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What's your story?

So I thought I'd start a thread where we can tell our stories about how we first got into bettas. Or as some might say, how we got bit by the betta bug. I know sometimes these stories can be quite lengthy, but that's the fun of it. I'll go first.

It all started at work for me. I was at my desk and I remember how drab everything looked. So then, I decided I wanted a betta. At this point I knew literally nothing about them. So I had the common misconception that a betta in a bowl on my desk would be okay. Now because this was involving a live animal, I thought I'd think about it a bit rather than do the impulse buy thing. (Did that once with a ferret. Did not end how I'd have liked.) I shared this new found desire with a close friend coworker. He mentioned how other coworkers had had fish at their desks in the past and that he was all for it.

A couple weeks had passed and I had done a little research into how much a tank and supplies would be and how much maintenance it would take. After deciding that it would cost more than I should really spend and be more work than I really wanted to do, I talked myself out of it. I didn't really need a fish anyhow right?

So a little while later, I'm at work and it's my birthday. Afore mentioned coworker goes out for lunch and comes back in with a beautiful teal and black veiltail male and a 1 gallon cube for him to live it! Imagine my surprise. Next thing I knew, I was holding the little plastic cup staring at my new, scared friend while my coworker quickly set up his cube.

Since then, I've had two other bettas; a red veiltail and my blue, black and while marble deltatail. I have also upgraded to a 2 gallon tank with heater, filter and live plants. I've also had the chance to return the favor to my coworker and got him a young red halfmoon. This has been quite a journey for me and is quickly turning into an obsession. (This forum isn't helping in that regard.) My only regret is I wish that I had found this forum before now and maybe my first two friends might have lasted a little longer.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I can't wait to read yours.

"All men are equal before fish." - Herbert Hoover

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Well, one of my friends at school got a betta named Collin. It was fun to hear about her fish, and when he died of columnaris, she mentioned that her second fish, Ezra, had a spazzy personality. She keeps hers in a filtered but unheated 3-gallon with weekly 100% water changes, better than most new fishkeepers who don't look up proper care.

I was interested in the idea of a relatively low-maintenance pet with a personality. Feeding twice a day and twice-weekly water changes... not a problem for me.

So, a while later, I managed to talk my parents into letting me get a betta... signed up here and bought most of my supplies in advance, and then pranced off to the Petsmart to look, knew I'd be able to wait or try a different store if they didn't have the perfect fish, ready to talk myself out of one that was not quite right for me.

That was when I saw the blue-violet mustard gas butterfly halfmoon with pretty yellow/blue/white banded fins who is extremely silly and clueless.

And that's why I have Ginji. He developed ich within 24 hours of coming home, but luckily this forum had info on what to do about that, and he's all better, happy, hyper, and making bubblenests on every available surface, including his filter.

Ginji, blue-violet HM butterfly mustard gas in a 2.5 gallon tank
Spot, marimo ball
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I have always had a fondness for fish. I was sitting in my apartment one day and was like I need something. So I was thinking fish tank I love fish anyway. So then it came down to what fish would survive my move if I decided to move and did a little research(wish I did a bit more). Figured out a betts would be able to survive a move and though they need some care it's not hard. So I got a female veil tale and she is beatiful, and my fiancÚ got a male veil tale. Her boy didn't make it sad to say. I moved into a bigger place and figured I get a tank and a few friends for my girl. Unfortanetly, she didn't play well with others. So she has her own little place and I now have 9 girl sorority.
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I had gotten $20 for my birthday, and wandered into the petstore. I basically had an "hallelujah" moment when I saw the bettas. I'd never seen them before, and so I found a beautiful royal blue VT boy. Sadly, he was my first and I hadn't really researched my new venture ... he'd lived in a bowl for most of his life, but also had a 15g tank with two fantail goldfish, to finally having a semi decent 2 gallon home of his own. He lived for a good solid three years in everything imaginable.

That was about ten years ago. Since then, I've had many bettas, and I've smartened up considerably. I love these fishies dearly and deeply, and I think no matter where I am I will have at least one. Right now, I have eleven males . . . I used to have female sororities but tank maintenance was too much for me. The girls in my life are now gone, but I am always looking. Bettas keep me busy, that's for sure!

/ Quill (Brown Tabby and White Pancake Monster)[/FONT]
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My 10 year old son wanted a fish, so I bought him a betta. I never let him near the fish. MY FISH, LOL!

