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These are all excellent stories. Thank you all for sharing. ^_^

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This is a really excellent thread, btw ^^

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I got into betta fish recently, i went to my friends house one day for a couple of hours and he showed me his new betta fish it was a beautiful dark purple crowntail and i fell in love with them from then. I did research on them and came axross this website which gives you every piece of info ever needed. Im going to get a black crowntail for my 5gal. Or 2 crowntails with a divider.
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I was mad about goldfish. My now-ex boyfriend was big on fish, so he took me to a little mom and pop craft store that sold fish. I saw a little blue betta in a tank all by himself dancing for me, and I fell in love. So I took him home and named him The Doctor, and in looking up how to care for him i discovered this site. I never looked back :D

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A neighbor of mine got a betta, then another one left hers with me when she went on vacation and I ended up keeping him because my stupid neighbor didn't want to take care of him properly. She said he's not made of gold and could easily be replaced. Grrr! I fell in love with Buddy then got my own. Shortly after I got mine, Buddy came to live with me permanently.
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I once bought a 180 litre tank that came with a betta. He was the most ugly and boring creature imaginable and he made me think all bettas were slow, dopey fish. I was kind of relieved when he died...and Bettas became one of my ,most hated fish.
Then a few years later me and my mate were at a new LFS and they had bettas.
We bought one each with the intention to train them and fight them...
But dont get mad yet!
We got attached to our bettas and didn't want them to get damaged so a fight never ensued.
Then I bought a bunch of females and tried to breed them. It failed and the girl tore up my males fins, leaving me disheartened. Then next try, I got a successful spawn and my addiction was sealed.

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mom got a betta in a vase as a free gift at a store years ago. we named him Mr. Fishy, and took care of him like we were told, and he lasted a little bit. when he died, we got another one to live in the vase, and his name was Mr. Bubbles. when we moved, we didn't have room for Mr. Bubbles, so we gave him to a friend of ours.

years later, i had the itch to get another betta of my own, so one day, i took my paycheck(back when i was working), went to the pet store, and got Zach, my orange dal boy. i fell in love with the little guy fast. he was so smart, and so different from Mr. Fishy and Mr. Bubbles(because i bought betta food for him). he quickly became my best friend, and i was sad when i moved and couldn't take him. my mom and sister took care of him for me, and even bought him a gallon tank(he lived in a bowl-shaped candle holder first, about half gallon, then a half gallon bowl). when i moved back home, i saw mom never got fish for her 10 gallon, so i put Zach in there, where he lived his last two years of his four year life.

then, last March, i think, i had some money, and wanted another betta finally. i went to the store, and came home with Cup. i wanted Cup to live like Zach did, for years, and did research. i found another betta forum first, and came across this one more recently. but, this site's helped me SO much, and i adore it. :3
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I'll post my story before reading the others :)

Back in 2003, I worked at a small Mom and Pop pet store, really a little hole in the wall shop. Family owned, and I knew the owners niece from high school. I always hung around, learning about animals and socializing them so they would be better off in new homes (ferrets can get nasty!). Eventually the owner gave me a job there, I got paid nothing but I had the run of the store really. I could take a pet home if I wanted, no charge. But it gave me something to do. One day during shipment, there was a box of cichlids that came in. For the life of me I cannot remember what they were, Convicts I'd guess. Anyways, once they were put into the big 120g tank, I noticed this one little tiny fish, scared out of it's mind. I got a small bowl, filled it with tank water and took the little fish out. I was puzzled, only thing we ordered was Cichlids. So I told the store manager I was taking it home, I'd look it up and see what it was online and buy a tank for it. Turns out, it was a small Veil tail Cambodian female Betta. I am guessing wherever these fish came from, females Bettas were food for Cichlids :( So I got her a 1g heated filtered tank and kept her for about 8 months. Angel was her name. Sadly, my Mom was babysitting the critters and left her tank open. I believe one of my 4 cats got her :(

I decided I needed another Betta. I drove 6 hours to the nearest store (Walmart) to get a Betta fish. They only had one in the store, they were selling off fish cheap because Walmart was no longer selling fish. I looked at the cup and there sat a sad little grey male, his fins looked like one big spike, not flowing like they should be. They told me I could have him, as they were going to dispose of him that night anyways.

