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I got my first betta when i left for college, I was living on campus and it was really the first time I was away from home for so long and I was homesick/depressed a lot.

Fish had always made me happy, so I impulse bought Roger, my red veiltail and George, my blue veiltail and kept them in one of those itty bitty divided betta tanks. They seemed low maintenace and the person at the petstore told me I could virtually do nothing for them besides throw a few pellets in, so I got them. They lasted me the whole year and came with me when I came home. I didnt end up going back so they stayed in my room with me.

After awhile, I decided to get some more bettas since Roger and George were doing so well and long story short, I ended up with 12 bettas in those little betta keepers (and a completely overstocked 50 gallon, so many goldfish D:)

Unsurprisingly, all my bettas died within the span of 6 months or so. I wasnt too torn up about them since they didnt really do anything (though how could they, in that little bit of water) though Roger going hit me pretty hard.

I ended my betta habit and ended the 50 gallon shortly after, I was tired of all the upkeep of it (Nothing ever worked on that POS tank LOL)

Then about 6 months ago, I was missing fish again so I set up a small 5 gallon with Gaston (my avvie picture) I wanted something bigger than a betta keeper and bettas were the only fish that were cheap enough and pretty enough to put in there. And then, I finally saw how fun bettas were, Gaston has such a great personality, he flails at everything!

I managed to only keep Gaston for about 5 months and then I asked if I could reset up my old 50 gallon. (By then I had found this site and wanted to start a sorority) My old 50g was a tall though so I ended up selling it and buying a a 40g breeder (better for bettas!) After more researching, I ended up not getting a sorority and divided the whole thing up so now I have 6 betta males in there.

Here they are c:

So now I'm officially addicted again, this time with information and the ability to come here for help and I already have 2 more tank ideas I want to try out!
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When I was 2 or 3, my Grandpa took me to the petshop to look at the fish(I LOVED looking at the fishies..I still do). I don't really remember that much about being there, but I ended up with a betta, whom I named Rosy. Who was navy blue and looked nothing like a rose. I 'gave' him to my mom for her birthday (even though she had already seen him xD), who asked if she could give him a name. I said yes and she named him Mr. *insertrestofnamehere*. He lived for almost 5 1/2 years. He was my first betta, and less than a year after I got him, I got another one, who lived for 2 years. I had about 4 after that, but, heh, being the little kid I was, I fed them about 11 times a day(mom didn't know), which always resulted in "MMMMMMOOOMMMYYYY MY BETTA DIIED!!", and crying hysterically. So after Mr. *insertnamehere* died, I didn't get anymore till August of this year. I talked my Mom into taking me to the Petstore, where I bought Mr. Bubbles. Right now, Mr. Bubbles is fiercely protecting his bubblenest and flaring at me. <3 Oh how I love my Bettas...:)
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I was righting a report on freshwater fish tanks and asked my mother if I could get one she told me I could have a betta so I got one I didn't know anything about them and put him in a half gallon bowl.

he wouldn't eat so I thought maybe his bowl is to small and up graded to a gallon bowl.

still wouldn't eat I so i read up on bettas a bit and realized what I had done and went and got a filtered, lighted tank. Then he started eating but really he head been eatting but was to small to eat a whole pellet.

Baron lived happily in tha tank for a year and a haft until a fly landed in his tank and gave him a infection. sense then I had a female Betta Tera and I'm planning on a new one.

Current Betta/s:
Phoenix (Red VT Male)
Warren (Sister's brown VT)

Past Bettas (R.I.P.):
Baron, (Mutili colored VT male)
Tetra,(Female round tail)
Neptune. (Blue VT male)

Need I say? I LoVe VT's.
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I have no story to tell, really. I caught my first wet pets alone in a local stream by my house at around age 7 or 8. The rest is history.
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My boyfriend got his own fish tank and i grew interested about the fish he had and came across this website.. which then led me onto this Betta bit and iv been addicted ever since! Then after a couple of weeks or something? not really sure.. Got my own betta! :)

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My first love was cats. I bred Ocicats (hence the name) and showed them for several years. When I was 19 I went into my LFS and told the person I had never had a tank before and followed his instructions. I was lucky and he knew what he was doing. I stared with various tetras (still love them). Several years later I discovered Bettas (WOW). The females at that time were all pretty muddy looking, so I was only interested in having one male at a time.
After showing cats for several years, it got more expensive for me so I stopped. I got into Bettas because they are so beautiful, and I still have the show bug!
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Ok bear with me on this story...

A little over a year ago my boyfriend and I were at a school "fair" (carnival) type of thing before homecoming game and all that jazz. There was a game with a HUGE line but it was cups set up in a triangle that you threw ping pong balls at to make it in the cups. Let's just say my boyfriend was very good at this from lots of practice.... Y'all older ones will get it! So because of this I begged him to go play it, and the prize was fish. Goldfish I believe, actually. He's one of those guys where he isn't too patient, and told me there was no way in hell he was going to stand in a line for 45 minutes for a dang fish!

