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Some great stories mines not as impressive.

I had bought a tank with the express view of getting into inverts, as my parents had just bought a tank for fish.
Being a trainee science teacher I thought it would be interesting to try something new. In the family fish store my dad goes to me and my GF walked past the Betta's a stunning wall of smallish tankswith jut one betta per tank. As we walked past this one betaa started flaring and going for the jangling keyring I had in my hand.

Right there I changed my plans and now we've just bought an even bigger tank for him and his gang of tetras to move into.

17L Tank 1
Treize - Blue, red, purple,green betta.
The Guys- Pristella (6)
17L Tank 2 (the hotel)
65L Tank3
4 Head-tail light tetras

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I got my first betta Neon when i was 11 in 6th grade. he was kept in a 1 gallon filtered tank which i cleaned once a week. ever since then I have always had a betta. Thenn for a bit I didnt have any but decided about 5-6 months ago I wanted a betta again. So I bought a male and a female, I named them fred and ethel!! Ethel passed a week later but Fred is still alive and doing well. I had been thinking of getting a hamster (im 19 and never was allowed a hamster until now >.<) and had done alot of research on them, I dont remember how but I found this site and learned how to properly take care of bettas so fred got moved to a 5 gallon tank, and soon after I thought to myself A sorority would be cool. So I asked my mom and she said she would rather have me get the sorority. so that was 5 more fish. then while at petco getting my girls I saw a beautiful black and yellow guy who i had to have, bringing me up to 7 fish. Then the petsmart dragon thread was created and im sure you can guess what happened so then i was up to 8 fish. then 3 weeks ago at my lfs I found a pretty little boy, who i had to bring home making for 9 fish, then 2 weeks ago i decided i wanted a tank with live plants to i went to petsmart and didnt even look at the fish i was so proud when i hear my boyfriend say hey hun look at this guy and now I have 10 fish. And I love them all. I just got my room down to 4 tanks, 2 five gallons and 2 ten gallons, one holds my sorority and the other is divided 3 ways
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I was 14 or 15 and I really wanted a dog but my parent's kept saying no. One day (after dragging my Mom out of bed on a Saturday morning to go to a Petsmart Adoption event) I was pouting as we were walking out (dogless) and I asked "Can I at least get a fish?"

She said Ok and we went to look. All the tanks were too expensive (I originally wanted a Black Moore Goldfish). The petsmart employee directed us to the Bettas. I hadn't ever really paid much attention to them.. I'd seen them in peoples homes as the ones that "eat the roots of plants" but didn't really care about them.

I picked out a pretty purpley, blue/red one. I named him Potato Gonzalez. Along with him I got a small betta tank (.5 or 1 gallon) that came with purple gravel and a little plastic plant.

After a few weeks I noticed he didn't do much. Went to petsmart to ask if he was sick and they said he might be cold. Bought a stupid LED light thing that was supposed to warm the tank up (derr.. LED don't get very warm at all). But since Gonzalez always stayed right up under the light I figured it was keeping the tank warm.

About a year after I got him he died :( I was super sad because he'd been my first pet (as in not a "family" pet). My friend tried to make me feel better by buying me a new one.. who I hated. He was not the same fish and I did not want him. That fish turned out to be "Fish".. and for those who have been around here long enough will know how much I grew to love that fish.. he was and always will be my most favorite Betta.

Fast forward about 2 years and I have another betta, Freddie Mercury. Freddie's tail mysteriously starts dissappearing and I stumble onto a betta forum... and the rest is history.

Now I have anywhere from 10 to 20 tanks running and anywhere from 15-30+ bettas, member of the IBC and my local chapter (Georgia Betta Breeders Association), spend more time reading about bettas than the law allows, and am working towards starting my own lines and showing my fish.

*Be smart.. Do your research!!*[/COLOR][/FONT]

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Well hm...
I've always been an animal lover. With my family I've kept cats, dogs, hamsters, ferrets, rats, tadpoles, pond goldfish, newts, hermit crabs, and even a betta or two. There's probably more to that list, but those are all I can think of right offhand. Anyway, I had just become an "adult", and had sorta moved out. I felt weird not having an animal to care for. And in my vulnerable state a friend and I went to Wal-Mart at like 2 in the morning. We were browsing, and I remembered they had a fish section, and I very much remember enjoying looking at the bettas on the shelf way back when I was little. So we figured "what the heck" and we looked. When I was a kid they had nothing but the common blue and red VTs. But what surprised me was the pathetic looking, oddly colored ball of fish sitting up front. I looked at him, he looked at me, we connected, and I ended up bringing home this little orange nightmare that I named Winston :)
Here's a horrid cell phone pic from when I first brought him home:

And with a lot of TLC, spoiling rotten, and research on this forum, he turned into this:

And that turned into around 14 more total. lol

I love this hobby, I LUB my fishies, and I'm glad I stumbled upon Winston that day :)

4 Males
Winston~ Damian~ Twitch ~ Evans
1 Female
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Hey all, I just got my first Betta about a month ago. I actually went looking for a couple goldfish to have on my desk at home. When I saw the Betta's I instantly fell in love with their beautiful colors and fins. My daughter had a Betta at her dads house and talked it up all the time. (She's 6) I thought I would give one a try on my desk and he is wonderful to watch when the stress starts rolling!!