So I took Joey home, placed him in the 1g tank, and over night he turned yellow! He was up and swimming around in 3 days, being a ham like he always was. I decided I liked him so much, I wanted a larger tank and impulse bought a 29g with everything, set it up and added 5 silver dollars and a pleco. After about a year, I wondered if he would go well with the crew in the 29g tank. I mean, they were big fish, non aggressive and not colorful. So I tried it. Joey lived in the 29g for just over a year, schooling with the Silvers although he never quite got the sharp turns. He ended up being a fire orange, solid of course. My little boy, I loved him so much. Sadly, I was sick one weekend in mid 2006 and my then boyfriend decided to help out with the pets. He sprayed the side of the tank with Windex, and killed every one of them :(

Flash forward to now, I have been asking my fiance for a Betta fish for 2 years. Our old apartment was way too small for a tank. He said once we moved to a bigger place, he would get me a small tank and a Betta. We moved in May. Well I ended up getting a 5g, 10g, 29g, 10g tropical tanks first, then I got Venom :) Now I have too many fish to count :) I am sure I'll always have a Betta fish :)

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To be honest, I was never interested in bettas. I thought they were all veil tails that were solid blue or solid red, because that's all I ever saw. Not that they aren't beautiful..Just..they were EVERYWHERE! And all the bettas I ever saw were unhealthy so they never really moved a lot. I didn't know better, everyone told me that was normal--so they seemed boring. That was pretty much my childhood anyway.

I grew up only interested in the furry critters until I met Nathan, who introduced me to the world of reptiles and amphibians. I had found an area I was passionate about, remembering watching animal documentaries, steve irwin, etc. and being able to take care of cool pets of my own and see their amazing instincts in person. It was amazing to have this creature thrive in my care. The world of 'herps' taught me the valuable lesson in researching each animal you get. They were so foreign to me, I had to google their care. Soon it became habit, researching each animal I heard about to see how they should be properly cared for--even if I didn't get them, I could help others who did get them. I was able to save a red ear slider who was kept in a cold betta bowl because I had done research. I loved this, I was confident and able to help awesome animals.

The ability to research animals transferred into my other pets as well--I learned about every issue cats, dogs, horses, birds, and rabbits could have. When our cats got sick, I was the one who diagnosed them properly, and probably saved the kittens' lives.

I went away to college, and being alone and without pets was such a foreign thing. I had my sea monkey colony(hehe), but they still weren't really -pets-. I loved taking care of them as a whole though, that was fun. But I wanted a college pet.

At first I wanted an axolotl--the rule was it had to be in a tank and be aquatic. Since aquatic frogs counted as 'fish', I asked if an aquatic salamander would as well. I got the okay, but had to cancel my plans due to their size requirements(larger than a ten gallon, and don't like soft water).

So, I figured "Okay, betta fish are pretty much it...might as well." I didn't know anything about them though, and so out of habit, i began my months of research before getting a new pet.

And thank goodness I googled them! I found this site, found the beautiful pictures, videos, and stories..And fell in love with them! Realized how personable a fish could be! And I learned how to really take care of them. As usual, I didn't want to support the big chain pet stores, so I chose to get him and all his equipment online. It was scary waiting for him to arrive, but he arrived safely :)

I still only have my sweet Dionysus right now, but may get more in the future!
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I have a 6 yr old daughter. She asked for a fish. We got a 3 gal divided (sigh) and 3 bettas. Within maybe a week, 2 were gone. :( I had no clue why and found this forum. Then I felt like the WORST parent/betta parent ever. So, I went out and bought the one survivor a 5 gl tank, heater, plants etc. His name is Billy. And the betta bug bit. I've even ordered from Thailand. Lord have mercy. But I love all my bettas and they are all happy & healthy now that I know how to care for them.

Everyone in the family thinks I am insane and they are very tired of "all those fish". But I don't care. I used to have a pitbull rescue so come on, 20 fish or 20 pitbulls?

New Betta Lover
with LOTS of Bettas!
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