We ran into my friend there and she knows him well. She tells him in her sassy manner that because of his reluctance to win me a fish, he has to buy me a fish! I said I wanted a Clownfish, because I think they're gorgeous and so much fun. This went on for a few months... Then we were at a football game and invited a different friend along. My boyfriend shared my little dream and our friend (who knows a decent amount of fish) basically chewed me out on my decision and that I would never be able to manage a salt water tank. DREAM CRUSHER.

Fast forward even longer than that to our anniversary (February). I had set up a whole suprise date and such so he came over to my apartment. He had a gift bag and then in his other hand was holding his clothes. (Gym shorts, shirt, etc. for later relaxing.) I went to help him and grabbed his clothes.. I freaked out. (In the bad way!) There was something under there that was firm but gave to pressure and I had no idea what it was and basically was scared out of my mind. He then revealed it to me... A tiiiny baby angel fish, and 2 balloon mollies! He kept his promise C:

Now I was freaking out in the good way. I threw a tank together, jumped on Google, ya da ya da... I began to find care for them and looked at Tropical forums. After about 2 weeks of owning them, I found this forum that was linked to the Tropical Fish forum... Oh boy. I began my spiral! I looked at the pictures, browsed Aquabid, read, read, read... I got brave enough to make an account and found out what these little guys needed. During this time I found out a 5 gallon for a baby angel fish and 2 mollies wasn't appropriate AT ALL, and that I needed 4 more mollies for everyone to be happy. My poor angel fish died, he got sucked into the filter... But I still pursued my mollies. Bought them a 20 gallon, thought I was doing everything right, etc. etc.. Then I brought in one female mollie that carried ich and killed my whole lot! I was left with the original 2 males.

That's when I decided a sorority was a good idea for the 20 gallon... Then I got my first betta. She was SO tiny. My mom thought it was a bad idea (she thought the whole fish thing was a bad idea!) so I left her for a week. I said if she was still there, I was supposed to get her. And she was.

I never built that sorority, the 20 gal is still empty, as well as that 5. The 2 male mollies finally died a month or two ago. They don't have long life spans, I think it was "old age". (They were maybe 6-8 months old, Google says because of their inbreeding and genetics 6 months is their general life span.)

Now I have my little girl who is mighty happy on her own, Julep my male who is a bubble nesting fiend, and my new yellow HM from Chard56 coming to me next week!

Kaida- CT Female 2.5 Gal.
Julep- HMPK Male 2.5 Gal.
Fandango-HM Male 10 Gal.
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I had to fish in my tank, but I was inexperienced so both died within a month. I went for six months with an empty, smelly tank.

Then my dog died. I was so devestated. I cried for hours.

A few months passed and I was lonely. I had had s bad experience with gerbils and fish now so my brother would always call me an animal killer.

I did EXTENSIVE research and ordered all of the nessecary products( thanks to this website). I told my family I was getting a betta and my brother said, "another victim!"

I wanted to show him so I did more research and ordered more things.

My LPS tested my water and it was fine. I walked over to the shelf and a blue betta that has green find in the right light was swimming in fast circles. He looked me in the eyes and I fell in love.

I have had him for six days, but he is happy and healthy.

Betta: Poseidon, blue and green Betta Splendens
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For my 8th or 9th birthday, my older sister came home from college with a red veiltail betta in a tiny critter keeper tank for me. All of the neighborhood children gathered around the fish and look at him with longing but I was extremely glad to have another pet as I have always loved animals. My sister told me his name was Yoshi and I quickly fell in love with him.

The next day, I went to the pet store to get a larger tank, food, filter, etc. My dad purchased a 2.5 gallon tank with a filter and a small female betta which I named Peach. At that age, I was stupid and ignorant and did not know that betta fish could not permanently reside with each other no matter the sex. I think I was actually planning on breeding them. Some how, I got Yoshi to tolerate Peach in his tank and they swam peacefully for a while until water change day came along.

It had been a week and everything was going alright (despite the fact that I was keeping two bettas together). It was time to clean the tank. I took Peach and Yoshi out of the tank and put them in seperate cups. I dumped the dirty water out, swished around the gravel, and put clean water in. My dad put in a capful of water conditioner and we placed the fish back into the tank.

It was dark outside and my friend Jade and I were happily watching my two fish swim around. I noticed they started swimming slower and slower and then all of a sudden Yoshi flipped over and floated to the top of the tank. Peach followed right after him. They were barely alive. I panicked and burst in to tears. I was so confused as to what had happened. Quickly, I realized that it wasn't water condition that my dad placed in the tank. It was bettafix medication. I ran into the dark street and cried. My dad felt guilty and grew frustrated with me but he promised that we would get another fish. I just gave him a hug and cried some more on the sidewalk while my friend Jade sat next to me.