He had me a little scared yesterday though. He was just hanging around and not swimming. Thought I was gonna lose him. With help from others on this site, it turns out he just needed a bigger home. I got one for him last night and today, so far, he's been moving a lot more!
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I got my first betta at the end of July. I was doing some research to find out what tropical fish I was going to add to my new larger tank. We don't see bettas a lot in the UK (well, not my bit of the UK anyway) and I was fascinated with the pictures I kept finding on sites like this and also the accounts people were giving about betta personalities etc.

Anyway after moving my tropicals into their new home I was conveniently left with a spare 5 gallon tank plus filter, heater etc. I found online betta sellers in the UK and although I was a bit concerned about fishes being sent by mail my new friend arrived safely and is sleeping on his silk plant as I write.

I'm so glad I discovered these gorgeous fish and to be honest if I'd bought the betta first I wouldn't have bought the tropicals and the larger tank at all and then I could have had another betta tank!!!
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Unlike the majority of people, I was never allowed any sort of pet as a child. No family dog, no family cat, nothing. When I was very little, there was a "turtle craze" among the local Asian community and my grandma came home with 4 baby red eared slider turtles, one for each of her youngest grandchildren (Me, my brother and two cousins). The two went to my cousins and my brother and I got 2. They started out in one of those tiny reptile bowls. Once they outgrew it, they got a bigger tank (I think 30-40G?) that was put on a chest of drawers type thing in our kitchen, IR lamp and everything. Then they got a BIGGER tank, 55-65G and it had to go on a stand. My dad loves symmetrical things so we got a matching tank and stand and put fish in the other one. I don't remember much about that tank other than we had ENORMOUS Tinfoil Barbs when my dad gave up on the hobby (too many deaths, my mom kept getting more for feng shui reasons -_-). Our turtles were given away to this nice man who ADORED them. He had a huge pond for them and let them walk around the place like my dad did.

Fast forward to first year university. Our family had been pet-less for about 5 years-ish. Our animal behaviour lab was giving away goldfish, bettas and zebra danios. Obviously the bettas went first, so I ended up getting two goldfish, Zippo and Blotch. These guys were tinier than tiny. I kept hem comfortably in one of those "Marina Betta Kits" (Now my QT). I changed their water everyday until they got a little bigger. I then asked my dad to help me buy a new tank for them, we came home with my 2.5 Gallon tank (Now my cursed tank) and they lived extremely happily. Since I was in residence, I couldn't get a huge tank for them, I also didn't know any better. After 1 year in residence, I took them home where I commuted to university. They lived or another two years, then Zippo passed away. My mum (ugh) bought me Nigel to keep Blotch company because Blotch would NOT leave Zippo's body alone, and attacked me several times as I tried to scoop it out. Unfortunately Blotch HATED Nigel, chased him around and eventually died as well. My mum (AGAIN) bought Nigel a friend, Dea. They lived in my cursed tank until I moved into my current apartment last year, now they live in an 8 Gallon BiOrb.

My 2.5 Cursed tank was empty, and I didn't like it just hanging around, so I researched what I could fit in there. I found this forum, stalked it for a couple of weeks to gain information, then went to go purchase a Red/Blue Multi-VT with a heater and a new silk plant. I fell in love with him INSTANTLY, if any of you knew me long enough to have read Shimmoo's Memorial, you would know why. He was pretty much like a curious kitten. I was extremely upset after he died 10 days after I got him.

I decided to put my hobby on hold because I was going on vacation for 2 weeks and didn't want to leave a new betta unattended (Nigel and Dea were fed by boyfriend at the time). I came back, bought a 5 gallon kit and bought HongBo. He was like the puppy I never had as a kid, so active, bright personality, everything. I knew then, I was bitten by the betta bug. My cursed tank was itching at me, sitting there being empty. About 2 months later I bought MeiLin home. My tanks were full and I was satisfied. A few months later again, MeiLin's tank started leaking, so I temporarily fixed it with duct tape and went to get a 3 Gallon, After my neon tetra episode, I hated that tank so I got a copy of my 5 Gallon.