I raised guppies as a kid and have wanted another tank forever. Now I'll stick to Bettas I think and just put them all over the house.
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I'd been in college for a while and I missed my dog, so I wanted to get a betta to take back to college with me. I'd wanted one for a few weeks before I got home and a few weeks after it. Finally I dragged my mom to petsmart and talked her into it. We got a little red veiltail and a bowl with some gravel and food, and I named him Harvey Charlemagne Fitzgerald. Unfortunately I didn't know anything about bettas so he didn't live the happiest or healthiest of lives and finally gave up on me late June. At that time I'd bought Pierce and they were living in a divided 2 Gal. Then Flair came along, and when Flair started showing the same symptoms as Fitz before he died, I decided to look around and get some help. Thus, I found this forum and expanded to three ten gallon tanks and six happy bettas.

Boys: Ichabod, Canary, Perseus, Louie, Cherokee, Rojo

Girls: Marie, Hilda, Pixie

Rest in Peace: All of my former fishies. <3
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I. Wanted. Fish. Five dead shubunkins and excessive crying later, the boyfriend cringed when I brought home a 1.8 gallon filtered bowl and declared that I was getting a betta. Bettas are low maintenance, I told him. They aren't delicate like goldfish. So the next time there was a trip to one of the cities where you can actually find a PetCo in Maine, I went.

It was with an elderly lady from my church. I spend a lot of time with her. She was going downcountry for a doctor's appointment, and said that of course we could stop at the pet store. After carefully examining all of the bettas, I settled on a simple, but striking red VT male with classic good looks- Mongkut, the King of Siam. (Her son, who is in his forties, kept calling him 'Mon-COOKED!' and threatening to eat him... fear not, he was joking). We all went out to lunch afterward, and Mongkut sat on the table so he wouldn't overheat in the car. An adventurous start for the little king.

So for a couple weeks he lived contentedly in the 1.8. It is a VERY shiny bowl. But then he started to look listless. He wouldn't eat, he just sat on the bottom pouting, and no water changes or other conditions would please him. Desperate to perk him up, I put him in the vacant 16g and we left for several hours to go to ANOTHER pet store in ANOTHER city, to see what they had to offer (both of these stores are about 45 mins away).

When we came back, he was plenty perky, and showed his first signs of aggression and personality by flaring at a torii gate I had in the tank. I can't even describe how much he hated this thing, but it kept him from being bored, so it stayed. Eventually he lost a fight with it- split his fin from flaring too much. But by that point, I hopelessly adored the guy. Many other betta-games evolved, and betta playtime became a regular part of my day. I'd stick a mirror in the tank, or put a button on a string and let him chase it. Pretty soon Mongkut had charmed the boyfriend too. He's coming to school with me, Cryo is coming with the boyfriend, and I think I see a sorority in my future. Betta love forever!

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I had just come home from college and didn't really want to go back. I thought a pet would make me feel better. Everyone told me that a Betta would be the easiest to take care of, but I wasn't too excited about Betta fish, because every one I had ever seen had been in a tiny bowl and always looked boring and slow. But I figured they were the best choice. So, like every other animal I have ever adopted, I did tons of research, and I found out that Bettas need so much more than most people realize and that they are actually very active. So, I went out and bought a 3 gallon aquarium kit. Then it was time to pick out my fishy friend. The first time I saw Touchstone, I thought he might be dead. I picked him up to make sure, and he "woke up" and did a little dance for me! It was love at first sight. Two years later and Touchstone is still alive, although not as pretty thanks to mistakes I made. I also now have Ares, a beautiful blue and red veiltail, and would have many more Bettas if my parents would let me!
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Well, I wanted a hamster for my 14th birthday... So my parents thought it would be funny to get me a betta and name it hamster *rolls eyes*.
He lived for about 1.5 years in a 1 gal bowl (I know, I know)
Since then, I hadn't gotten another betta. But when college came around, I really wanted a pet to keep me company while I studied- so a betta it was!
A gorgeous royal blue VT and I named him Xio Lan. :D
He lived for 2 years in a 2 gal critter keeper. Since then, I've really gotten into bettas (I have 8 now) and I'm even breeding.(CT spawn at 2 weeks and HMPK x VT spawn at 3 months) ^^

Betta lurve for ebah!

Just because I don't type with candy and rainbows doesn't mean I'm being mean.
My opinions are based on research and experience. Ask for help!
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I remember being young and going to a friends birthday party. And instead of giving gift bags they gave us betta fish! :D
I got a adorable purple betta fish that I named Betty. Original name right? xD

He was in his little 2 gallon filtered tank, we used to house 2 gold fish we got from the carnival ( did not work out well xD)

That little guy lived for years! And when me and my family went on vacation the person we had to watch him made him die. All I remember was coming home with tons of pellets floating in his water and the water being really cloudy. And there was his little body floating at the top D:
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