So the next day, I picked out a little blue veiltail. Now that I think about it, I never actually gave him a name. My father bought those big gallon bottles of spring water for every water change to prevent an accident like the one that had happened. I loved that fish for a while but I grew bored of him and became more interested in my other pets. I didn't feed him regularly and I hadn't changed his water in two months. Completely irresponsible of me.

One weekend, I went to my aunt's house and saw how much she cared for her betta. I explained to her how my blue veiltail usually sat at the bottom of the tank and it seemed like he was going to die soon. My aunt gave me a tetracycline medication that she said had helped her betta fish and a few aquatic plants. When I arrived home, my fish wasn't looking too good. He was resting on the bottom of the tank as usual and for the first time in a while, I felt love for that fish. But most importantly, I felt GUILT. I transferred him to a little cup and did a 100% water change and added the medication. I tried to acclimated him to medicated water but it was too late. He was already gone. I felt sad but I was older and didn't cry like last time. I feel so guilty for what I did to that poor fish. He did not deserve that. A dog, cat, or fish depends on YOU for everything. While your whole life does not depend on this animal, its whole life depends on you. That's the lesson I learned that day.

In February, I decided to get another betta fish. This time I made sure I did tons of research before hand. I set up a 5 gallon tank with a filter, heater, and plants which I purchased myself. After almost two hours of trying to decide which betta I liked at the petstore, I picked out a little yellow pineapple veiltail boy and named him Moses. I was almost going to get a blue butterfly halfmoon but when I placed my finger up to Moses's cup I saw his little blue eyes look up at my finger and then back at me. I felt a connection and my little brother also thought Moses was the one for me. Moses is a very special little guy and I have never loved and cared for a fish more. When I'm in school, I will shove pictures of Moses into my friends' faces and say "Look at him! Don't you think he's cute?! Try to tell me he's not cute I dare you!" They get annoyed with me and laugh but admit that he's a cutie!
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Aw I love this thread! These fish are so lucky to have such great owners

I had never had fish growing up and I never really had any interest in them. However, in college I was really lonely. I had a really hard time connecting with the people I went to school with and spent most of my time alone in my apartment. Then for our one year anniversary, my boyfriend bought me a fish tank! He grew up with fish and thought I would like to have a little companion with me while I finished up college. The next day we went to Petco so I could pick out my new little guy. I saw this small pale little guy with the cutest face who started swimming excitedly the second I put my finger near his tank.

Sir Bubbles spent his first 3 months in a 2.5 gallon heated but unfiltered tank. Not the worst conditions, but I definitely didn't change the water enough so I know he must have been suffering somewhat. He then spent 8 months in a Fluval Edge 6 gallon tank with a proper filter and I was able to fish-in cycle it without too many problems! Thats when I really saw him come to life. His fins which where clear before turned bright purple and he was always zooming all over the tank.

Then after I got fed up with the fluval edge (I seriously do not recommend this tank, feel free to message me if you want to know why ) I upgraded him to his very own 10 gallon where he lived out the rest of his life. He got a nasty infection right around 1 year of having him. 3 months of trying every medication I think you can buy for fish, I finally gave up the fight and euthanized him. That little guy brought me so much joy and comfort during a really difficult time in my life. He was put through so much and was such a trooper. He will always have such a special place in my heart.

After he passed I decided to divide my 10 gallon. At the time I had 2 endlers and my mystery snail in a 2.5 gallon. I figured dividing my tank would give them an upgrade and let me keep a betta at the same time! So that's what I did and so far it's working out perfectly. I now have 3 endlers, a (giant) mystery snail, and 2 nerite snails who are living happily on one side of my 10 gallon and have been there for the past 3 months. Then today after months of trying to find a betta to buy on Aquabid, I fell in love with a crowntail at Petsmart and brought him home! He's currently settling into his side of the tank. I am also proud to say that this tank is full of beautiful thriving live plants! This is a big deal since I've never been able to keep a plant alive and it was my third attempt at aquatic plants. I think I finally have the hang of low light setups

I am still learning so much about keeping fish, and probably won't be able to get anymore tanks until I move out, but I know I will always have fish in my life from now on! I never thought that fish would be able to bring so much joy into my life during hard times, but sometimes they really are my only motivation to get out of bed in the morning, and I am so thankful to have them. Even my family who thought I was crazy over how much I spoiled them is now obsessed with them

King of the tank, my crowntail Nyx
/nɪks/ personification of night, found in the
shadows of the world and only ever seen in glimpses.

RIP Sir Bubbles the Betta 2013-2015
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