bettas cup, he was torn up really bad
*I got Finn (a CT betta) for the price of a VT, he has NO fins left, so not the best deal, I really shoul have gotten him for free but I wasnt in the mood for arguing since I wanted to get him home

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Upgrade, is a term I've seen used on another forum to describe an animal that has been purchased from a bad situation. Personally, I think this is much more appropriate to use, as even if you are not technically rescuing a betta when you purchase it from Walmart, you are upgrading it, and giving it a better quality of life.

Personally I've bought bettas that have been on the receiving end of some pretty substandard care. However, I never describe them as rescues. Paying to save a betta isn't rescuing it. You are simply making a purchase.

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I don't really consider any of my purchased boys 'rescues', however the one I got off of an abusive owner(Mandy) is definitely a rescue. I would have given that fish maybe a month to live, tops. They rarely fed him and never cleaned his water, but he was a fighter, and survived a long time in those conditions.

But I didn't pay a dime for him, I begged him off, however I still would consider him a rescue if I bought him because his permanent home was like that.

Betta in pets stores are not staying in those conditions long, they all sell or die eventually.

It's really the eyes that get me. They aren't like goldfish or guppies, these guys can speak to you if you are willing to watch them and listen.
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or it's
"heres a free phone for a 3 year contract"
you get phone stolen
" still gotta pay cause you is on contact, oh if you want the same phone its $300"
im stuck with a cel phone thats older than my dead dog. only "extra" features it has is solitare lol...i get laughed at when i wip that fossil out
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