I had learned about divided tanks and was curious. Lelouch came home after an impulse buy at a Petsmart in the next city over. First it was Lelouch and Lin sharing, then after their incident I made Lelouch and HongBo share. HongBo was too dominant for Lelouch even through a divider so I put HongBo in my cursed tank for the weekend because I couldn't get the dividers to work out well and was running out of ideas. Cursed tank claims HongBo's life. I was devastated. I officially stared calling it my "cursed tank" because it has taken the lives of 4 fish to date. I cried for a week, thinking it was just a bad dream and that I would wake up to find HongBo wiggling at me the next day.

Lelouch and Meilin enjoyed their own 5 Gallons until I fell in love with Skittles and Starburst on Aquabid. It took a lot of guts but I ended up bidding and winning them. I re-split the tanks, got two new hiding places. It felt like FOREVER for them to arrive. I ended up getting Redbeard, a red male CT for my brother in his own 5 Gallon bowfront. Unfortunately Redbeard also passed quickly, like Shimmoo. I returned the body and got Redbeard II (Just call him Redbeard, though) and a couple of live pants.

Skittles and Starburst FINALLY arrived and I was acclimating them to their tanks. A few days later, I ended up getting a 1Gal cube and brought Mali home. Sadly, Lelouch started mysteriously acting emo, and passed away 2 days later. I didn't have time to mourn him (he has no memorial on this forum) because I had to go up to my grandma's that weekend and was very stressed.

Now, Skittles and Mali share a tank and MeiLin and Starburst share the other.

...That 1 gal cube is starting to stare at me >_>

Water Chemistry Basics
Beginner Tank Size Guide
GUIDE: Tank Cyling/Nitrogen Cycle [With Pictures]

Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. And the more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have.
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I actually got my first one in July. I had wanted another fish for a while (I have 2 fantail goldfish) and wanted one that would take too much effort or space. When I went to a fish store with my friend and her dad I saw a bunch of bettas. I knew they didn't take a bunch of space and upon finding a fiery red one I bought him upon impulse :p i set him up in my goldfishes former 1 gallon bowl ( I got them as a gift and afterwards realized they needed a much bigger tank) and stump led across this site. After finding out their needs I dug up my hermit crabs old kritter keeper (3gal) as I prepared to move my goldfish into their new even bigger tank to free up the 5 gal for the betta. Unfortunatly he died within the week before I could move him into his big roomy home so my mom took me to petsmart. They only had few selections on veil tails and dragons and my mom showed me two who looked healthy. It was so hard choosing between the two! But I went with draco the veiltail. That night I couldn't get the other poor guy out of my head bc he just had that sad look when I didn't choose him. My mom said no more fish but the next day I went back and bought him and divided the five gal :D since then I've also acquired a copper half-moon dragon Rhyu and am restraining myself from buying anymore bc I won't have any money left!lol betta love <3
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Well, I had just lost me Parrot Cichlid, Dunkin, a power outage lasted three days in the area after a bad storm and the whole tank was wipped out (50gal.)
I then moved into an apartment that only allowed 10 gallon tanks (largest) so I put my 30 gal in storage and after some sweet talking, my bf bought me Tihs, who was kept in a .5 gal. shortly after I updated her to a 1 gal becuse she didnt seem happy, after finding this forum (I actally found this forum when I rescued Hercules/bought King) I upgraded Tihs to a 2.5 and now I have 9 bettas and counting :)

19 Bettas:
Hercules, Finn, Flagg, Sammy, Jackpot, Anchovy, Gotham, James, Honey, Echo, Ender, Merle, Orpheus, Dancer, Peanut, Dragon, Omen, Eurydice, Smudge
My FIRST spawn!!!!
Unknown number of fry... HM marble + HM marble
3 Corys:
Ned, Lucky, and Dusty (AKA Nemo)
3 Dogs:
Chai, Punk, Pandora
1 Turtle:
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Well I had always wanted some fishes so when I got my third degree black belt I asked for a fish tank with balloon bellied mollies but then I saw this spunky red vt...I put him in this small little tank (because I didn't know better) but I fell in love...like I tAlked to him and watched him and his tank sat right next to my bed...well I was looking around google and found this site and read all about bettas....then I wanted another one....so I got a purple vt...they lived happily until I put a chemical in their water which killed them by accident....I cried for hours..they were great and wonderful friends....when i got the chanch to buy more...I did and more and more and more...they are wonderful companions and I love them

Ohana-HM blue/green/red
Hiro-DBT red cambodian
Picasso-HM Koi yellow/black
Melon-HM turquoise/orange dragon
Peaches-CT orange cambodian
Rose-CT Red/purple cambodian
Ember-CT red
Opal-CT light blue cambodian
Mariana-HM dark blue dragon
Dawn-HM silver dragon
Sweet Pea-CT red/blue/cambodian


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